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The 53rd Grammy Awards – Some Hard Rock and Metal Thoughts…

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53rd GRAMMY AWARDS – On February 13, 2011, the 53rd Grammy Awards took place. Yippee. Planet Earth is saved once again. Generations of Metalheads are so honored to have a select few of our bands nominated by this red carpet billionaire’s club. Per usual, the “establishment” behind the Grammy Awards has not a remote clue in knowing the difference between Hard Rock and Metal. Here is Exhibit A in explaining my Metal point:

Ozzy Osbourne is NOT a Hard Rock artist. Um, no. So, why was Ozzy Osbourne nominated for “Best Hard Rock Performance” with Let Me Hear You Scream from his 2010 Scream album? I’ve listened to this song enough times to realize it’s NOT Hard Rock. Yes, Ozzy has been known for his ballads in the past, Goodbye To Romance, So Tired and Mama I’m Coming Home are a few examples. These Ozzy ballads can very well be considered Hard Rock. My argument is, Let Me Hear You Scream is NOT a ballad, it is Heavy Metal or Metal, whichever you prefer. Therefore, WTF am I missing here? Calling this Ozzy song Hard Rock is like calling Slayer’s Reign In Blood album… Modern Rock.

Any astute fan of Ozzy Osbourne and/or Heavy Metal will agree, that 95% of Ozzy Osbourne’s music catalog is… Metal or Heavy Metal, whichever you prefer once again. Plus, 95% is probably too low. It’s very sad, that  the “decision makers” behind the Grammy Awards cannot tell the difference between world known and historic Rock genres such as Hard Rock and Metal. It’s like not knowing the difference between a beer and an ale. There is a difference! Ozzy Osbourne is extremely deserved of a Grammy Award for Let Me Hear You Scream, make no mistake about it. Ozzy was also deserved of many, many, many, other missed nominations for a Grammy award in the past as well. Metal be thy name.

When it came down to “Best Metal Performance”, that so-called sacred institution called the Grammys got it right with all of their nominations being Metal. Big deal. Their supposed to get it right for Metal sakes. However, the Grammys are decades late in honoring the ultra-legendary Iron MaidenEl Dorado from their 2010 studio album, The Final Frontier, was nominated for this “coveted” award and won. In my Metal opinion, the first five Iron Maiden albums are superior to that of The Final Frontier. Self-titled (1980), Killers (1981), The Number Of The Beast (1982), Piece Of Mind (1983) and Powerslave (1984) are audio textbooks for Metal 101. I will even add the 1988 album, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, to this list of Iron Maiden excellence. These are the influential and legendary Iron Maiden albums, the albums that bulldozed the path for countless Metal bands to travel, spanning into a fourth decade now.

I realize that a “Best Metal Performance” never existed during the years when Iron Maiden’s first five albums were released. This Grammy category did exist back in 2007 and Iron Maiden’s 2006 studio album A Matter Of Life And Death was ignored, which is a superior album to that of The Final Frontier as well. Am I happy for Iron Maiden winning the “Best Metal Performance” Grammy? Of course I am. The mainstream Grammys acknowledging Iron Maiden for their Metal contribution(s) has been long overdue. Do you think Iron Maiden cares if I’m happy for them? I doubt it. I will close with this, Iron Maiden should know where their true glory reigns within their album of catalogs and The Final Frontier is not in the same class with their previous albums I mentioned. Some may disagree with me, only I do know that I’m not alone in my Metal thinking.




A few Heavy Metal facts to get you through the day

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412609Metal, Heavy Metal is so gooooooood. That is why I like to know facts about my favorite Metal heros  and bands – Metal trivia/Heavy Metal history. Here are some facts that you may find interesting, informative or just plain boring. In any regard, you found them here!

*  Ronnie James Dio – his real name is – Ronald Padavona

*  D.D. Verni – the incredible bass player for Over Kill – his real name is – Carlo Verni

*  Motorhead – yes, this legendary Metal band has won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance, in 2005.

*  Black Sabbath originated from Birmingham, England – forming their historical Metal band in 1968.

*  It is sometimes easy to forget this – Gary Cherone (lead vocalist from Extreme) – was in fact, a one time lead vocalist for Van Halen. The Van Halen album with Gary Cherone on vocals is titled – “Van Halen III.”

I guess these are enough Metal facts for now. I will routinely post a few more of these Metal tidbits.

