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Out Now! Knox Asylum Records Release 2014: Best of The Best Compilation Featuring Artists From Canada, USA, France, Australia

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Knox Asylum Records - Compilation 2014 Best Of The Best - promo cover

Knoxville, TN based label and artist management company Knox Asylum Records has put together a killer eleven track Metal compilation showcasing some of their favorite bands from around the world (Canada, USA, France and Australia). Entitled ‘Compilation 2014: Best of The Best’, the release is now available and was digitally released on June 25th on iTunes, Rhapsody, Google Play, Amazon Mp3 and Amazon on Demand (physical copy). It is also featured on iHeart Radio, Shazam, Xbox Music, Slacker Radio and more.

Tom Hocker of Knox Asylum Records comments:

“Each of these bands has something to offer in the Metal scene and were handpicked for the Knox Asylum Records debut compilation. I am not only excited about the end product, but energetic about spending time with these breaking artists. Tell all your friends and be sure to pick up a copy! Share!”

Knox Asylum Records - Compilation 2014 - Back Cover CD - promo

Track Listing:

1. X. Y. – Rebirth(3:41)

2. Hydra Kyll – Rotting Roots (3:40)

3. Kythera – Sleeper (3:02)

4. Identity Device – The Dreams That Affect Us – (8:09)

5. Driven Below – Legions of The Damned(3:51)

6. Dellacoma – Change(2:32)

7. Vankale – Cast Aside (3:49)

8. Krystos – Blood Magick (6:31)

9. Celestial Ruin – Wrath of The Dragon (4:13)

10. A Course Of Action – 107 (4:01)

11. Daybreak Embrace – Desperation (3:55)

Bands On Compilation:

Hydra Kyll (Olney, MD, USA)

Dellacoma (Melbourne, Australia)

Kythera (Dyersburg,TN, USA)

Daybreak Embrace (South Florida, USA)

X-Y (Nice/Cannes, France)

Vankale (Knoxville,TN, USA)

Krystos (Boise,ID, USA)

Identity Device (Knoxville,TN/Springfield, OH, USA)

A Course of Action (Connellys Springs, NC, USA)

Celestial Ruin (Vancouver BC, Canada)

Driven Below (Dallas,TX, USA)


(Source: Asher Media Relations)

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DISCHARGE: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing – The CVLT Nation Sessions Covers Compilation – FREE Album Download

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The Cult Nation Sessions Covers Compilation - Discharge - promo cover pic

CVLT Nation is proud to present the first covers compilation in a series dubbed The CVLT Nation Sessions with DISCHARGE‘s seminal album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. The digital release is available today, via for exclusive streaming and free download.

The CVLT Nation Sessions is a musical project with the aim of reinterpreting iconic music that has influenced a wide spectrum of genres, while also widening the audience for the participating bands. CVLT Nation has recruited some of its favorite underground heavy bands from around the world to record covers for free distribution and download via CVLT All the mastering is done by Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee.

To download or stream your copy of DISCHARGE – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing: The CVLT Nation Sessions Covers Compilation, point your browser HERE.


DISCHARGE – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

The CVLT Nation Sessions Track Listing:

01. Per Capita: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

02. Dark Horse: The Nightmare Continues

03. Unru: The Final Blood Bath

04. Wölfes: Protest & Survive

05. Severe: I Won’t Subscribe

06. Plagues: Drunk With Power

07. Absvrdist: Meanwhile

08. Blood Division: Cries Of Help

09. Napalm Raid: A Hell On Earth

10. Tolar: The Possibility Of Life’s Destruction

11. Cop Problem: Q: And Children? A: And Children

12. Dephosphorus: The Blood Runs Red

13. Wölvefröst: Free Speech For The Dumb

14. Occultist: The End


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info:

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Introducing The OBSCENE EXTREME WORLD TOUR For 2014!

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Obscene Extreme World Tour 2014 - promo pic

Since the birth of Obscene Extreme back in 1999 exactly 643 (next year will exceed the ‘magic’ number of 666) bands will have played the Obscene Extreme festival. These bands have come from almost every corner of the globe and have attracted hordes of diehard extreme music fans from all over Europe and well beyond its home base in the Czech Republic.

What brings the fans to Obscene Extreme is more than the wide selection of underground grindcore, crust, punk, death, thrash, hardcore and almost every underground style in between, but also the incredible atmosphere, the DIY ethic and the true spirit of community. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, everyone is the same when you’re in the pit!

