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DISCHARGE: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing – The CVLT Nation Sessions Covers Compilation – FREE Album Download

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The Cult Nation Sessions Covers Compilation - Discharge - promo cover pic

CVLT Nation is proud to present the first covers compilation in a series dubbed The CVLT Nation Sessions with DISCHARGE‘s seminal album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. The digital release is available today, via for exclusive streaming and free download.

The CVLT Nation Sessions is a musical project with the aim of reinterpreting iconic music that has influenced a wide spectrum of genres, while also widening the audience for the participating bands. CVLT Nation has recruited some of its favorite underground heavy bands from around the world to record covers for free distribution and download via CVLT All the mastering is done by Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee.

To download or stream your copy of DISCHARGE – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing: The CVLT Nation Sessions Covers Compilation, point your browser HERE.


DISCHARGE – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

The CVLT Nation Sessions Track Listing:

01. Per Capita: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

02. Dark Horse: The Nightmare Continues

03. Unru: The Final Blood Bath

04. Wölfes: Protest & Survive

05. Severe: I Won’t Subscribe

06. Plagues: Drunk With Power

07. Absvrdist: Meanwhile

08. Blood Division: Cries Of Help

09. Napalm Raid: A Hell On Earth

10. Tolar: The Possibility Of Life’s Destruction

11. Cop Problem: Q: And Children? A: And Children

12. Dephosphorus: The Blood Runs Red

13. Wölvefröst: Free Speech For The Dumb

14. Occultist: The End


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info:

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LIFE AGAINST DEATH – FREE Download Of S/T Album Available NOW!

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Life Against Death - promo band pic - B&W - #499 - 2013

Vancouver thrashers Life Against Death are excited to announce that from today until Dec 24th, they will be offering their Self Titled album up for a “pay what you want” price on Bandcamp.

You can download the album here:

Short blasts of pure death/thrash and some hardcore as well and throw in easily one of the best female singers I have heard and we have a winner. Shit she sounds better than 95% of other singers out there that is for sure. The music is just a sonic blast of underground metal that will melt you”– MetalCore Fanzine


(Source: Curtis Dewar)

* For more info on LIFE AGAINST DEATH:

Facebook: Life Against Death

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Century Media Records Presents “Carnival Of Sounds III” As A FREE 14 Song Download!

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Carnival Of Sounds III - Century Media Records - promo flyer - 2013

Century Media Records presents Carnival Of Sounds III – 14 very cool songs are featured in it and it’s completely FREE!!! Go here for your FREE download:



Century Media Records - logo - B&W

* For more info on CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS:

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ASHER MEDIA RELATIONS Offers FREE Holiday Sampler ‘Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 2’

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Asher Media Relations - Happy Holidays - 2012

Another year down and another one to follow, Asher Media Relations, the PR company behind some of Canada’s best up and coming Metal talents is proud to offer a holiday sampler to fans near and far to head bang their season greetings.

Featuring nineteen tracks of AMR’s 2012 roster, the sampler showcases Metal genres ranging from Brutal Death, Thrash, Power, Prog to Folk, and a taste of some Heavy Rock.

To get your FREE DOWNLOAD, please visit the following link here. (

Happy Metal Annihilation! Vol. 2 – Track Listing:

01. Titans Eve – Destined To Die 03:08

02. Adrenechrome – Titans Fall 03:18

03. Chariots of The Gods – Tides of War 03:20

04. Auroch – From Forgotten Worlds 04:35

05. Tribune – The Succubus 03:14

06. Mortor – Under The Flag 03:00

07. Psychostick – Jolly Old Sadist 03:24

08. Dark Century – Kill The Crowd 03:55

09. XUL – Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean Remains 05:14

10. Odium – No Way Out 04:18

11. Vesperia – Pints Held High 04:21

12. Scythia – Sailor’s Accolade 03:19

13. Edge of Attack – Forever 03:46

14. All Else Fails – This Burden of Life 05:13

15. The Rabid Whole – Future 03:56

16. Arcane Saints – Never Say Die 04:07

17. Project Mars – Hey! 03:07

18. New Jacobin Club – My Smile 02:36

19. The In & Outs – Sleepy Sheep 03:35


Stone Says: Happy Holidays back at Asher Media Relations! Thank you for the very cool free Holiday Sampler of METAL (bands) that you guys represent, for the fans worldwide! Asher Media Relations… ROCKS! Metal be thy name!

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KOSHER METAL – Brings The Heavy With Another Compilation! Free Download Of Compilation Available Now!

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Southern California-based online Metal radio station Kosher Metal have released the third volume of their digital compilation series called “The Kosher Komp Vol. 3” via their website at

The compilation (along with Vol. 1 & 2) is available for free download and contains 14 unsigned and independent bands including a special appearance by Sylosis, courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records. A liner note PDF is included along with the compilation artwork. Bands on the compilation are (in alphabetical order): A Band of Orcs, Acaro, Afterlife, Bloody Symphony, Cessation of Life, Cirka:sik, Dali Van Gogh, Fierce Allegience, Flesh Engine, Hemoptysis, Mudface, Skarthia, Sylosis, and Tyrants Blood.