10 Heavy Metal happenings that will never happen.

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metalodyssey3Every once in awhile, well, I tend to be slightly comedic. What better way to get away from the white useless noise of MSNBC than to have some comic relief that incorporates Heavy Metal? Here are some Heavy Metal happenings that will never, ever, happen in a million Metal years:

#1.   A live Cannibal Corpse concert held in Salt Lake City, Utah, will be aired on PBS this fall.

#2.   The Grammy Awards of 2010, will recognize Motorhead with a lifetime achievement award.

#3.   The American Music Awards will have Iced Earth perform live, on their stage, for their 2010 airing.

#4.   Al Gore will finally admit to Dee Snider that Heavy Metal will not corrupt our youth.

#5.   Oprah Winfrey will have King Diamond on her show, delving into the mystique of horror lyrics in Metal.

#6.   Dan Rather will travel with Motley Crue this Summer, documenting and narrating for film – “Crue Fest 2009”.

#7.   Keith Olberman of MSNBC fame will become the new host for MTV’s “Headbangers Ball” beginning this fall.

#8.   Chris Matthews of MSNBC fame will finally accept the role to play “Aunt Bea” in the new television remake of “The Andy Griffith Show.” David Lee Roth will accept the opportunity to redo the famous show opening whistling song.

#9.    North American concert promoters will announce that Power Metal festivals will be abundant and year long events in all 50 states! 

#10.  Dr. Phil will have Arch Enemy perform on his show. Dr. Phil will then admit to his tongue tied audience that Death Metal is “good, clean, mental therapy.”

Slayer is in my Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

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I just do not understand how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can induct Metallica on April 4, 2009, into their shrine, yet Slayer is not enshrined along with them. It is to my understanding, that one important prerequisite for enshrinement into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is to have 25 years pass since the release of a bands first album. Do not mistake me for one Metal second here, I am a steadfast and loyal fan of Metallica since “Kill ‘Em All”, Metallica deserves their enshrinement. It is too unfortunate that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame could not look back on Thrash Metal history for a second. They would realize if they did the research, that Slayer is of equal value in comparison to Metallica in regards to the formation, foundation, evolution and progress of Thrash Metal!

I do not need to see actual sales figures of albums over the last 25 years to know that Metallica has sold more than Slayer, of course that is fact. Regardless, I do not hesitate to assume that sales figures are not a prerequisite for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame membership. I never give much credence to the Grammy Awards, yet Slayer has won two! Slayer, if anything, has never changed course, always have kept the extreme Thrash Metal meter on high for the last three decades. Slayer has stayed true to the Thrash Metal genre, never selling out, never. Slayer released “Show No Mercy” in December of 1983, on Metal Blade Records. I remember that time period very well, my crowd of Metal friends and I looked upon Metallica and Slayer as basically – equal. Throughout the years, I still considered both of these Thrash Metal giants to be of equal status. Metallica did go a more commercial and Heavy Metal route with “Load”, “Re-load” and “St. Anger”, however, I personally never gave up on Metallica just for their experimentation with the Metal. I have seen both Metallica and Slayer live over the years and in my honest Metal opinion, they were equally great!8421371

Slayer as I mentioned earlier, have always delivered, without question, very fast, very heavy, Thrash Metal. Slayer has exhibited consistency, loyalty, endurance and quality musicianship to the world of Thrash Metal since 1983, isn’t that worth something to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Slayer has released, since 1983, 10 studio albums (which I am including “Undisputed Attitude”), 2 live albums and 2 EP’s. Compared to a vast majority of any Rock band since 1983, that is quite an impressive catalog of album releases. Just to reiterate, I wholeheartedly agree that Metallica deserves their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! No one has to convince me of that! It would have been very cool, actually justified, to see Slayer be recognized at the same time.

For now, Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King and Dave Lombardo are in my very own, self proclaimed, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Paul Bostaph, in my Metal opinion, filled in on drums tremendously while Dave Lombardo was out, therefore, Paul Bostaph is in too. I have spoken my Metal mind.

Women of Hard Rock & Metal: Pat Benatar

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7717731I have decided to add a special feature to my Metal Odyssey blog, Women of Hard Rock & Metal. As far as I see it, there are many great female vocalists, guitarists and musicians out there in the world of Hard Rock & Metal and I do not overlook them one bit. So, what better platform than right here, to celebrate some of these fabulous female Rockers? The first in this series is none other than – Pat Benatar. Yes, Pat has had her share of ballads and Pop Rock charting singles, yet so has Poison, Warrant, Motley Crue and Van Halen. My point I am trying to make here is, there is Hard Rock aplenty with the catalog of music from Pat Benatar