“For almost 15 years people have traveled the globe, driven across continents and slept in airports and railway stations to make it to Obscene Extreme, and now Obscene Extreme is making the same effort to come to you once again!!!” states OEF organiser Curby.

“After a really insane OEF World Tour in 2013 with festivals in Mexico, Indonesia and Australia we can say, we will never give up and we are back to do it once again in 2014!!! With the OEF Club World Tour 2014 we are rolling into Japan, Australia and the USA like the United Nations of Grind.”

Check more info on OEF websites and see you soon!!!

Obscene Extreme - Crowd - promo pic - 2013

5 Reasons The Obscene Extreme World Tour Is Going To Blow Your Mind!

1. Truly underground – Obscene Extreme is one of the few truly underground festivals to unite big, genre-defining bands, and small, cult bands.

2. Vegan-friendly – Whatever you do or don’t do, believe or practice, you’re welcome at Obscene Extreme.

3. Fair ticket price. No massive booking agent or energy drink mega-festival bullshit. Obscene Extreme is affordable for everyone.

4. No shitty rules, no shitty security – Stage diving, stage invasions and more, all welcome. Obscene Extreme treats you like people and doesn’t stop you having fun.

5. Grindcore carnival – Wear a gas mask, dress as a goregrind banana. Obscene Extreme is more than a festival – it’s a party!

Welcome to the Obscene Extreme family!!!


Obscene Extreme Asia 2014
February 28th – March 2nd 2014
Tokyo – Asakusa Kurawood

Obscene Extreme Australia 2014
March 7th – March 9th, 2014
Melbourne – The Reverence Hotel + The Corner Hotel

Obscene Extreme 2014
July 16 – 20, 2014
Trutnov – Battlefield
Czech Republic

Obscene Extreme America 2014
August 29-31, 2014
Los Angeles – T.B.A.



(Source: Future PR)

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Horlet - Day Of The Dead 2013 - promo flyer - November 5








WHEN: Saturday, November 9th, 2013

WHERE: Mote Park, 635 Gordon St., Piqua, Ohio

All Ages Show – No Alcohol – $5 Cover


* For More Info On


Facebook: Horlet


Facebook: The Reefer Hut


Facebook: Cutthroat Capitalist


Musick 2 Murder 2

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HORLET “The Keys Of Life And Death” – A Debut Underground METAL Gem Of 2013

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Horlet - The Keys Of Life And Death - promo cover

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

Metal Fists 5 Metal Odyssey

HORLET – Underground Metal has its tried and true warriors, all over this big ball of rock we call Earth. Horlet is a band of such warriors and they call the greater Dayton, Ohio area home. Horlet is an underground Metal band that makes me proud. Quality Metal is reason #1 and a debut album that has literally left me awestruck is reason #2. The album is The Keys Of Life And Death; an album you cannot afford to not know about and pick up!

Horlet are unsigned and playing live at every chance they get. Horlet will be opening for Texas Metal legends HELLYEAH, on August 13th. Horlet has one of the very best Metal albums I’ve listened to in 2013; so rich with quality musicianship, vocals and songs, that the big and independent labels better find out about Horlet soon! Very soon. I am convinced that once any true Metalhead samples a song or two from The Keys Of Life And Death, they will be sold on Horlet. The production across the board is killer on this album, accentuating the conscientious work ethic of Horlet.


Epic and (old school) Melodic Death Metal is the Metal forte of Horlet, while Thrash Metal fans will find plenty to cheer about with this album as well. There are four short interludes heard on The Keys Of Life And Death; all four are integral to the flow of this album and highlights the expansion of thought that Horlet wants the listener to be engaged in. If you’re like me, you will be convinced that Horlet has been recording together for many, many years; that’s how sensational all these songs come together. You shall be amazed by this band!

I cannot express any more loudly and clearly: Horlet is a turn-key Metal band for a Metal record label to sign, seal and Metal deliver to the Metal masses. The songwriting and lyrics are amazing unto themselves; coupled with the high tier musical skill sets of this band, the Metal future MUST be aglow with the Metal of Horlet. Underground Metal legends are not manufactured overnight. Horlet is the real fucking deal. Metal be thy name.

Horlet - promo band pic - #56 - 2013


Jason Lyons – Vocals

Keith Byerman – Guitar

Seth Mullins – Guitar

Eric Barnes – Drums

Allen D. McCowan – Bass

* Purchase The Keys Of Life And Death On iTunes! Click below!


