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REPTILIAN DEATH – Signs With Old School Metal Records

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Reptilian Death - The Dawn Of Consumation And Emergence - promo cover

Mumbai-based Death Metal outfit REPTILIAN DEATH has signed with Old School Metal Records for the October 10th release of the band’s second full-length, The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence.

REPTILIAN DEATH has long existed in the shadows of the Indian metal scene as the side project of Demonic Resurrection frontman, Demonstealer. The band spent their first 12 years making sporadic live appearances and changing line-ups fairly often. During that time, REPTILIAN DEATH had an almost humorous disposition, writing little spoof Metal epics like ‘5 Easy Ways To Murder Someone’ and ‘Nursery Rhymes For Satan’s Children’ while balancing a handful of serious tracks which eventually found themselves on their 2004 debut, Total Annihilation. In 2006, the band’s direction took a turn for the serious with the release of their EP Intestinal Feast on the Defaced And Split album, which also featured Exhumation, Warface and Narsil.

Reptilian Death - promo band pic - 2013 - #!

Shortly after the release, the band returned to the shadows until resurfacing in early 2013. The band exploded on the scene and completely metamorphosed into a brand new beast. Fronted by Vinay Venkatesh (Bhaynak Maut), dressed in priestly robes with his face painted half black and half white and backed by a band of masked members REPTILIAN DEATH has moved out of the shadows and into the forefront of the global Metal community. The world will now see The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence.

More details to come…

Video footage of REPTILIAN DEATH performing at Domination: The Deathfest 2013 is below!


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on REPTILIAN DEATH:

Facebook: Reptilian Death

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 10.15.41 PM


Facebook: Old School Metal Records

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ARMAROTH “False Vision” EP – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Armaroth - False Vision EP - promo pic

ARMAROTH – From Kranj, Slovenia cometh the Death Metal carnage of ARMAROTH. This is underground Death Metal to savor and enjoy like an ice-cold 6 pack of ale on a hot Summer’s afternoon or a cold day in Winter… take your Metal pick! ARMAROTH plays their Death Metal in the vein of Six Feet Under and Obituary and seemed to have taken their deathly influence quite well from listening to Death and Cannibal Corpse as well.

Putting our Death Metal icons aside, ARMAROTH come across loud and deadly clear that they are original. With impressive melodic guitars and bone tearing riffs featured, the overall depth of sound from this band is one of total F’n destruction upon its surroundings; therefore I cannot pigeonhole ARMAROTH as only a Melodic Death Metal band. In other Metal words, ARMAROTH plays F’n slash-to-the-throat Death Metal. Very bloody nice, indeed.

After the 1:14 seconds of spoken intro, all Death Metal hell breaks loose from ARMAROTH and their debut False Vision EP! False Vision carries through on what I was (hopefully) anticipating: heavy grooves, scathingly heavy drums with pissed-off and death ridden vocals that are all like a death strike, straight from the gates of hell itself! Hail underground Death Metal… and ARMAROTH is another potent reason why! Metal be thy name.

Armaroth - band promo pic - #1 - 2013


Filip Košnik – vocals

Klemen Govekar – guitars

Martin Jagodic – guitars

Andrej Gregorc – drums

Dino Rebolj – bass



Armaroth is a brutal music machine that dares to deliver an experience beyond the horizons of comfort. The gears started turning in 2008, launching chaos and destruction of the mind, which were incarnated in 2013 as the False Vision EP. The EP’s first listeners have reported severe damage to their perception of the world and of themselves. The machine is honoured and eager to continue its work. So far it has dominated most of its homeland stages and that is only the beginning. Listen and test your truth. Armaroth will see you soon!

Armaroth - False Vision - band - promo banner - 2013

FALSE VISION – Track Listing:

False Vision

Modern Man


Labyrinth of Greed

Cell That We Bleed In


False Vision EP is NOW AVAILABLE as a name-your-price download on their Bandcamp:

* For more info on AMAROTH:

Facebook: Armaroth

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HUMILIATION – Announces New Album Details And Song Premier

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Humiliation - Turbulence From The Deep - promo cover pic

Malaysian war-themed Death Metal soldiers, Humiliation, have announced Turbulence From the Deep as the title of their fourth studio album, first for Deepsend Records, to be unleashed May 28th.