“All Fired Up”, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Hell Is For Children” solidifies my stating Pat Benatar can deliver the Hard Rock goods. “Promises”, “Treat Me Right” and “Shadows of the Night” are strong contenders of musically being Hard Rock as well. I had the opportunity to see Pat Benatar live last Summer of 2008, wow, what a show. I had a really great time. The exclamation point to the heaviness of Pat Benatar’s music is solidified by her husband and lead guitarist, Neil Giraldo. Let me tell you this, I have seen my share of some great Hard Rock and Metal guitarists play live, Neil Giraldo takes a back seat to very few. This guy can jam it out, play the leads and kick into the solo like the best of them! Needless to say, I left that concert being thoroughly impressed by Pat Benatar’s ageless vocals, Neil Giraldo’s guitar playing and the song list as well. This was one of those concerts where if you sat down for one song, well, you might as well just go home then.

I never put much stock into the Grammy Awards, yet Pat Benatar has won four of them. Now that is some bragging rights for any female Hard Rock vocalist. It is refreshing and inspiring to say the least, when a vocalist like Pat Benatar can exceed your expectations live and sound just as great if not better, than she did in the 1980’s.

Metal facts that might enrich your life!

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4671028Here are five quick and easy to read Metal facts! Who knows when this vital Metal information will come in handy? Might you wind up in the Cash Cab? An inter-office Metal trivia contest? Surprise your spouse or companion with some really cool – hey, did you know that…

*  Krokus – this legendary Heavy Metal band hails from Solothurn, Switzerland.

  •  Helloween – these Power Metal icons are currently celebrating, in 2009, their 25th  Anniversary! It all started back in 1984, thank you Helloween!
  • Scum was the original name for the Swedish Death Metal (Viking) band we all know and embrace as Amon Amarth. The group formed under the name Scum in 1988 and was changed to Amon Amarth in 1992.
  • Black Stone Cherry – drummer John Fred Young’s father – Richard – is a founding member of the Grammy Award winning Kentucky Headhunters.
  • Legendary lead guitarist Brian Robertson is well known for his career with the great Thin Lizzy, Brian also was a member of Motorhead, playing lead guitar on their 1983 release Another Perfect Day.

Well, that is about it for some quick Metal facts. I promise to deliver more interesting and life inspiring Metal facts, on a more consistent basis. I do want to pass along this bit of Metal advice to all Metalheads worldwide – BE TRUE TO METAL AND METAL WILL BE TRUE TO YOU”

Some nifty thoughts from a Metal mind.

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metalodysseyThere are those tidbits of thoughts that I have that just need to be read by the entire world. No, these thoughts are not dirty, so if that is what you are looking for keep searching. Instead, these thoughts are rather more like opinions, than anything else. See if you agree or disagree, either way, these are from a Metal mind. 

* Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Anderson Cooper alot more cool, at times mysterious and chilled out when he was the host of the reality show “The Mole”? Since CNN has basically declared him the authority of reading a tele-prompter, well, he reminds me of the substitute teacher no fellow teachers even like.

* The Dallas Cowboys of the NFL and the New York Yankees of MLB are both unveiling their multi-hundred million dollar stadiums this year. (yawn). It would be nice if just one, billion dollar sports franchise owner would build a new children’s hospital here in America for our very own sick and needy children. 

* Corporations scramble, fall head over heels and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to earn themselves “naming rights” on a sports stadium. (yawn). Why don’t corporations get just as giddy to spend that same amount of money by putting their name on a research hospital or orphanage?

* I see that there has been blizzard conditions in the midwest the past few days, (week of March 22, 2009), with some areas of the midwest reporting upwards of 3 feet of snow. The greenhouse effect is really in full swing now. After living in the North East United States all of my life, maybe, just maybe, I will write a book and call it – “The Ice Box effect”. It will be a glorious day for me, once I see a greenhouse effect on my heating bill. I am still waiting for that day…

* How come, the “Grammy Awards” does not just change their annual show’s name to: “The Anti-Metal Music Grammy Awards”? Just get rid of the “token” “Best Metal Performance” award over there at the Grammy’s, puh-lease!!

Jeff Healey was a real guitar hero.

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381937The late Jeff Healey, now he was a genuine, real guitar hero. I just cannot resist how much of a role model he can still be, for any youngster wanting to take up playing guitar or any musical instrument for that matter. Jeff Healey was Canadian born, (March 25, 1966) and passed away on March 2, 2008. Jeff Healey lost his eye sight at infancy, despite this handicap, he became an accomplished and world renowned Jazz and Blues/Rock guitarist & vocalist. Jeff Healey & The Jeff Healey Band rose to fame with his 1988 album “See The Light”, which includes the hit single “Angel Eyes”. A Grammy nomination was from this same album for the instrumental “Hideaway”. 

