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DEATH COMES PALE – Sign To Deepsend Records

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Death Comes Pale - World Grave - promo cover pic - 2014

Danish Death Metallers DEATH COMES PALE have officially signed to Deepsend Records for the release of their debut album, World Grave.

World Grave is Danish Death Metal, plain and simple. Expect a heavy, crushing assault as only Denmark can unleash. Thrashing riffs with melodic daggers that are sure to find their home deep within your flesh. Percussion that pounds like a beating heart ripped from the body and vocals that set an ominous tone towards a World Grave.

World Grave – Track List:

1. World Grave

2. Transgression

3. Spawn of the Scorned

4. From the Lips of the Dead

5. With a Foot in the Grave

6. The Putrification Process

7. Modern Enslavement

8. Fury of Vengeance

9. Pulse of Existence

10. Silent Genocide

11. Where the Broken Resides

Death Comes Pale - promo band pic - #67020 - 2014


* For more info on DEATH COMES PALE:

Deepsend Records - small logo - b&w - 2014

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CORPUS MORTALE – Signs With Deepsend Records

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Danish Death Metallers CORPUS MORTALE have signed to Deepsend Records. Deepsend will release the Danes’ third album “FleshCraft” this fall, with a special web-only Pre-Order which will ship prior to the release date in stores.

“FleshCraft” is the follow-up to Corpus Mortale’s 2007 sophomore album, “A New Species of Deviant” and first for Deepsend Records.

Corpus Mortale joins Dawn of Demise, Spectral Mortuary, Deus Otiosus, and The Cleansing as Deepsend’s dominance with Danish Death Metal continues!!

“FleshCraft” will come to be known as a defining statement of Danish Death Metal. The year’s best Death Metal album is also amongst the best from Denmark ever. The perfect death metal recording, Martin Rosendahl’s trademark bellow (last heard on The Cleansing’s “Poisoned Legacy”) and their musicianship that’s second to none. Your expectations should be high and will be mightily fulfilled. “FleshCraft” is an excellently composed monster, exemplifying everything that Danish Death Metal has been known for and finally accomplished by Corpus Mortale.

A promo video for the track “Love Lies Bleeding” is below!


Pre-orders for “FleshCraft” are available at:

Pre-Order CD:

Pre-Order SHIRT:

Pre-Order COMBO Deal:

For more on Corpus Mortale:

facebook: Corpus Mortale…


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

Stone Says: CORPUS MORTALE plays Death Metal that will tear your Metal lovin’ soul apart. This legendary Danish Death Metal band kicks 100% extreme ass. Whoa and… Metal be thy name.




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