NIGHTQUEEN ‘For Queen And Metal’ – An Indelible Debut Album Of Heavy Metal

NIGHTQUEEN – Releasing today, February 24th, via Massacre Records, is the debut album from Belgium’s Nightqueen. Fronted by the dynamic vocals of Keely Larreina, this is a band and album that shouldn’t get missed by fans of Symphonic, Epic, Melodic or Power Metal. What am I thinking? It’s all about Heavy Metal in the first place. This debut from Nightqueen begins fittingly with Into The Night, a symphonic intro that elevates the mood, setting the stage for what shall be a momentous and inspiring ride of Melodic Metal.

Nightfall follows, with Keely’s vocals showcasing her impressive range and capacity to sing Power Metal with conviction. Nightfall and Mystical Nights are two songs that truly get this debut album from Nightqueen propelling in the right direction. The Power Metal meets Symphonic Metal combination that Nightqueen executes, springs from the Metal gates rather impressively. Now the path has been paved and Nightqueen erupts with all the Power Metal goodness they can muster with the title track. For Queen And Metal is a fabulous listen into what this band can deliver! Whoa.

Lady Fantasy and Nocturnal Thoughts are sung with powerful eloquence by Keely and she is a voice to hear. Her ability to bring that added convincing emotion to the song is an asset in itself. Guitarists Rex Zeco and Alan Rawson complement one another, adding the muscular melodies with energized leads and solos, not only on these two aforementioned songs, they both execute brilliantly throughout this entire album.

Secret Of The Blind Man encompasses every standout attribute that I admire about Nightqueen. This song is Symphonic, it’s Power Metal and radiates with an epic ambience. I can’t help feeling inspired from this song’s instrumentation. Nightqueen never loses their flare for keeping it Metal on their debut. I hear slivers and shades of Traditional Metal, especially on Majesty. Riffs abound in Majesty and Keely sings as if she should be standing atop a mountain, looking down upon her minions, in an 80’s style music video. Grand stuff it is indeed.

Nightqueen is that band that impresses me from every corner, for if it’s not Keely’s vocals that are captivating me, then it’s the symphonic atmosphere or the masterly drumming of William Blodyn. The keyboards of Daniel Kells amplifies that ever expressive European vibe and flavor. Steven Steele stands tall on bass, giving these Nightqueen songs their booming beats that reveal themselves so plentifully. Then of course, as I’ve previously mentioned, Rex and Alan are an adept guitar duo that can easily steal the Metal show. If there is one complaint I have, it’s I wish Nightqueen was around twenty or so years ago.

For Queen And Metal is one enjoyable debut album to encounter from Nightqueen. This band has no problem in conveying their totality of talent to my ears. I was looking forward to this debut from Nightqueen for many months, now I realize why. If you like what I’ve stated about Nightqueen and their brand of Metal, then there should be no apprehension in the air you are currently breathing… for you are hereby dismissed to venture out and purchase this noble debut from Nightqueen. To me, this group has earned the right to have their name and Metal known across the seas. Hail to Nightqueen!

For Queen And Metal – Track Listing:

Into The Night


Mystical Night

For Queen And Metal

Lady Fantasy

Nocturnal Thoughts

Secret Of The Blind Man


Rebel To Rebel

Screaming For Mercy

Dark Fairy


For more info on NIGHTQUEEN, click on the links below:

NIGHTQUEEN – myspace




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  3. […] NIGHTQUEEN ‘For Queen And Metal’ – An Indelible Debut Album Of Heavy Metal […]

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