CANNIBAL CORPSE “TORTURE” – A Death Metal and Headbanging Must For The Metal Masses

CANNIBAL CORPSE – Being released on March 13th, 2012, via Metal Blade Records, Torture is the 12th full-length album from Death Metal’s reigning genre headliner and pissed-off pack of pit bulls known world-wide as: CANNIBAL CORPSE. Make no mistake, these guys can play their instruments and write some of the most bone chilling and skull crunching Death Metal this side of the anti-mainstream. CANNIBAL CORPSE has proven their dominant status as Death Metal defenders once again with Torture. In my Metal opinion they are just that.

I find it humorous when someone says to me, “oh, CANNIBAL CORPSE, yeah, I used to listen to ’em”. Well, this album isn’t for the “used to be fans” that in reality are hypocrites that secretly sit through numerous SAW movie marathons. Closet CANNIBAL CORPSE fans shouldn’t worry about what the neighbors may think, for it’s these same neighbors that are usually arrested for unspeakable crimes anyways. In other words, this is a legendary Death Metal band and so be it that their lyrics mirror the stories being aired on 24 hour cable news networks… during suppertime no less.

The continued existence of CANNIBAL CORPSE is not due to a small group of band devotees asking them to stick around, it’s all about a more massive global underground acceptance of a band that isn’t intimidated to push the envelope lyrically while never-ceasing to improve musically from one album to the next. This album isn’t carrying its Torture title for nothing. The songs on Torture are lyrically symbolic of what truly scares the living shit out of you, while keeping true to the Death Metal grooves that have made CANNIBAL CORPSE such an embracing, no bullshit and non-technical extreme outfit.

Torture isn’t just for CANNIBAL CORPSE diehards, this album will undoubtedly be a stepping stone listen for new fans of this band as well. From Demented Aggression to Torn ThroughGeorge “Corpsegrinder” Fisher belts out his guttural growls and vocally pronounces the lyrics in a way only us Death Metal fanatics can understand. Metal truth be told, Corpsegrinder sounds as deathly dangerous as he ever has before. Amazing and terrifying vocals.

Man, them deadly leads,riffs and solos are non-stop on Torture; with guitarists Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett proving to me, they are a world-class Death Metal duo. Hell, this entire band is world-class Death Metal for that Metal matter. I’m always going goofy and I play some serious air guitar every time I listen to Torture. Really. Founding members Alex Webster (bass) and Paul Mazurkiewicz (drums) keep the Metal grooves smashing along; they play super tight and their beats are probably capable of (or responsible for) making seismic scales register earth tremors.

My favorite three songs on Torture are: Scourge Of Iron, Rabid and Encased In Concrete. Whoa. Scourge Of Iron just has a steady marching Death Metal beat; one that could seriously scare away any alien attack on our beloved planet Earth. Encased In Concrete and Rabid are 100% lethal in their overall extremity of sound. Brilliant songs.

With Torture, the lyrics and Death Metal go hand-in-hand and are thoroughly entertaining for my scorched eardrums. For me, Torture has earned its status as one of the very best from the CANNIBAL CORPSE catalog and one of the very best of Metal albums (overall) in 2012. A headbanging must this Torture album is. Metal be thy name.


TORTURE – Track Listing:

Demented Aggression

Sarcophagic Frenzy

Scourge of Iron

Encased In Concrete

As Deep As The Knife Will Go

Intestinal Crank

Followed Home Then Killed

The Strangulation Chair

Caged… Contorted

Crucifier Avenged


Torn Through


For more info on CANNIBAL CORPSE, click on the links below:

CANNIBAL CORPSE – Official Website




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  2. […] CANNIBAL CORPSE “TORTURE” – A Death Metal and Headbanging Must For The Metal Masses […]

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