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KAOTIK “War At The Door” – This Death Metal Song Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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KAOTIK – On October 26th, KAOTIK will have their debut album Starving Death released via Massacre Records. KAOTIK are from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. This Death Metal band is one to keep a Metal ear and eye on, with the gut-ripping vocals of Pierre-Luc Simard coupled with a brain-melting sound, Starving Death will surely impress (plus kick the crap out of) any Death Metal connoisseur.

Take a listen below to the deathly sound of KAOTIK’s War At The Door. It’s time to get your Death Metal adrenaline flowing!

War At The Door is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

STARVING DEATH – Track Listing:

01. War at the Door – 6:33

02. Carnivorous Madness – 5:20 3. Creature – 4:03

04. Lobotomy – 5:40

05. The Screeching Sound – 3:59 6. Bad Awakening – 4:41

06. Bad Awakening – 4:41

07. Pesticide Shower – 5:10

08. Starving Death – 5:35

09. Terror – 3:31

10. Inbreeding – 6:39

Fred Tremblay (Guitar, Back vocals)

Samuel ParÈ (Guitar)

Pierre-Luc Simard (Vocals)

Jeff Tremblay (Drums)

Alexis Goulet Bouchard (Bass)




For more info on KAOTIK, click on the links below!

Official facebook: KAOTIK



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