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STONEBURNER – Portland Sludge Slingers Reveal Album Details

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Stoneburner - Life Drawing - promo album cover pic - 2014

Portland sludge slingers and recent Neurot family additions, STONEBURNER, are readying to unleash their forthcoming new full-length, Life DrawingThe follow-up to their 2012 debut, Sickness Will Pass, which The Sludgelord appropriately crowned “an ugly, visceral and truly terrifying beast of an album,”and Metal Underground dubbed “a bruising sludge/doom debut that is the perfect antidote to the dog days of summer,” features nine rumbling odes of bottom-heavy hostility and emotional decay.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Fester at Haywire Studios, mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering — both in Portland — and swathed in the visually abrasive cover art of J.J. Shirey, Life Drawing promises to hurl STONEBURNER’s habitually chest-caving sludge mantras to entirely new realms of earth-deteriorating heaviness.

Comments the band in a collective statement: “Lyrically we’ve always focused on personal matters, and one theme that particularly seems to keep coming up on this record is the struggle to be a decent person in a world that keeps doing its best to cause you not to be. J.J. Shirey, who paints our album covers, is part of the STONEBURNER brotherhood and we have absolute faith in him. We have him sit in on rehearsals, read our lyrics, and then we send him off to come up with whatever he thinks best suits the material. We feel that this piece absolutely captures the mood of trying to grow and heal, but constantly finding yourself falling back into the darkness caused by emotional and physical addictions. The world isn’t always a happy, beautiful place, and neither is our music. Thanks to J.J. you’re going to sense that before you even hear the album.”


Life Drawing Track Listing:

1. Some Can

2. Caged Bird

3. Drift

4. An Apology To A Friend In Need

5. Pale New Eyes

6. Giver Of Birth

7. Done

8. You Are The Worst

9. The Phoenix

Stoneburner - promo band pic - 2013 - #11870

STONEBURNER features a persuasive musical ancestry that winds through Buried At Sea, Buried Blood, Heathen Shrine and others. Named after a subterranean weapon from the novel DuneSTONEBURNER deliver a wholly organic orchestration of captivating, crustified doom metal, their torrid hymns bathed in internal agony, anguish and despair. To define STONEBURNER, one need only look to the list of bands with whom they’ve shared the stage: Yob, Sleep, Eyehategod, Neurosis, Buzzov-en, Weedeater, Saint Vitus, Watain, Tragedy, Noothgrush, Graves At Sea, Lord Dying, Drop Dead, Whitehorse, Wind Hand, Bastard Noise…

Life Drawing will be unleashed via Neurot Recordings later this Spring. Stay tuned for further info.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on STONEBURNER: 

Neurot Recordings - logo - B&W - 2013

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HULL – Sludge Rock Collaborative Releases Seminal Viking Funeral EP On Limited Edition Vinyl

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Hull - Viking Funeral EP - Vinyl - promo pic - 2013

Brooklyn sludge rock conjurors, HULL, are pleased to unleash their seminal Viking Funeral EP on limited edition vinyl.

Recorded in 2006 by the band and Dave Liles and co-produced with Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche), the epic EP features two movements weighing in at almost seventeen-minutes and is widely considered the band’s magnum opus.

Viking Funeral was originally issued on CD by HULL and on vinyl via Science of Silence Records (on ox blood vinyl and black swirl). The vinyl repressing comes via the band’s newly launched Iron Orchestra Works imprint with updated artwork. Limited to 250 copies — 125 purple/silver swirl and 125 black/silver swirl – Viking Funeral 2.0 comes hand numbered and includes a new jacket design, a B-side laser etching with artwork by Jorden Haley (Bird Ov Prey), digital download card, and parchment insert with artwork by David Cook (Bone Thrower).

Order your copy today while supplies last at THIS LOCATION.


Critical Praise:

“…a masterful release.” – Hellride 

“A thrilling ride.” – The Sleeping Shaman


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on HULL:

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MAMMOTH SALMON “Internet EP 2” – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Mammoth Salmon - promo cover pic

MAMMOTH SALMON – Sludge, Doom, & Keeping it Real. Those exact words are found on the about page of MAMMOTH SALMON’s Facebook. Metal truth be told, that sums up this 3 song Internet EP 2 from this Portland, Oregon Metal band quite adequately. There is an Internet EP released prior from these guys, back in December of 2012. I’ll blab about that one too in the near future; working my way backwards, I guess!

