FULL BLOWN CHAOS – Self Titled Album Releases February 1, 2011 In North America! Album Cover Art and Track Listing!

FULL BLOWN CHAOS – When Metal collides with Hardcore, the end result is FULL BLOWN CHAOS. Straight from New York and unto the rest of this planet… FULL BLOWN CHAOS is releasing a brand new, self titled studio album of 13 highly potent and ear crushing songs. You can check out for yourself, one new track – The Walking Dead, that is currently streaming from their forthcoming album by clicking here: FULL BLOWN CHAOS – myspace music

I’m Metal impressed by this new song, The Walking Dead, from FULL BLOWN CHAOS… Metal be thy name.

FULL BLOWN CHAOS will be released on February 1, 2011, in North America, on Ironclad Recordings/Metal Blade Records. FULL BLOWN CHAOS will be released in Europe on Plastic Head and in Japan on Howling Bull.


Ray Mazzola – vocals

Mike Facci – rhythm guitar

Jeff Facci – drums

Mark Gumbrecht – lead guitar

Dustin Jennings – bass

Track Listing For FULL BLOWN CHAOS:



Rise And Conquer

The Walking Dead

Silence Is Golden

Die Like You Live



War Machine

Battle Hymns And Broken Bones


Cain Marko

The Path I Walk

(Source: Metal Blade Records News Update, November 15, 2010)



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