SIX FEET UNDER “UNDEAD” – A Merciless Sonic Experience Of Death Metal

SIX FEET UNDER – Picture the scene: A crowded supermarket parking lot, with speed bumps every ten feet and customers walking blindly in front of my car; at the pace of a pack of turtles with blistered bunions. That’s exactly what I encountered yesterday while attempting to drive into this supermarket parking lot and park my car. So, what did Stone do? I cranked up the new Six Feet Under Undead CD to its maximum volume and rolled them car windows down. It didn’t make these antagonistic strangers move any faster… yet the few looks of disgust that were thrown my way did provide (some) sweet Metal victory for Stone.

Cranking up this Undead CD during my lengthy moment of social impoliteness was the perfect Metal prescription for me. Hell, if they didn’t want you to play CD’s loud in a car, then they should equip stereos to not exceed the “number 4” on volume. So let it be Metal written, so let it be Metal told. Now, onward with this primo Death Metal album and I’m gonna tell you just how ecstatic I am about it.

Undead is the total Death Metal package. I mean, I cannot describe it any better than that. I wrote an earlier review on a three song sampler from this Undead album and praised Six Feet Under for what I absorbed sonically. Listening to and enjoying the entire Undead album only solidifies my Metal points made from that prior review.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Cabral

The addition of new bassist Jeff Hughell sounds like a perfect Death Metal match to me. Chris Barnes is undisputedly a vocal icon to Death Metal, he has shown his band the way to Metal glory and Death Metal domination with studio album #9. The crowded pool of younger Death Metal bands, that want to make a name for themselves, should utilize Undead as (one of) their Death Metal textbooks.

A fireball bounty of heavy, heavy, heaviness and thick grooves saturates this album. Aggressive and still coming across polished in a raw Death Metal sort of way; Six Feet Under cannot help themselves if they are talented as hell and play damn tight. Kevin Talley on drums is an amazing listen, I get drawn into his playing for he mixes things up and adds many dynamite fills. Steve Swanson and Rob Arnold create the mind-bending riffs, tones and rhythms, their guitars lend some haunting vibes that compliments the vocals of Chris Barnes.

A favorite song of mine on Undead is Delayed Combustion Device. The Scar and Formaldehyde are unreal killer songs as well. Undead flows together so fine, no song is out-of-place. A Death Metal must it is. I will admit, It’s a grand year when both Six Feet Under and Cannibal Corpse release new studio albums. Death Metal fans of all generations have a lot to celebrate about in 2012 and Six Feet Under is one substantial reason why. Metal be thy name.

Six Feet Under – Undead releases on May 22nd, 2012, on Metal Blade Records.


Chris Barnes – Vocals

Steve Swanson – Guitars

Rob Arnold – Guitars

Jeff Hughell – Bass

Kevin Talley – Drums


UNDEAD – Track Listing:

Frozen At The Moment of Death


18 Days

Molest Dead

Blood On My Hands

Missing Victims


Near Death Experience

The Scar

Delayed Combustion Device

Vampire Apocalypse

The Depths of Depravity


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