This Internet EP 2 has recently been released this past March and it’s HEAVY as freaking homemade molasses and an all-out riff fest. Raw and damn cool are these 3 songs I’ve listened to on this EP. MAMMOTH SALMON aren’t following the leader with their sound either. The Sludge and Doom that this Metal pack from the Great Northwest is tapping into has an electric vibe happening; that’s where the real comes into play.

I just cannot control myself digging the way MAMMOTH SALMON have pieced these songs together, from a super thumping doom march to a crawling drone interval and back again; this band has caught my Metal attention. Paul Dudziak  (vocals, guitar & bass) and Mitch Meidinger on drums are the Dynamic Sludge Doom Duo that makes up MAMMOTH SALMON and it’s my Metal recommendation that you give them a listen.

I can honestly see MAMMOTH SALMON gaining some potent label attention (if the right person hears their Metal) in the near future, with such a strong mindset to keeping their songs both super heavy and fantastically interesting. Metal be thy name.



Mammoth Salmon - large band logo - B&W

Internet EP 2 – Track Listing:

Nothing Follows

Green Lung

Magnetic Fields of Radiant Light


WHOA! Check out that concert flyer below! MAMMOTH SALMON has a show tonight at Ash Street Saloon in Portland, Oregon!

Mammoth Salmon - promo concert flyer - Portland, Oregon - 2013___________________________________________

Internet EP 2 was engineered and mixed by Mike Anzalone at Studio 1414 and mastered by Adam Pike at Toadhouse Studios.

For more info on MAMMOTH SALMON, click on the links below!

Facebook: Mammoth Salmon

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PRIMITIVE MAN “SCORN” – A Scathing, Blackened Doom Journey To The Outer Cliffs Of Hell

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Primitive Front

PRIMITIVE MAN – As I listen to Scorn, I cannot help seeing myself being pulled into an invading dark vacuum that drops me upon the outer cliffs of hell. Seriously, the mood, atmosphere, vocals and overpowering vibes from Scorn sound so hellish that it’s ridiculously scary. Then again, that’s what Dark, Blackened and raging Metal will do to me every time. However, Primitive Man just comes across as so legitimately evil that I cannot help applaud their authenticity.

Primitive Man’s debut album Scorn will be reissued by the mighty Relapse Records on August 20th, 2013. Scorn exhibits some deadly serious Doom Metal, mixed with some Sludge and splattered with more darkness than a cloudy Northern sky during the height of Winter in Norway. It’s very difficult for me not to become (somewhat) hypnotized by the constant thundering stomp that Scorn radiates with its beats. Fuzzed-out, old school guitar tones blanket this album with a slice of Industrial noise and (a feeling of) cavernous atmospherics for special effects, making Scorn all the more legitimately chilling.

The title song (and album opener) is an epic that clocks in around 11:44 and is so memorable that I want to scream my face off in Metal jubilation. 

If the album cover artwork doesn’t scare the shit out of you, then trust me, listening to Scorn by yourself with the lights dimmed or completely off will. Primitive Man is one Metal band from Denver, Colorado, that I want on my Metal side of the fence. I cringe at the thought of really hearing this band becoming pissed off to higher heights; Scorn has been a Metal lesson well deserved and more than welcomed for my Metal soul. Metal be thy name.

Primitive Man - band promo pic - 2013 - #1




I Can’t Forget


Black Smoke

Stretched Thin

Astral Sleep



Relapse Records - logo - B&W - small

Relapse Records:

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SADGIQACEA Album “False Prism” Confirmed For Release via Candlelight Records

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Sadgiqacea - large logo banner - 2013

Candlelight Records today confirms May 7th as the North American release date for False Prism, the debut full-length from SADGIQACEA. Produced by Chris Grigg (Woe), the album’s four mammoth songs will pummel listeners for close to 40-minutes. The album follows their 2011 EP, Submerged in Manichea (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) and two regarded split recordings with Ominous Black and Grass (Anthropic).

Heavy Planet says, “While destroying everything in their path, Philadelphia-based SADGIQACEA creates an inspiring assault of devastation. Crushing riffs and ambient beauty swirl as the vocals bark… epic and full-on sludge.” Fueled by the duo of Evan Schaefer (vocals/guitar) and Fred Grabosky (vocals/drums), the band has already proven themselves road savvy. Plans are already in order to return to the road for the album’s springtime release. “We are honored to be working with Candlelight Records and ready to spread our music to masses with their support,” says the band. “We are currently planning our second full American tour with our Philadelphia brothers Hivelords for Summer 2013.”

