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Women of Hard Rock & Metal – Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil

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9125332Gosh, is the mainstream Rock radio world missing out or what. Try listening to any desensitized FM radio station these days, try as you may, you will never hear who I feel is Hard Rock and Metal’s most underrated female vocalist today – Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. Symphonic, Gothic and at the end of the day, Lacuna Coil is still – Metal. Cristina Scabbia has proven to me, that you can have a beautiful female voice and still sing Metal music. I find Metal brilliance in Lacuna Coil for many reasons, (Cristina Scabbia’s vocals being #1), including the total musicianship and co-vocalist Andrea Ferro. Lacuna Coil means empty spiral, there is nothing that I find empty about any of the music created by Lacuna Coil. 

I find Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro to compliment each other extremely well, vocally. Cristina’s vocals  can lead you down many paths, from gentle solitude to dark and gothic to emphatic emotion. Then, Andrea will come in and either maintain the mood or sweep it off the table. These two vocalists do work vice versa as well, Andrea can be hitting the emotional anger on high and Cristina lends a symphonic vocal interlude that seamlessly blends into the song. There is no question that Lacuna Coil has their world following, deservedly so. There have been and continue to be many great articles written about Lacuna Coil in mainstream Rock and Metal magazines. Lacuna Coil and Cristina Scabbia are justifiably popular, I just feel that this band should be on the FM dial as often as Nickelback.

If you are already a fan of Lacuna Coil, you are then familiar with the bounty of integrity and musicianship they bestow. In the event you are new or unfamiliar with Lacuna Coil, I suggest a great starting ground would be their EP’s: “Lacuna Coil” and “Halflife.” In my opinion, every album from Lacuna Coil is worthy of Metal praise. The union of so many musical styles with two featured lead vocalists, providing incredible dual harmonies is quite tough to pull off. Lacuna Coil has been succeeding with this unique Metal style since 1997, Cristina Scabbia is the vocal centerpiece that is easy to embrace.

Women of Hard Rock & Metal: Pat Benatar

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7717731I have decided to add a special feature to my Metal Odyssey blog, Women of Hard Rock & Metal. As far as I see it, there are many great female vocalists, guitarists and musicians out there in the world of Hard Rock & Metal and I do not overlook them one bit. So, what better platform than right here, to celebrate some of these fabulous female Rockers? The first in this series is none other than – Pat Benatar. Yes, Pat has had her share of ballads and Pop Rock charting singles, yet so has Poison, Warrant, Motley Crue and Van Halen. My point I am trying to make here is, there is Hard Rock aplenty with the catalog of music from Pat Benatar

“All Fired Up”, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Hell Is For Children” solidifies my stating Pat Benatar can deliver the Hard Rock goods. “Promises”, “Treat Me Right” and “Shadows of the Night” are strong contenders of musically being Hard Rock as well. I had the opportunity to see Pat Benatar live last Summer of 2008, wow, what a show. I had a really great time. The exclamation point to the heaviness of Pat Benatar’s music is solidified by her husband and lead guitarist, Neil Giraldo. Let me tell you this, I have seen my share of some great Hard Rock and Metal guitarists play live, Neil Giraldo takes a back seat to very few. This guy can jam it out, play the leads and kick into the solo like the best of them! Needless to say, I left that concert being thoroughly impressed by Pat Benatar’s ageless vocals, Neil Giraldo’s guitar playing and the song list as well. This was one of those concerts where if you sat down for one song, well, you might as well just go home then.

I never put much stock into the Grammy Awards, yet Pat Benatar has won four of them. Now that is some bragging rights for any female Hard Rock vocalist. It is refreshing and inspiring to say the least, when a vocalist like Pat Benatar can exceed your expectations live and sound just as great if not better, than she did in the 1980’s.

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