ARMAROTH “False Vision” EP – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Armaroth - False Vision EP - promo pic

ARMAROTH – From Kranj, Slovenia cometh the Death Metal carnage of ARMAROTH. This is underground Death Metal to savor and enjoy like an ice-cold 6 pack of ale on a hot Summer’s afternoon or a cold day in Winter… take your Metal pick! ARMAROTH plays their Death Metal in the vein of Six Feet Under and Obituary and seemed to have taken their deathly influence quite well from listening to Death and Cannibal Corpse as well.

Putting our Death Metal icons aside, ARMAROTH come across loud and deadly clear that they are original. With impressive melodic guitars and bone tearing riffs featured, the overall depth of sound from this band is one of total F’n destruction upon its surroundings; therefore I cannot pigeonhole ARMAROTH as only a Melodic Death Metal band. In other Metal words, ARMAROTH plays F’n slash-to-the-throat Death Metal. Very bloody nice, indeed.

After the 1:14 seconds of spoken intro, all Death Metal hell breaks loose from ARMAROTH and their debut False Vision EP! False Vision carries through on what I was (hopefully) anticipating: heavy grooves, scathingly heavy drums with pissed-off and death ridden vocals that are all like a death strike, straight from the gates of hell itself! Hail underground Death Metal… and ARMAROTH is another potent reason why! Metal be thy name.

Armaroth - band promo pic - #1 - 2013


Filip Košnik – vocals

Klemen Govekar – guitars

Martin Jagodic – guitars

Andrej Gregorc – drums

Dino Rebolj – bass



Armaroth is a brutal music machine that dares to deliver an experience beyond the horizons of comfort. The gears started turning in 2008, launching chaos and destruction of the mind, which were incarnated in 2013 as the False Vision EP. The EP’s first listeners have reported severe damage to their perception of the world and of themselves. The machine is honoured and eager to continue its work. So far it has dominated most of its homeland stages and that is only the beginning. Listen and test your truth. Armaroth will see you soon!

Armaroth - False Vision - band - promo banner - 2013

FALSE VISION – Track Listing:

False Vision

Modern Man


Labyrinth of Greed

Cell That We Bleed In


False Vision EP is NOW AVAILABLE as a name-your-price download on their Bandcamp:

* For more info on AMAROTH:

Facebook: Armaroth

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