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LAGRIMA ‘Hannibal AD Portas’ – Lebanese Metal Band Self-Releases Their Debut Album And It’s: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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LAGRIMA – Beirut Lebanon is home to a Metal band that I want my fellow Metal brethren to know about. This Metal band is called LAGRIMA and they blend everything from classic guitar to (melodic) Black and Death Metal;  with Heavy Metal and Power Metal influences in-between. Overall, I would classify LAGRIMA as an Extreme Metal band that also respects the art of capturing melody, while they are very astute at conveying their Metal craft effectively. The mood and atmosphere of this album projects an open-mindedness to music that LAGRIMA saturates with their Metal.

Their debut studio album, Hannibal AD Portas has just been self released and it’s free! (See their Reverbnation link below). LAGRIMA is: Tarek Yazbek (Guitars, Bass, Drum Machines, Synth) and Bilal Alaghar on vocals. Originally formed back in 2003 with a different lineup, Tarek Yazbek is now the lone founding member.

The album opener, Prelude (… To the Gods of War), is an intro of orchestration; an intro that gave me every indication that LAGRIMA has set no boundaries to their interpretation of a Metal album and I applaud them for that. There are many moments where LAGRIMA will shift gears and subdue their Metal extremity, with melodic guitar passages and intros that musically illuminate their Middle East roots (Death of the Father… Saguntum and Trepia Trazimian Cannie are fine examples of this).


Tarek Yazbek is quite the talented multi-instrumentalist! His guitar skills cover an extensive range, from acoustical and melodically mellow to all-out blazing fret work and riffs that should make every Metal maniac out there raise the horns to the sky. Bilal Alaghar has Black Metal written all over his vocals and he has more than impressed my eardrums and Extreme Metal saturated brain! This Metal duo from Lebanon have downright succeeded at recording their debut album and they both should be Metal proud.

In the event LAGRIMA were to be discovered and signed by a Metal record label tomorrow, it would not surprise me at all; of course the Metal door should be open for some production tweaking. LAGRIMA has recorded a product of Metal that stands on its own merit of being very memorable to me. This band is not just another carbon-copied multi-Metal genre act that wants to play extreme. There’s some diversity in LAGRIMA’s Metal that needs to be heard.

I highly recommend you check out LAGRIMA – Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

To find out more about LAGRIMA and download Hannibal AD Portas for free, click on the link below!



Tarek Yazbek – (Guitars, Bass, Drum Machines, Synth)

Bilal Alaghar – (Vocals)

Hussain Soufan – (Bass) (Joined LAGRIMA at the end of the recording process)

Hannibal AD Portas – Track Listing:

Prelude (… To the Gods of War)

Serenade Upon Mount Aryx

Conquest of Iberia

Death of the Father… Saguntum

Arise and Arrest the Destiny of Rome

Trepia Trazimian Cannie

Abhore the Antagonists

A Final Flight

Sealed With Poison




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