A unique guitar player Jeff Healey was, playing the guitar flat down on his lap, this is a perfect example that the music being created was far more important than the stereotypical or flamboyant guitar “pose”. As a blind musician, this was how Jeff Healey learned to play the guitar. Jeff Healey appeared on Ian Gillan’s CD/DVD “Gillan’s Inn”, released in 2006. (Ian Gillan is of course, the great lead singer for the legendary Deep Purple).

I can recall a moment in time, when I was at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City, a short time after The Jeff Healey Band released “See The Light”. The two friends I was with at the time immediately recognized Jeff Healey sitting down, having lunch with a group of people. My two friends were not bashful, they each politely asked Jeff Healey to sign their Hard Rock Cafe napkins for them, without question or hesitation, Jeff Healey obliged. I was awe struck at how congenial, respectful and happy Jeff Healey was towards my friends at that moment. I never forgot that moment, never forgot how this famous musician took his time away from his own personal friends and lunch to accommodate two autograph requests. 

My regret is that I never asked for Jeff Healey to sign a Hard Rock Cafe napkin for myself. Instead, I sat at the bar, staring over at my friends having a shining moment with Jeff Healey. One thing I will never regret though, is the memory of seeing Jeff Healey as a real person, responding to my friends as a true gentleman, as a real guitar hero.

What is a “Metal Performance” anyway? Metal genres anyone?

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8978421In all of my years of listening to Heavy Metal and all other METAL genres, from going to Arena size METAL concerts, to small club METAL gigs, I do not think I ever referred to any METAL music that I am aware of, as, well, a “METAL performance”. What in the world is a “METAL performance”? I know that a ballet, a comedian on stage, a high school play or a middle school band can give a performance. METAL and the word performance do not add up correctly. If I ever used the phrase, at any time in my METAL life, to anyone I know, “Hey, that was one terrific METAL performance by MOTORHEAD last night”, well, I probably would never be hearing the end of it.  

It is obvious that the Grammy Awards love the word “performance”. In my METAL opinion, if it is a song that is nominated, well, this is pretty easy now, call it – “Best METAL song”. Now, just for example, if it is an album that is nominated, the Grammy Awards call it – “Best Rock album”. How come the Grammy Awards do not call it – “Best Rock Performances”? Gee, there are more than one song on an album and one song is considered a performance, so, several songs should be considered – performances? Basically my point is this: THE WORD “PERFORMANCE” IS NOT METAL – NOR IS IT HARD ROCK EITHER. This is my own Metal opinion.

Also, while I am on the Grammy Awards topic, I have learned, through the 2009 Grammy Awards, that METALLICA is considered a ROCK band. Yup, a Rock band. After all these years, what was I thinking?! How could I have ever felt that METALLICA was a THRASH METAL band? You see, METALLICA, with their 2008 release “DEATH MAGNETIC”, was nominated in the “Best Rock Album” category. Here is some sound METAL advice to any and all awards shows out there: IT PAYS TO LISTEN TO AN ALBUM BEFORE YOU “PLACE” IT INTO A WRONG MUSICAL CATEGORY. Let’s now set the record straight. ROCK GENRE LESSON 101 BEGINS HERE:



(This is just my perception, I cannot help myself but feel that MOTLEY CRUE is NOT a HARD ROCK band, they are HEAVY METAL. If anyone wants to put MOTLEY CRUE into the same genre with JOURNEY and BAD COMPANY, well, have a ball! The Grammy Awards want to rewrite the history of HEAVY METAL, they want to “place” bands into whatever music genres they see fit.

Now, let’s skip over HEAVY METAL and METAL with all of their related sub-genres just to get to THRASH METAL more quickly.

3. Here we are, comfortably in the THRASH METAL category now. THRASH = METALLICA. I do not understand the confusion. It is not a difficult concept to ascertain. After seeing how I have broken down the Rock and METAL  genres, (very simply I might add), you will notice that the Grammy Awards had decided to “place” METALLICA into a genre of music that is so far removed from what type of music they actually play, that, it is actually quite comedic. I am guessing that it is a very tedious, very time consuming task for the Grammy Awards to just add the category – “Best Metal Album”. Instead, the Grammy Awards next year will place, side to side, the likes of U2 with say, LAMB OF GOD and say – let the best “Rock album” win. None of us Metalheads need to be rocket scientists to figure out which “Best Rock Album” wins next year. Here is a hint, the band has one letter and one number in it’s name and they ARE NOT METAL.

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