K-ØS – “MADRE” (New) Official Music Video Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

K-OS - Promo Band Pic - Logo - 2012 - #8

New Music Video From The Metal Band K-ØS

Song from their 2012 album: PLANETA VIOLENTO (Violent Planet) (Malditas Productions 2012)

As K-ØS stated on their facebook page:

Here you have our new video MADRE. Share it, spread it … enjoy it
Thank you all for your continued support – Stay hard * Stay Metal –


Stone Says: K-ØS are an immense Metal band from Spain that my fellow Metal brethren needs to know about! Madre is another riveting example of the Thrashing, shredding and ground shaking Metal that K-ØS is all about! Listen to and watch Madre below… it will serve you Metal right.

Support K-ØS any way you can… these Metal warriors deserve world-wide attention! Metal be thy name.


Carlos Plaza “Dyox” – Vocals

Gorka RC – Guitars

Miguel Angel “Koko” –  Drums and Percussion

Jorge Chamorro “Hippy” – Bass

K-OS - Group - Band Promo Pic - 2013 - #9_______________________________________________

K-ØS are from Salamanca, Spain.

You can listen to Planeta Violento (Violent Planet) in it’s entirety by clicking the link below:


For more info on K-ØS, click on the links below!


facebook: K-ØS


K-OS - Planeta Violento - promo cover pic!



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