ADRENALINE MOB “Omertà” – 5 Quick Reasons To Buy This Album

ADRENALINE MOB – After repeatedly listening to Omertà, the debut album from supergroup Adrenaline Mob; I’ve come to the Metal conclusion; that there is a life after Dream Theater for founding member/drummer Mike Portnoy after all. I’ll add that Mike Portnoy sounds like a drummer unleashed upon his drum kit with a Metal mission to raise some hell and fun.

I get psyched-out by listening to Omertà and can’t resist this band’s full-throttle approach to playing at such a kick-ass level of excitement. Below are my 5 reasons to buy this intense album of Heavy Metal.

01Mike Portnoy ignites Omertà with his drumming! Those fills! A top ten drummer in the world and no one can tell me any different. ‘Nuff said.

02Russell Allen – A premiere Heavy Rock vocalist is Russell and he comes across as commanding as ever on this album. Russell flexes his muscular vocals on Undaunted, Believe MePsychosane, Feelin’ MeAll On The Line and Indifferent with an intensity that can only be marveled by my ears. Yes, Russell’s range is showcased throughout Omertà and he sings with an iron fist, no doubt about it.

03Mike Orlando plays guitars and bass on Omertà and has given these songs their unreal and memorable melodic moments. Mike shreds, entertains and soars throughout all 11 songs. His Groove Metal style is a thunder strike on this album and he is a consummate player. One listen to Omertà and my Metal brethren should hopefully agree… Mike Orlando is versed in Metal history. Hit The Wall is a grand sonic showcase for Mike Orlando; among many I’ve enjoyed on Omertà.

04Come Undone. This 1993 Duran Duran classic is turned into Heavy Metal gold by Adrenaline Mob. Whoa. Yes, Adrenaline Mob made Come Undone their very Metal own; they took the psyche-you-out key and turned the Metal ignition onto overdrive with their cover of this song. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm lends her dazzling vocals to Come Undone and it’s the lightning strike that puts this song right over-the-top. Chills city my Metal brethren… chills city.

05The Vibes – Adrenaline Mob raided some Metal vibe warehouse somewhere and ran off with the entire F’n inventory. This album is so power-packed with Metal vibes, beats and grooves that it has knocked me Metal senseless. Omertà is easily a required Metal album to own; it’s also a blazing comet of Metal whoop ass that I never want to get out-of-the-way from. Metal be thy name.

Omertà was released on March 13th, 2012, via Elm City Music.

Omertà – Track Listing:




All On The Line

Hit The Wall

Feelin’ Me

Come Undone

Believe Me

Down To The Floor

Angel Sky

Freight Train


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6 Responses to “ADRENALINE MOB “Omertà” – 5 Quick Reasons To Buy This Album”

  1. Having heard a couple of songs from this album, I’m tracking it on ebay, and will certainly add it to my collection soon! Love the idea of ‘metallizing’ ‘Come Undone’!

    -which makes me think of a good question thread: what’s the best/most unusual non-metal song that’s been given the rock’n’roll treatment?

    Here’s an off the wall one for ya: British band Skin’s cover of Madonna’s ‘Respect Yourself’ – sounds like freakin’ Kiss!!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Excellent cover of “Respect Yourself”! Cool band Kev… I’ll have to get their stuff now… LOL!

      You probably have heard this one before… still… here it goes:

      I like this cover from Tad Morose… LOL! Whoa.

      • Yikes! never heard that one before man! I actually think a speedmetal band should cover Abba’s ‘I’m a Marionette’ it would be very cool. Also, one of my most hated songs ever ‘smalltown boy’, originally by bronski beat had it’s vapid electronic heart ripped out and replaced by METAL with a version by buffalo shrimp from their 2002 album In hot Dip. can’t find it to link on the net though!

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          Buffalo shrimp? Now that’s a band I’ve never listened to before!

          I’ll have to admit Kev, ABBA has been a topic of conversation a few times here… the Heavy Rock linkage to this band does exist I guess. LOL and Whoa! 😮

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