ZOMBIEFICATION “Reaper’s Consecration” – An Ominous and Brutal Death Metal EP

ZOMBIEFICATION – Death Metal reigns in Mexico and Zombiefication are a legitimate reason as to why. Reaper’s Consecration releases August 14th, 2012, via Pulverised Records and it’s a crushing blow of intense Death Metal to the cranium. Showcasing five deathly songs of cataclysmic quality, Zombiefication has unleashed a must own EP for all Death Metal fans worldwide. Reaper’s Consecration is that seriously good.

Bludgeoning drums and bass, with tenacious guitars, produces a foundation of fury for Mr. Hitchcock’s extreme vocals to tower upon. Guttural and maniacal, the vocals of Mr. Hitchcock are a relishing listen for me. The all-encompassing spooked-out vibe from Zombiefication’s sound, coupled with the eerie nature of the lyrics only solidifies the total impact that Reaper’s Consecration has had on me. Admittedly, I can never get enough of kick-ass Death Metal!

I wish Reaper’s Consecration was not an EP and had 12 songs! All five songs are so ruthless and mighty; making for a convincing display of Death Metal command. Solid production from top to bottom and this EP still maintains a genuine underground feel. It’s my firm Metal belief, that Zombiefication can take a Metal bow for their proficient display of Death Metal thunder. This is meritorious Death Metal that they’ve created with Reaper’s Consecration. Metal be thy name.



Mr. Hitchcock – Vocals

Mr. Jacko – Bass

Mr. Kim – Guitars

Mr. Brain – Guitars

Mr. Hammer – Drums


Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow



I Am The Reaper

We Stand Alone


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2 Responses to “ZOMBIEFICATION “Reaper’s Consecration” – An Ominous and Brutal Death Metal EP”

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  2. […] ZOMBIEFICATION “Reaper’s Consecration” – An Ominous and Brutal Death Metal EP […]

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