The Keys Of Life And Death – Track Listing:

Wings Of Aerial

The Awakening

The Fallen (Interlude)

From The Clouds

Signs Of Winter

Like Nails

A Whisper Of Solitude (Interlude)

So Far Away

Annabelle’s Curse


The Visit (Interlude)


He Who Walks The Sands (Interlude)


The Halls Of Amenti

…And Those Who Follow (Interlude)

Children Of The Light

Horlet - large logo - gold

Album cover art by Tony at:

* For More Info On HORLET:

Facebook: Horlet

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Unholy Anarchy Records - large promo - logo - B&W

Straight from the underground comes the newly launched Unholy Anarchy Records and Distro. Launched in the summer of 2013, Baltimore-based Unholy Anarchy is guided by the philosophy to release quality underground extreme music without boundaries – the only criteria being quality music from great bands.

Run by true Metal fans for true Metal fans, Unholy Anarchy focuses primarily on vinyl releases, but is open to a variety of mediums from acts that share a similar vision. The label’s first release will be a seven-inch split with Belgium’s AGATHOCLES and Pittsburgh, PA’s HOGRA. Due out in early August, the split will be a co-release with Blackseed Records, Jerk Off Records and At War With False Noise.

On the distro side of things, Unholy Anarchy has hundreds of titles on picture disc, 12″, 10″, 7″, CD and cassette formats in stock. Throughout July, the label is offering 15% off all 12″ vinyl purchases and always offers free shipping on any order over $50.

Unholy Anarchy is an independently owned and operated family business that focuses on maintaining the importance of physical music formats, especially vinyl.  The label was founded with the hopes of delivering quality underground Metal, Punk and Hardcore from artists and labels we respect. They are dedicated to helping the scene, the bands, and delivering music to you. Unholy Anarchy has made every effort to stock rare imports and hard to find albums for our U.S. customer base, and hope you find Unholy Anarchy a collective that you can stand behind.


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

* For more info on UNHOLY ANARCHY RECORDS:

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ARMAROTH “False Vision” EP – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Armaroth - False Vision EP - promo pic

ARMAROTH – From Kranj, Slovenia cometh the Death Metal carnage of ARMAROTH. This is underground Death Metal to savor and enjoy like an ice-cold 6 pack of ale on a hot Summer’s afternoon or a cold day in Winter… take your Metal pick! ARMAROTH plays their Death Metal in the vein of Six Feet Under and Obituary and seemed to have taken their deathly influence quite well from listening to Death and Cannibal Corpse as well.

Putting our Death Metal icons aside, ARMAROTH come across loud and deadly clear that they are original. With impressive melodic guitars and bone tearing riffs featured, the overall depth of sound from this band is one of total F’n destruction upon its surroundings; therefore I cannot pigeonhole ARMAROTH as only a Melodic Death Metal band. In other Metal words, ARMAROTH plays F’n slash-to-the-throat Death Metal. Very bloody nice, indeed.

After the 1:14 seconds of spoken intro, all Death Metal hell breaks loose from ARMAROTH and their debut False Vision EP! False Vision carries through on what I was (hopefully) anticipating: heavy grooves, scathingly heavy drums with pissed-off and death ridden vocals that are all like a death strike, straight from the gates of hell itself! Hail underground Death Metal… and ARMAROTH is another potent reason why! Metal be thy name.

Armaroth - band promo pic - #1 - 2013


Filip Košnik – vocals

Klemen Govekar – guitars

Martin Jagodic – guitars

Andrej Gregorc – drums

Dino Rebolj – bass



Armaroth is a brutal music machine that dares to deliver an experience beyond the horizons of comfort. The gears started turning in 2008, launching chaos and destruction of the mind, which were incarnated in 2013 as the False Vision EP. The EP’s first listeners have reported severe damage to their perception of the world and of themselves. The machine is honoured and eager to continue its work. So far it has dominated most of its homeland stages and that is only the beginning. Listen and test your truth. Armaroth will see you soon!

Armaroth - False Vision - band - promo banner - 2013

FALSE VISION – Track Listing:

False Vision

Modern Man


Labyrinth of Greed

Cell That We Bleed In


False Vision EP is NOW AVAILABLE as a name-your-price download on their Bandcamp:

* For more info on AMAROTH:

Facebook: Armaroth

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INTOXICATED – “Rock ‘N Roll Hellpatrol” (12″ LP) Available At Hells Headbangers Now!

