Some nifty thoughts from a Metal mind.

metalodysseyThere are those tidbits of thoughts that I have that just need to be read by the entire world. No, these thoughts are not dirty, so if that is what you are looking for keep searching. Instead, these thoughts are rather more like opinions, than anything else. See if you agree or disagree, either way, these are from a Metal mind. 

* Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Anderson Cooper alot more cool, at times mysterious and chilled out when he was the host of the reality show “The Mole”? Since CNN has basically declared him the authority of reading a tele-prompter, well, he reminds me of the substitute teacher no fellow teachers even like.

* The Dallas Cowboys of the NFL and the New York Yankees of MLB are both unveiling their multi-hundred million dollar stadiums this year. (yawn). It would be nice if just one, billion dollar sports franchise owner would build a new children’s hospital here in America for our very own sick and needy children. 

* Corporations scramble, fall head over heels and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to earn themselves “naming rights” on a sports stadium. (yawn). Why don’t corporations get just as giddy to spend that same amount of money by putting their name on a research hospital or orphanage?

* I see that there has been blizzard conditions in the midwest the past few days, (week of March 22, 2009), with some areas of the midwest reporting upwards of 3 feet of snow. The greenhouse effect is really in full swing now. After living in the North East United States all of my life, maybe, just maybe, I will write a book and call it – “The Ice Box effect”. It will be a glorious day for me, once I see a greenhouse effect on my heating bill. I am still waiting for that day…

* How come, the “Grammy Awards” does not just change their annual show’s name to: “The Anti-Metal Music Grammy Awards”? Just get rid of the “token” “Best Metal Performance” award over there at the Grammy’s, puh-lease!!

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