The 53rd Grammy Awards – Some Hard Rock and Metal Thoughts…

53rd GRAMMY AWARDS – On February 13, 2011, the 53rd Grammy Awards took place. Yippee. Planet Earth is saved once again. Generations of Metalheads are so honored to have a select few of our bands nominated by this red carpet billionaire’s club. Per usual, the “establishment” behind the Grammy Awards has not a remote clue in knowing the difference between Hard Rock and Metal. Here is Exhibit A in explaining my Metal point:

Ozzy Osbourne is NOT a Hard Rock artist. Um, no. So, why was Ozzy Osbourne nominated for “Best Hard Rock Performance” with Let Me Hear You Scream from his 2010 Scream album? I’ve listened to this song enough times to realize it’s NOT Hard Rock. Yes, Ozzy has been known for his ballads in the past, Goodbye To Romance, So Tired and Mama I’m Coming Home are a few examples. These Ozzy ballads can very well be considered Hard Rock. My argument is, Let Me Hear You Scream is NOT a ballad, it is Heavy Metal or Metal, whichever you prefer. Therefore, WTF am I missing here? Calling this Ozzy song Hard Rock is like calling Slayer’s Reign In Blood album… Modern Rock.

Any astute fan of Ozzy Osbourne and/or Heavy Metal will agree, that 95% of Ozzy Osbourne’s music catalog is… Metal or Heavy Metal, whichever you prefer once again. Plus, 95% is probably too low. It’s very sad, that  the “decision makers” behind the Grammy Awards cannot tell the difference between world known and historic Rock genres such as Hard Rock and Metal. It’s like not knowing the difference between a beer and an ale. There is a difference! Ozzy Osbourne is extremely deserved of a Grammy Award for Let Me Hear You Scream, make no mistake about it. Ozzy was also deserved of many, many, many, other missed nominations for a Grammy award in the past as well. Metal be thy name.

When it came down to “Best Metal Performance”, that so-called sacred institution called the Grammys got it right with all of their nominations being Metal. Big deal. Their supposed to get it right for Metal sakes. However, the Grammys are decades late in honoring the ultra-legendary Iron MaidenEl Dorado from their 2010 studio album, The Final Frontier, was nominated for this “coveted” award and won. In my Metal opinion, the first five Iron Maiden albums are superior to that of The Final Frontier. Self-titled (1980), Killers (1981), The Number Of The Beast (1982), Piece Of Mind (1983) and Powerslave (1984) are audio textbooks for Metal 101. I will even add the 1988 album, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, to this list of Iron Maiden excellence. These are the influential and legendary Iron Maiden albums, the albums that bulldozed the path for countless Metal bands to travel, spanning into a fourth decade now.

I realize that a “Best Metal Performance” never existed during the years when Iron Maiden’s first five albums were released. This Grammy category did exist back in 2007 and Iron Maiden’s 2006 studio album A Matter Of Life And Death was ignored, which is a superior album to that of The Final Frontier as well. Am I happy for Iron Maiden winning the “Best Metal Performance” Grammy? Of course I am. The mainstream Grammys acknowledging Iron Maiden for their Metal contribution(s) has been long overdue. Do you think Iron Maiden cares if I’m happy for them? I doubt it. I will close with this, Iron Maiden should know where their true glory reigns within their album of catalogs and The Final Frontier is not in the same class with their previous albums I mentioned. Some may disagree with me, only I do know that I’m not alone in my Metal thinking.





5 Responses to “The 53rd Grammy Awards – Some Hard Rock and Metal Thoughts…”

  1. I don’t pay attention to the Grammys as they seem to ignore metal for the most part. I think the only reason they acknowledged the passing of Ronnie James Dio was all of the outpourings of grief by us metalheads. We know that Ozzy and Iron Maiden are top of the heap.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Right on. I feel “whoever is in charge” should change the name of The Grammy Awards to: “The Lady Ga Ga and Other Bubble Gum & Pop Crap Show”… it makes more realistic sense to me.

  2. 80smetalman Says:

    Just call it the whoever is the trendy act of the day awards

  3. You forgot Somewhere In Time, well it is my personal favorite which in my opinion, but I do agree, their first 7 albums are perfect. I know Ozzy should have been in the metal category, what metalhead doesn’t know that? But anyways, the Grammy’s to me are pretty BS, at least they got the metal category right (well almost, Ozzy should should have been there instead of Lamb of God or Korn. Seriously though, why should the Academy vote on these, what gives them any qualification to vote on heavy metal? That is just my view on the Grammy’s, it seems they don’t like Megadeth, 9 nominations but 0 wins? Really? At least Maiden got their recognition. But we the fans know who should/shouldn’t win and whether a band should/shouldn’t be in the metal or the hard rock category. Also it isn’t fair for bands like Megadeth, who still have a large fan base, to go up against bands like Iron Maiden, who have an even larger fanbase, but bands like Mageadteh were to beat bands like Iron Maiden, then it would be an accomplishment, but it is highly unlikely that a band with a smaller fanbase like Megadeth will go against bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, or Ozzy Osbourne, who are the three most popular metal bands of all time. But that is what the Golden Gods awards show is for.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thank God for Revolver Magazines’s Golden Gods Awards! I will agree with “Somewhere In Time”… that album is better than “The Final Frontier” as well. Just to compare, when you look at Metallica, is “Death Magnetic” better than their first four albums? Heck no, IMO! I’m not going to deny that I do like “The Final Frontier” and it is quite the “epic” album with it’s song lengths.

      You are right on with Megadeth… Dave Mustaine has written and performed Metal with Megadeth that is just as great, historical and important as any Metal Grammy winner in the past.

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