With that said, Humiliation have unveiled Phosphorous Shell as the first taste of Metal from this tank of Malaysian death at this location:

Pre-orders for Turbulence From the Deep are also available at the above link.

It should be no surprise the band worship at the tank known as Bolt Thrower. Musically, Humiliation focus on mid-tempo headbangers with heavy anthems of war, lack of humanity and minimal guitar solos. Turbulence From the Deep sees the band shift to a more Doom/Death Asphyx approach to songwriting. Eleven mid-paced, tank-heavy headbangers to assault your ears too. The Malaysian hellbrigade have unleashed a powerful necksnapper of an album that will surely become a staple in death’s unholy collection.

Humiliation - Group Promo Pic - 2012 - #1


No Return

Operation Obeo One

Phosphorous Shell

Calibrated Chaos

Bachok’s Invasion

Sea Denial

Home Front

Total War

Order of Battle

The Deadly Double

Submerged At the Seabed

Deepsend Records - Large Logo - 2013 - B&W

Deepsend Records is pleased to announce their newly launched page. Fans can now stream, download and order albums from Deepsend’s brutality laden catalog. Albums from CORPUS MORTALE, ETERNAL REST, EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT and DAWN OF DEMISE are currently available. Previews of upcoming releases from HYBRID and HUMILIATION have been posted as well.


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on HUMILIATION, click on the links below!

facebook: Deepsend Records

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SIX FEET UNDER “UNBORN” – Releases March 19th; Legendary Chris Barnes Comments On Creating Album

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Six Feet Under - Unborn - promo cover pic!

As reported on the official facebook of SIX FEET UNDER:

“The journey to create, write, and record UNDEAD and UNBORN has been the most challenging and exciting musical endeavor and process I have ever been involved with,” expresses vocalist and founder Chris Barnes. “Working with all these amazing writers and musicians like Ben Savage (Whitechapel) on songs like Neuro Osmosis and Fragment are some of the most dynamic, beautiful, and brutal songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting lyrics to. I believe Ben is a true innovator of the death metal genre. It was also a lot of fun working Jari Laine from Torture Killer again. We wrote a great album together a few years back called SWARM! –one of my favorite releases I’ve been involved with– and Jari is someone who I have really wanted to work with again ever since. I wanted to revisit collaborating with Jari because of how well we work together; proof of that on UNBORN are the hook heavy sounds of songs like Zombie Blood Curse and Incision.” – Chris Barnes

Listen to & order UNBORN:


UNBORN – Track Listing & Song Writers:

Neuro Osmosis (Ben Savage/Chris Barnes)

Prophecy (Ola Englund/Chris Barnes)

Zombie Blood Curse (Jari Laine/Chris Barnes)

Decapitate (Ben Savage/Chris Barnes)

Incision (Jari Laine/Chris Barnes)

Fragment (Ben Savage/Chris Barnes)

Alive to Kill You (Steve Swanson/Chris Barnes)

The Sinister Craving (Ben Savage/Chris Barnes)

Inferno (Jari Laine/Chris Barnes)

Psychosis (Rob Arnold/Chris Barnes)

The Curse of the Ancients (Ola Englund/Chris Barnes)


Six Feet Under - UNBORN - bundles promo pic

“UNBORN” bundles are available for pre-order:

Deluxe Bundle Includes:

– Unborn CD

– “Logo” t-shirt

– 3’x3′ flag

– Bite kit

– 10″ x 7″ polyethylene Outbreak Warning sign


For more info on SIX FEET UNDER, click on the links below!

facebook: ~ Six feet under ~

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CANNIBAL CORPSE Celebrates 25 Years Of Brutal Death Metal In 2013 – Here Are The Details!

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Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Alive - Ad Promo - 2013

Special Anniversary Logo, Picture Disc a Month, and North American Headline Tour to be Announced Shortly!


2013 marks Death Metal juggernauts, CANNIBAL CORPSE’S 25th year as a band and CANNIBAL is going to celebrate it all year-long! The logo has been updated to reflect the monumental occasion and will be used on all things CANNIBAL, from merch to packaging, throughout 2013. There is also a box set in the works for the most extreme CANNIBAL CORPSE fan, which is expected to drop in March – details coming soon!

