Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten METAL Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! (Part Two)

Here is Part Two of Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten Metal Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! Each Metal album below I’ve reviewed; just click the large link below each respective Metal album to read all about it! Each Metal album on this list I’ve obviously enjoyed and continue to listen to. My Metal goal is to pass this valuable Metal information onto my fellow Metal brethren.

As the halfway point of 2012 nears, these are ten recently released Metal albums that have left their scorching mark upon my Metal lovin’ eardrums. Wether it’s an EP or full-length, I look upon any release as an album. There may be an album that was released in late 2011 listed here too… and as Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come would say: “it is what it is.”

There is a link at the bottom of this post, which will direct you to Part One of this series of 2012 Metal albums you NEED. Agree or disagree with this list, please feel free to comment. Metal be thy name.


Supergroup? Check. Kick-ass debut album? Check. Is Adrenaline Mob Metal? Well, is Mother Earth round? Anyone who is searching for an electrifying jolt of groove infested Metal to get on with their life… NEEDS Omertà from Adrenaline Mob.

ADRENALINE MOB “Omertà” – 5 Quick Reasons To Buy This Album

ATKINS / MAY PROJECT – Serpents Kiss

Vocalist Al Atkins and guitarist Paul May are AMAZING together! This album is so essential to own if you call yourself a Metalhead. ‘Nuff said.

ATKINS / MAY PROJECT “Serpents Kiss” – A Dynamic Metal Duo; Results In A Galvanizing Heavy Metal Album


DEATH METAL! What would any Metal list on Metal Odyssey be like without… F’N DEATH METAL! With Torture, Cannibal Corpse has  reinforced why they hold such legendary status in ALL of Metal.

CANNIBAL CORPSE “TORTURE” – A Death Metal and Headbanging Must For The Metal Masses

PRIMAL FEAR – Unbreakable

I don’t know what it is about the Metal of Primal Fear. Every time I listen to Unbreakable, I personally feel protected by some unknown Metal force of nature.

PRIMAL FEAR ‘Unbreakable’ – The Time Is NOW To Join The METAL NATION

AVATARBlack Waltz

They’re from Sweden. They’re Metal. They’re debut album Black Waltz is an unreal Metal listen. They’re AVATAR and I’m impressed. Very impressed.

AVATAR ‘Black Waltz’ Is Dark, Extreme, Modern and Groove Laden… Metal Bliss

PELICAN – Ataraxia/Taraxis

A 4 song EP that is an instrumental journey into the far reaches of the Metal mind. Whoa, what I just wrote sounds kinda cool huh?

PELICAN ‘Ataraxia/Taraxis – As Excellence In Heavy Instrumental Albums Goes, This EP Is A Prime Pick

NIGHTQUEEN – For Queen And Metal

Nightqueen is from Belgium. Nightqueen has released a powerful album this year with: For Queen And Metal. Massacre Records has a phenomenal stable of bands on their roster and Nightqueen only solidifies this truth.

NIGHTQUEEN ‘For Queen And Metal’ – An Indelible Debut Album Of Heavy Metal

K-OS – Planeta Violento

Spanish Metal Warriors = K-OS. It’s that simple.

K-OS “Planeta Violento” – New Metal Release Is Out Now! Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

HAVOK – Point Of No Return EP

Colorado does export Thrash Metal and it’s called HAVOK. These dudes should have been born in the late sixties, formed a band in 1982 and been a part of some Big 4, Big 5 or something like that. Yes, they’re that good.

HAVOK – Point Of No Return – 4 Song/2 Video EP Blazes With A Thrash Metal Assailment

DEMON LUNG – Pareidolia EP

Demon Lung knows Doom. Demon Lung plays Doom. Demon Lung plays some amazing Doom. Get into Demon Lung and get into some… DOOM.

DEMON LUNG – Doom Metal Debut EP Pareidolia Is A Masterful Metal Listen


Okay, since you’ve been cool enough to stick around till the end, I’ve decided to surprise you with a Metal bonus! Here is another Metal album (EP) that many of you most likely have seen and read about here, on a few occasions already. This band is badass and they’re from Mexico. ZOMBIEFICATION = DEATH METAL!!! Whoa.

ZOMBIEFICATION – Reaper’s Consecration

ZOMBIEFICATION plays scalding… DEATH METAL! Get on board now with this ZOMBIEFICATION Death express; cause ten years from now you’ll want to say you’ve been their fan since the deadly beginning.

ZOMBIEFICATION “Reaper’s Consecration” – An Ominous and Brutal Death Metal EP


I strongly encourage you to check out Part One of Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten Metal Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! Just click on that HUGE link below! Whoa!

Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten METAL Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! (Part One)


Thank you for stopping by and checking out this list of Metal albums you NEED for this Summer of 2012! Wether you NEED all ten Metal albums above or just one, I hope my album reviews will serve to assist your Metal needs. Stay tuned for a Part Three edition of Metal Albums (from 2012) you NEED! I’ll probably have Part Three ready in late Summer! Rock Steady and keep the Metal flag waving high and proud.

Metal Be Thy Name.




6 Responses to “Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten METAL Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! (Part Two)”

  1. Nice list.

    Interestingly PELICAN was the only album art that
    wasn’t blatantly typecast “metal ”

    Demolish Mag.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Your so right. When it comes to cover art, it does stand out like a sore thumb. Over the years, Metal has taken on many different “looks” too. Dragons, fire, destruction, skulls, blood, gore, muscle cars, hot gals, vikings, any kind of evil symbol, etc… is the sure fire signal that the album is Metal.

      I realize you know all this… it just makes me feel like a Metalologist to babble off Metal stuff. 🙂

      Admittedly, Pelican isn’t straight to the cranium Extreme Metal… still… they’re… Metal. LOL!

      Keep Rockin’ Kinger!

  2. […] Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten Metal Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! (Part Two) […]

  3. […] Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten METAL Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! (Part Two) […]

  4. […] Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten METAL Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012! (Part Two) […]

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