Kosher Metal is an online radio station that can be heard via the web and most smartphones. It started as a weekly radio program in June 2010 and became a 24 hour operation in April of 2011. Kosher Metal founder and on-air personality, ManJewky, is a product of the Music Business Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.


KOSHER METAL official website:

KOSHER KOMP VOL 1 download link:




LAGRIMA ‘Hannibal AD Portas’ – Lebanese Metal Band Self-Releases Their Debut Album And It’s: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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LAGRIMA – Beirut Lebanon is home to a Metal band that I want my fellow Metal brethren to know about. This Metal band is called LAGRIMA and they blend everything from classic guitar to (melodic) Black and Death Metal;  with Heavy Metal and Power Metal influences in-between. Overall, I would classify LAGRIMA as an Extreme Metal band that also respects the art of capturing melody, while they are very astute at conveying their Metal craft effectively. The mood and atmosphere of this album projects an open-mindedness to music that LAGRIMA saturates with their Metal.

Their debut studio album, Hannibal AD Portas has just been self released and it’s free! (See their Reverbnation link below). LAGRIMA is: Tarek Yazbek (Guitars, Bass, Drum Machines, Synth) and Bilal Alaghar on vocals. Originally formed back in 2003 with a different lineup, Tarek Yazbek is now the lone founding member.

The album opener, Prelude (… To the Gods of War), is an intro of orchestration; an intro that gave me every indication that LAGRIMA has set no boundaries to their interpretation of a Metal album and I applaud them for that. There are many moments where LAGRIMA will shift gears and subdue their Metal extremity, with melodic guitar passages and intros that musically illuminate their Middle East roots (Death of the Father… Saguntum and Trepia Trazimian Cannie are fine examples of this).


Tarek Yazbek is quite the talented multi-instrumentalist! His guitar skills cover an extensive range, from acoustical and melodically mellow to all-out blazing fret work and riffs that should make every Metal maniac out there raise the horns to the sky. Bilal Alaghar has Black Metal written all over his vocals and he has more than impressed my eardrums and Extreme Metal saturated brain! This Metal duo from Lebanon have downright succeeded at recording their debut album and they both should be Metal proud.

In the event LAGRIMA were to be discovered and signed by a Metal record label tomorrow, it would not surprise me at all; of course the Metal door should be open for some production tweaking. LAGRIMA has recorded a product of Metal that stands on its own merit of being very memorable to me. This band is not just another carbon-copied multi-Metal genre act that wants to play extreme. There’s some diversity in LAGRIMA’s Metal that needs to be heard.

I highly recommend you check out LAGRIMA – Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

To find out more about LAGRIMA and download Hannibal AD Portas for free, click on the link below!



Tarek Yazbek – (Guitars, Bass, Drum Machines, Synth)

Bilal Alaghar – (Vocals)

Hussain Soufan – (Bass) (Joined LAGRIMA at the end of the recording process)

Hannibal AD Portas – Track Listing:

Prelude (… To the Gods of War)

Serenade Upon Mount Aryx

Conquest of Iberia

Death of the Father… Saguntum

Arise and Arrest the Destiny of Rome

Trepia Trazimian Cannie

Abhore the Antagonists

A Final Flight

Sealed With Poison




BLACK METAL – Metalhit Sampler (12 Songs) FREE Download On

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BLACK METAL – If you’re on a tight Metal budget and HAIL Black Metal, then this Black Metal Metalhit Sampler FREE download is for you! Just go to and download it! It’s FREE! Metal be thy name.

Check out the bands and track listing below:





FREE DOWNLOAD – CANUCK METAL Vol. 2 Presented by & Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada (H.M.M.A.C.)

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This Canada Day, in honour of the great country that is Canada and its vast amount of unbelievable, unrivaled Metal talent, the Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada (H.M.M.A.C.) and are proud to announce the release of Canuck Metal Vol. 2, a free download compilation, part of a series to showcase Canada’s up and coming head banging talent.

Download Link:  

Promo Code – HMMAC


CANUCK METAL VOLUME 2 – Track Listing:

1. Arapacis – End of The Line (5:50)

2. Crisis Kings-Glutton (3:24)

3. Forbidden Sin – Man Down(4:12)

4. Hollow – Sunriser (4:41)

5. Hymnosis – How Dare You (5:16)

6. Makaria – Spire (3:57)

7. Nephelium – Merciless Annihilation (6:18)

8. Project Mars – Don’t Hold Back (4:30)

9. Sanktuary – Raise the Flag (4:25)

10. The New Jacobin Club – My Smile (2:37)

11. The Void – If We Can’t Beat ‘Em (Detour ‘Em!) (1:23)

12. Trainwreck Architect – Dream Pariah (3:34)

13. Tribune – The Succubus (3:15)

14. Wolven Ancestry – The Animistic Awakening (5:59)


(Source: Asher Media Relations)




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