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Intoxicated - Rock 'N Roll Hellpatrol - promo vinyl pic

INTOXICATED are from Osnabrück, a city in Lower Saxony, Germany. Their Rock ‘N Roll is Speed Metal; in the vein of old school, kick-ass Speed Metal that is! If you’re a fan of Motörhead, Raven or any 80’s denim & leather Metal, you’ll become an instant fan of Intoxicated. It’s that Metal simple. Intoxicated are the real underground Metal deal. Metal be thy name.




Löuie – Vocals

El Ranchö – Guitar

ÄC – Drums

Jackhammer – Bass

Intoxicated - Rock 'N Roll Hellpatrol - promo cover pic!

* For more info on INTOXICATED:

Facebook: Intöxicated (official)

Hells Headbangers Records - Logo - B&W

* For more info on Hells Headbangers:


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COFFINWORM “Great Bringer Of Night” LP Now Shipping From FLENSER RECORDS; Other Releases Available

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Filthy Blackened Sludge from Indianapolis! This is a re-edition of Coffinworm’s legendary initial offering. Great Bringer of Night has been re-mastered by James Plotkin, includes unreleased recordings and features re-imagined artwork by Bryan Proteau. Housed in a heavy jacket and comes with an insert.




Wreck and Reference’s follow-up to “Black Cassette” entitled, YOUTH, will be released on vinyl by Flenser Records. A pre-order will be announced soon. Wreck and Reference is a heavy, dark band that utilizes synthesizers and samples and is VERY hard to classify. Please check out the stream/download found in the link below.

You can stream and download Wreck and Reference’s YOUTH HERE

Also check out this review and Interview with Lurkers Path HERE


The coming weeks will see releases by:

Worm Ouroboros – Wreck and Reference – Bosse-de-Nage


(Source: Flenser Records)




Metal Odyssey Spotlight On: Marc Broude – Psychological Warfare – 2 Songs of Industrial Metal and Noise!

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MARC BROUDE – My never ending Metal quest to find Metal talent that is unsigned, DIY and real has crossed paths with an Industrial Metal and Noise musician known as: Marc Broude. The Metal Odyssey Spotlight is on Marc Broude and his 2 song EP: Psychological Warfare. Marc is the vocalist and plays all instruments on his music.

I liken the sound of Marc Broude’s music to that of Industrial Metal, where Marc is very down with that tag, he also considers his music to be representative of the Noise genre. Marc is from Chicago, Illinois and had started recording while living in a squatter artist collective back in 2005. During 2005, Marc started out in the Chicago based Noise outfit called: Panicsville. A cross-genre composer, Marc has played in various bands which represented genres of: Black Metal, Grindcore, Punk and Noise. If diversity is the key to Metal success, then Marc has associated with some hefty Metal diversity in the course of seven years.

I really appreciate the overwhelming heaviness, experimentalism and mixture of distortion that Marc has implemented into his music’s sound. Marc’s vocals seem to arise from the dark depths of the damned, while his guitar riffs and drumming create a wall of sound that engulfs my surroundings with a nightmarish, bazaar of the living dead mood and atmosphere. Perfect.

I can see a promising Metal future for Marc, his DIY work ethic, multi-tasking, multi-instrument competency and musical inventiveness should eventually draw some credible attention. Marc feels getting his music heard is more important than making money from it… that’s the characteristic of a real musician and an artist who believes in what he’s created.

You can listen to both Psychological Warfare and God Smacker by clicking on the music bar play buttons below. Warning – to all closed minded, uptight and constipated Pop mainstream music dum dums: Your freely invited to listen as well, only don’t send your laundry bill to Metal Odyssey if you crap your pants.

Listen to PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE by clicking on the play button below:

Listen to GOD SMACKER by clicking on the play button below:

Originally released in 2006 as a 50 piece limited edition 7″ which became out of print, Psychological Warfare was digitally remixed for re-release. Distribution is through IODA and Psychological Warfare will be available at all digital music stores, with the CD being available on Amazon and Tower in about a month from now.

* In 2009, Marc released a 72 minute, Dark Ambient dirge titled: Rites of Zen and Medicine. This release displayed a drastic change in Marc’s sound, with a fusion of free improvisation and Avant-Garde Jazz.

(Psychological Warfare – Back Cover)

Production and General Credits:

Composed written and produced by: Marc Broude

Recorded by: Chris Anderson at Chicago Recording Company, Chicago, IL

Mixed and Mastered by: Judson Leach

Artwork by: Rodrigo Damian



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