PRIMITIVE MAN “SCORN” – A Scathing, Blackened Doom Journey To The Outer Cliffs Of Hell

Primitive Front

PRIMITIVE MAN – As I listen to Scorn, I cannot help seeing myself being pulled into an invading dark vacuum that drops me upon the outer cliffs of hell. Seriously, the mood, atmosphere, vocals and overpowering vibes from Scorn sound so hellish that it’s ridiculously scary. Then again, that’s what Dark, Blackened and raging Metal will do to me every time. However, Primitive Man just comes across as so legitimately evil that I cannot help applaud their authenticity.

Primitive Man’s debut album Scorn will be reissued by the mighty Relapse Records on August 20th, 2013. Scorn exhibits some deadly serious Doom Metal, mixed with some Sludge and splattered with more darkness than a cloudy Northern sky during the height of Winter in Norway. It’s very difficult for me not to become (somewhat) hypnotized by the constant thundering stomp that Scorn radiates with its beats. Fuzzed-out, old school guitar tones blanket this album with a slice of Industrial noise and (a feeling of) cavernous atmospherics for special effects, making Scorn all the more legitimately chilling.

The title song (and album opener) is an epic that clocks in around 11:44 and is so memorable that I want to scream my face off in Metal jubilation. 

If the album cover artwork doesn’t scare the shit out of you, then trust me, listening to Scorn by yourself with the lights dimmed or completely off will. Primitive Man is one Metal band from Denver, Colorado, that I want on my Metal side of the fence. I cringe at the thought of really hearing this band becoming pissed off to higher heights; Scorn has been a Metal lesson well deserved and more than welcomed for my Metal soul. Metal be thy name.

Primitive Man - band promo pic - 2013 - #1




I Can’t Forget


Black Smoke

Stretched Thin

Astral Sleep



Relapse Records - logo - B&W - small

Relapse Records:

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



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