HORLET “The Keys Of Life And Death” – A Debut Underground METAL Gem Of 2013

Horlet - The Keys Of Life And Death - promo cover

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

Metal Fists 5 Metal Odyssey

HORLET – Underground Metal has its tried and true warriors, all over this big ball of rock we call Earth. Horlet is a band of such warriors and they call the greater Dayton, Ohio area home. Horlet is an underground Metal band that makes me proud. Quality Metal is reason #1 and a debut album that has literally left me awestruck is reason #2. The album is The Keys Of Life And Death; an album you cannot afford to not know about and pick up!

Horlet are unsigned and playing live at every chance they get. Horlet will be opening for Texas Metal legends HELLYEAH, on August 13th. Horlet has one of the very best Metal albums I’ve listened to in 2013; so rich with quality musicianship, vocals and songs, that the big and independent labels better find out about Horlet soon! Very soon. I am convinced that once any true Metalhead samples a song or two from The Keys Of Life And Death, they will be sold on Horlet. The production across the board is killer on this album, accentuating the conscientious work ethic of Horlet.


Epic and (old school) Melodic Death Metal is the Metal forte of Horlet, while Thrash Metal fans will find plenty to cheer about with this album as well. There are four short interludes heard on The Keys Of Life And Death; all four are integral to the flow of this album and highlights the expansion of thought that Horlet wants the listener to be engaged in. If you’re like me, you will be convinced that Horlet has been recording together for many, many years; that’s how sensational all these songs come together. You shall be amazed by this band!

I cannot express any more loudly and clearly: Horlet is a turn-key Metal band for a Metal record label to sign, seal and Metal deliver to the Metal masses. The songwriting and lyrics are amazing unto themselves; coupled with the high tier musical skill sets of this band, the Metal future MUST be aglow with the Metal of Horlet. Underground Metal legends are not manufactured overnight. Horlet is the real fucking deal. Metal be thy name.

Horlet - promo band pic - #56 - 2013


Jason Lyons – Vocals

Keith Byerman – Guitar

Seth Mullins – Guitar

Eric Barnes – Drums

Allen D. McCowan – Bass

* Purchase The Keys Of Life And Death On iTunes! Click below!



The Keys Of Life And Death – Track Listing:

Wings Of Aerial

The Awakening

The Fallen (Interlude)

From The Clouds

Signs Of Winter

Like Nails

A Whisper Of Solitude (Interlude)

So Far Away

Annabelle’s Curse


The Visit (Interlude)


He Who Walks The Sands (Interlude)


The Halls Of Amenti

…And Those Who Follow (Interlude)

Children Of The Light

Horlet - large logo - gold

Album cover art by Tony at: www.brutaldisorderlogos.com

* For More Info On HORLET:

Facebook: Horlet


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3 Responses to “HORLET “The Keys Of Life And Death” – A Debut Underground METAL Gem Of 2013”

  1. Universe Number Five Says:

    Epic old school sounding death metal? Sounds intriguing… I’m a little scared off by the fact though that they play live shows with HELLNO. I will give ’em a fair shot though.

  2. […] HORLET “The Keys Of Life And Death” – A Debut Underground METAL Gem Of 2013 […]

  3. […] HORLET “The Keys Of Life And Death” – A Debut Underground METAL Gem Of 2013 […]

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