SAMMY HAGAR – On October 13, 1947, Sammy Hagar, the “Red Rocker” was born. Sixty Three years later, Sammy Hagar stands tall as one of the greatest in all of Rock. I, along with Scott Coverdale and the entire Metal Odyssey family, wants to wish Sammy a LOUD and fun filled HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My wife especially, well, she wanted to make certain to wish the Red Rocker a happy birthday today… she really digs him and rightfully so.

If Stone could buy a beer today for Sammy… I’d buy ’em by the rounds! A lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Sammy has a vocal presence that is undeniably infectious and resonates nuthin’ but Rock ‘N’ Roll at 100% proof. There is something about listening to Sammy Hagar’s vocals that makes me and countless others feel like everything is alright… it’s all about good times.

Scott Coverdale and I can never get enough of The Red Rocker… he is as cool in 2010 as ever. Chickenfoot, ’nuff said. To keep the relevance fires burning in Rock Music like Sammy continues to do, only reflects on just how legitimate and honest he is as an all-around musician. Thanks for all of the fabulously memorable music you have created over the years Sammy!! Don’t ever stop ROCKIN!

Here is a roll call of the bands that Sammy has been a major part of, over his illustriously Rockin’ career:

MONTROSE (1973-1975)

That’s Sammy pictured in the far right corner of this album photo. This is the Montrose self-titled debut album from 1973. A classic band is Montrose, we’re talkin’ about Hard Rock & Heavy Metal roots here.


Sammy has released 11 solo studio albums over his legendary career. Street Machine was the fourth solo album from Sammy, released in 1979 on Capitol Records.

My favorite Sammy Hagar solo album is – Standing Hampton. This album was my very first Sammy Hagar album. Standing Hampton was released in 1981 on Geffen Records. I remember buying it at Bradlees department store in the early ’80’s. I worked in a grocery store in the same plaza as Bradlees… this album probably cost half of my paycheck back then, only it was well worth every penny. Baby’s On Fire is probably my favorite Sammy Hagar song ever. There’s Only One Way To Rock is a song that kicks ass from sunrise to sunset. Plus, Heavy Metal is a downright heavy hitter of a song too. Even if you own a Sammy Hagar “Greatest Hits” CD… buy Standing Hampton… you’ll thank Stone later.

HSAS – Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve – Released back in 1984, HSAS was a cool supergroup led by Sammy Hagar on lead vocals. Neal Schon (Journey) on guitar, Kenny Aaronson (Dust) on bass and Michael Shrieve (Santana) on drums. This Through The Fire album from HSAS kicks ass, it’s a great Hard Rock album that deserves more attention than it gets. No, this HSAS album is NOT dated… it has that deeply rooted sound that some of today’s Hard Rock Bands can’t capture.

VAN HALEN – Or, if you prefer, Van Hagar. Just an unbelievably smooth transition Sammy Hagar made in becoming the lead vocalist for Van Halen back in 1986… whoa. The debut album showcasing Sammy with Van Halen was 1986’s 5150 and that album will always be an incredible listen for me. If I had to choose a favorite Van Halen album with Sammy on lead pipes… it’s OU812 from 1988. Cabo Wabo, Feels So Good and Black And Blue are three songs that psyche-me-out beyond Metal belief. Metal be thy name.

SAMMY HAGAR and THE WABORITAS / WABOS – Just good times, feel good, party Rock ‘N’ Roll is Sammy’s Wabos band. If you have never checked out any of their albums, your missing out. This band Sammy assembled can Rock, Rock Hard or simply play it ultra-cool at times. My favorite Wabos album is Livin’ It Up from 2006.

CHICKENFOOT – Sammy’s second venture into forming a “supergroup” has succeeded in my Metal opinion. Chickenfoot ROCKS. ‘Nuff said. The detractors of Chickenfoot are just plain jealous, they have what is diagnosed as: Chickenfoot envy. Released in the Summer of 2009, the self-titled, debut album from Chickenfoot has all that Hard Rockin’ Summertime vibe I crave. With Joe Satriani on guitar, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony… yup, it’s a super-duper group.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday Sammy!!!!

  2. How about buying me the Beers!!! Sammy is one of my favorites of all time!!! “Standing Hampton” is a great album, But I am going to have to go with “Three Lock Box” as my favorite Sammy album of all time. just remember… “Suckers Walk, Money talks, but it can’t touch my Three Lock Box”!! “Rise of the Animal” is my favorite tune off this Legendary Album!! Great post! I’ m gonna crank some Sammy on the ipod now!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I’ll buy you some beers dude… gee Metal whiz. “Three Lock Box” is a very, very, very, cool and Rockin’ album! “Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy” is a song that I admittedly sing along to whenever I hear it… I’m bracing for the moment when I hear this song played at the grocery store… for Stone will be singing along to it very loud. 😉

  3. I didn’t know yesterday was Sammy Hagar’s birthday.
    I also like his music (Montrose, Van Halen, solo) a lot too.

    >I’ m gonna crank some Sammy on the ipod now!!

    I’ve got Sammy Hagar’s “Unboxed” album on my I-pod. It’s got many of his best songs on it.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      “Unboxed” is a fabulous greatest hits of Sammy! I bought that CD for my wife a few years ago. A really cool thing about Sammy is… even when he is photographed with a “serious” face, he still looks like he wants to crack a smile.

      I just feel Sammy Hagar has done a tremendous amount of GOOD for Rock ‘N’ Roll!

  4. Not Hagar’s biggest fan but the man has done some great work with Montrose, Van Halen and his own solo work, sadly for his birthday looks like Hagar is getting sued.

  5. My second favorite singer of all time (first is Ronnie James Dio), I enjoy wherever he has been, Montrose to the Waboritas, and yes, I do have and enjoy Through the Fire from HSAS, matter of fact I have two of it, one is in mint condition in a cardboard sleeve, one of three cds that are treasures of mine (well my dad’s actually) including a gold disc version of the wall and Al In the box by weird al

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Who can really surpass the late/legendary Ronnie James Dio? Man, RJD is #1 for me too. Sammy Hagar is a cool #2 choice though… I definitely have him in my “top list”, it’s just that I don’t know exactly where!

      I have Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Robert Plant, David Coverdale, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske, Klaus Meine, Geoff Tate and even Joe Lynn Turner ahead of Sammy. Even so, Sammy is a SOLID and legendary vocalist too!

      Oh no… there I go with another “list” that just might fire up the Metal coals! 😉

  6. My favorite vocalist are Bon Scott, Jim Morrison, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, David Lee Roth, crap too many to list I am going to quit while I am ahead.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I understand. It’s probably easier to list a favorite list of albums or songs than it is to list favorite vocalists… and even bands. I like to just “throw my favorite names out there” and note that Ronnie James Dio is #1… no matter what… for me.

      Bon Scott was so unique, he is up there on a high tier of legends. I even like Brian Johnson’s vocals a ton. I always frown on the debate of who is the better lead vocalist for AC/DC. In my Metal opinion, I am listening to “two totally different era’s” of AC/DC. Man, how did I start this AC/DC debate on my own like this?

  7. I agree plus I am one of those weird fans that liked both eras of AC/DC and Van Halen, was a fan of all the Black Sabbath vocalist etc.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I agree across the board with you… that doesn’t make us weird fans though, it just shows we know great music when we hear it! 😉

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