Formed in 2010, SADGIQACEA (pronounced sad-juh-kay-sha) forge a diverse sonic palette that has been likened at times to Neurosis, Intronaut, Weakling, and Kylesa. Musically and artistically, the band draws from a melting pot of influences that together presents a lush yet tension-filled sound. They call it, “music for our trodden minds and sodden souls.” SADGIQACEA has performed alongside 40 Watt Sun, Floor, Cough, Weedeater, Fight Amp, Mose Giganticus, ASG, Funeral Pyre, Hull and countless others in their still short history.

Recorded early September 2012 at Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, False Prism features sparring use of overdubs; the band wishing to preserve the authentic recording quality of the live performance. Writing and performing as a duo, the unique band is committed to their craft. Discussing the album SADGIQACEA says, “The album has themes of inner struggle, spirituality, and our own reflections on the dualistic nature of the evil that we all see and experience in our lives.”

Falm Prism will be released on CD and vinyl (under license to Anthropic Records).


False Prism Track Listing:

1. False Segments

2. False Cross

3. False Prism

4. True Darkness


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on SADGIQACEA, click on the links below!

facebook: Sadgiqacea (sad-juh-kay-sha)


Candlelight Records

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EYEHATEGOD To Tour Australia For The First Time Ever, Band Appears In HBO’s Treme

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Following a torrid Summer run of live takeovers across Europe and the West Coast, New Orleans’ minstrels of blown speakers and bruised feelings will bring their audio wreckage to Australian fans for the first time ever! The trek will commence November 17 with a local, pre-tour performance at Siberia [Tickets].

From there, the band will head to the land down under where they’ll play their first show in Brisbane on November 21 before systematically leveling stages through Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. And the beatings don’t end there: The Louisiana dirge miscreants will bring 2012 to a celebratory close with two shows at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn.


EYEHATEGOD Tour Dates Fall 2012:

11/17/2012 Siberia – New Orleans, LA

11/21/2012 The Zoo – Brisbane, Australia

11/22/2012 Manning Bar – Sydney, Australia

11/23/2012 ANU Bar – Canberra, Australia

11/24/2012 Billboards – Melbourne, Australia

11/25/2012 Cherryfest – Melbourne, Australia

11/27/2012 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY [Tickets]

11/28/2012 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY [Tickets]

In related news, EYEHATEGOD recently appeared in an episode #27 of HBO series Treme. Check out the scene at THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, new track “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam” recently made its recorded debut in 7” form via A389 Recordings! Copies are still available HERE.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on EYEHATEGOD, click on the links below!

facebook: EYEHATEGOD



HULL – Brooklyn Sludge Rockers Announce New Tour Dates

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Band To Appear On Mutants Of The Monster II Fest

Brooklyn Sludge Rock instigators, HULL, today announce a short run of tour dates to close out the Summer. Set to commence on August 25 in Annandale, Virginia, the band will wage their sonic crush upon seven cities including an appearance on the Mutants Of The Monster Fest II this coming Labor Day Weekend. This will mark HULL’s first tour without longtime guitarist Drew Mack.

Comments the band in a collective statement: “We are honored to perform at Mutants Of The Monster II Festival in Little Rock organized by, none other than, CT of Rwake, Slow Southern Steel, Iron Tongue, et al. We are very excited to get back on the road and pay homage to the land, in this next chapter of HULL. Baptized in blood, ye hath forge thine surrender to the night.”

The tour poster features artwork by Jorden Haley, creator of the band’s epic Viking Funeral imagery:

HULL Summer Tour 2012:

8/25/2012 The Cellar Door – Annandale, VA w/ Auroboros

8/26/2012 BP House – Richmond, VA

8/27/2012 Chapel Hill Underground – Chapel Hill, NC w/ Caltrop, Systems

8/28/2012 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ Stallone, Hawks

8/29/2012 Spring Street Fire House – Birmingham, AV w/ Black Hole Kids, Central Fires

8/31/2012 Mutants Of The Monster II Fest – Little Rock, AR w/ Rwake, The Ascent Of Everest, Broken Teeth, Dahkma, Beneath Oblivion, Sound Of the Mountain, God City Destroyers, Chronic Ritual

9/01/2012 Springwater – Nashville, TN w/ Hellbender


HULL continues to tour in support of their monolithic Beyond The Lightless Sky full-length released via The End Records last Fall. Called “…a concept album for the ages, ” by Metal Army America Beyond The Lightless Sky features guest appearances by vocalist Jarboe, keys/ambiance by Fade Kainer (Batillus/Jarboe/Inswarm) and continues to reap critical acclaim internationally for its delicate balance of staggering heaviness and poetic grace.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on HULL, click on the link below!



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