ALICE COOPER “Along Came A Spider” – Reissue With 3 Bonus Tracks Releases December 14, 2010!

ALICE COOPER – On December 14th, 2010, Along Came A Spider from the ultra-legendary Alice Cooper will be reissued on Bigger Picture Group. This reissue will contain three bonus tracks not included on the original release from 2008: Shadow Of Yourself, I’ll Still Be There and Salvation (Acoustic Unplugged). Along Came A Spider, a concept album which centers on a serial killer theme, touches on the rage, emotions and eventual remorse of this character. This album was originally released on July 29, 2008, on Steamhammer/SPV. Along Came A Spider is the 18th “solo” album from Alice Cooper and 25th album combined with Alice Cooper (The Band).

Multi-instrumentalists Greg Hampton (The New Czars, Science Faxtion) and Danny Saber (Black Grape, Agent Provocateur) are featured on guitar. Eric Singer (KISS, Badlands, Black Sabbath) is featured on drums. Slash also does a cameo on guitar, appearing on the track Vengeance Is Mine. Ozzy Osbourne is credited with harmonica on the track Wake The DeadKeri Kelli (RATT, Saints Of The Underground) also appears on guitar.

If you haven’t picked up this amazing Alice Cooper album just yet… now is the time, especially with the inclusion of 3 bonus tracks! Put your Metal trust in Stone, as I state… this is one Alice Cooper album to own.

A while back, in another dimension, I wrote a Metal synopsis about Along Came A Spider. You can check it out by clicking the little header below:


Track Listing For Along Came A Spider (reissue):

Prologue/I Know Where You Live

Vengeance Is Mine

Wake The Dead

Catch Me If You Can

(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side

Wrapped In Silk

Killed By Love

I’m Hungry

The One That Got Away


I Am The Spider/Epilogue

Shadow Of Yourself (Bonus Track)

I’ll Still Be There (Bonus Track)

Salvation (Acoustic Unplugged) (Bonus Track)

* For more info on ALICE COOPER, just click on the links below:

ALICE COOPER – myspace music




5 Responses to “ALICE COOPER “Along Came A Spider” – Reissue With 3 Bonus Tracks Releases December 14, 2010!”

  1. Man I hate that record labels keep reissuing the same album with bonus tracks, I will not buy this, not because I am not a huge Alice fan because I think Alice is great but I do not have enough expendable to cash to keep rebuying the same albums over and over.

    At least in the case of this album it is on a different label and it was reissued almost two years since it was very released and not a mere six months later like they did with Slash’s solo album.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I hear your Metal pain Manny. I’m going to buy the three bonus tracks on itunes… I would “expect” they will be for sale there. These reissues are great for fans who haven’t bought the album just yet, that’s about it. Being able to purchase mp3’s individually really comes into play with reissues.

      Like you, the extra $$$ just isn’t circulating to buy every reissue of every favorite band/musician we follow. Having a “master” collection of CD’s now is close to impossible! I’m just Metal psyched that Alice Cooper is really in the Metal spotlight though. 😉

  2. Heather Zack Says:

    Well, for both of your information. I DO have the original release of Along Came A Spider and I AM GOING TO BUY this reissue because I AM a HUGE FAN OF ALICE COOPER and I KNOW ALICE COOPER IS GREAT. I am going to BUY the reissue just to piss both of you off so that I do NOT have to use ANY CD-Rs NOR listen just on my computer, seeing as my stereo system has been having problems reading and playing CD-Rs… as well now as it’s having trouble reading ALL CDS.

  3. I was very frustrated that the album did not contain the bonus tracks . I will buy the reissue that was supposed to be out out on the 12/14/10 now dellayed until 12/21/10. The reason I will buy it is because Alice is my favorite artist of all time. I am not an Ipod guy so everything is Cd for me plus the quality is so much better on Cd and the artist gets paid for their hard work the way it should be. I am so happy that Alice Cooper got into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of fame it was long overdue! I hope his new album Welcome 2 My Nightmare comes out sooner than later as all of his material seems to get delayed. I can’t wait to hear it especially the stuff he recorded with the original band members.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It is nuts that this reissue did get delayed by a week. I’m very happy for Alice Cooper getting into the hall… only I checked that hall’s website and it doesn’t look like Alice Cooper was inducted as a “solo artist”, the hall’s website states: “Alice Cooper Band”… as it appears on that site. I just think that is so confusing… why not have this legend’s solo career acknowledged as well?

      I know Bob Ezrin is producing the new Alice Cooper album… I haven’t heard or read about any timeline with that forthcoming album’s release. Like you, I really dig holding a CD and getting decent or sometimes great liner notes with it. Buying those mp3’s is fine for that “instant gratification”, only there are no liner notes or lyrics that come with ’em.

      Alice Cooper paved the way for countless Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands… it is long overdue for him to be in that hall with his original band.

      Thanks for commenting –


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