In addition to the updated logo only being used this year and the box set, Metal Blade Records will be releasing one picture disc a month from the band’s expansive catalog (Eaten Back to LifeButchered at BirthTomb of the MutilatedThe BleedingVileGallery of SuicideBloodthirstGore ObsessedThe Wretched SpawnKILLEvisceration PlagueTorture). A total of 12 pictures discs will be released, covering all of the band’s full-length studio albums, some of which have never been released on picture disc. The first picture disc available for preorder is Eaten Back to Life, which was released August 17, 1990, and can be found HERE. Check back each month to get a glimpse of the next picture disc available for preorder.

Stay tuned to and for news on a full North American headline tour featuring one of the best death metal lineups a fan could ever ask for.

CANNIBAL CORPSE’S latest release, Torture, landed the band at #38 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart upon its first week of release, making it the highest debut in CANNIBAL CORPSE history! Torture landed at #7 on the Billboard Top Independent Album Chart, #4 on the Billboard Top Hard Music Albums chart and #32 Billboard Top Current Albums Chart. Produced by Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan, Torture continues to reap critical accolades from critics and fans around the globe and is yet another testament to CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s permanent allegiance to shrewdly arranged, pile-driving Death Metal madness.

Go to www.jsrdirect/bands/cannibalcorpse to check out all the new merch and collectable items available from the band.


(Source: Metal Blade Records)

For more info on CANNIBAL CORPSE, click on the links below!

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HYPOCRISY – Reveal New Album Title, Announce 2013 European Tour

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Hypocrisy - Group Promo Pic - 2012 - #1

Swedish Death Metal monsters HYPOCRISY are currently wrapping up the recording process of their upcoming new studio album entitled End Of Disclosure. The record is tentatively scheduled for a late March release via Nuclear Blast Records.

Band leader Peter Tägtgren commented: “Hi all, we’re still in the studio working hard to finalize the album. Horgh just laid down the drums – and let me tell you – it sounds awesome!!! Thundering and brutal! We can’t wait to put out the new tracks and play them live! Hope to meet you all soon on the road and wish you guys a great X-mas and happy new year!“

Hypocrisy - large logo - #1

HYPOCRISY have just confirmed the following dates for 2013. More to come very soon.

HYPOCRISY – Live 2013

22.03.13 SE Stockholm/Fryshuset

28.03.13 DE Essen/Turock

29.03.13 BE Namur/Cinex

01.04.13 FR Paris/Trabendo

03.04.13 CH Geneve/L’Usine

04.04.13 CH Winterthur/Salzhaus

06.04.13 DE Leipzig/Hellraiser

07.04.13 DE Hamburg/Markthalle

08.04.13 DE Berlin/K17

11.04.13 CZ Prag/Nova Chmelnice

12.04.13 DE Dettelbach/Metal Franconia Festival

13.04.13 DE München/Backstage

14.04.13 AT Wien/Szene


(Source: facebook: Hypocrisy

For more info on HYPOCRISY, click on the links below!

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SUFFOCATION – “Pinnacle Of Bedlam” Album Trailer Online!

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Suffocation _ Pinnacle Of Bedlam - promo cover pic!

SUFFOCATION release a new album preview trailer, featuring sound snippets from the upcoming new CD Pinnacle of Bedlam coming out on February, 15th 2013. Check the trailer below!

Scenes from the trailer are taken from the bonus DVD showing the making of the album.


01. Cycles of Suffering

02. Purgatorial Punishment

03. Eminent Wrath

04. As Grace Descends

05. Sullen Days

06. Pinnacle of Bedlam

07. My Demise

08. Inversion

09. Rapture of Revocation

10. Beginning of Sorrow

Suffocation - Group Promo Banner Pic - logo - 2012

Pinnacle of Bedlam was produced by the band and tracked at Full Force Studios in New York by longtime collaborator Joe Cincotta.

The mixing and mastering were handled this time around by world-renowned producer/engineer Zeuss (HATEBREED, ARSIS, SUICIDE SILENCE). Cover artwork for Pinnacle of Bedlam was created by artist Raymond Swanland (DEEDS OF FLESH, PSYCROPTIC).



Frank Mullen – vocals

Terrance Hobbs – guitars

Guy Marchais – guitars

Derek Boyer – bass

Dave Culross – drums


(Source: Nuclear Blast Records)

For more info on SUFFOCATION, click on the links below!

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