WINDFAERER – EP From Iberian Black Metal Storytellers Streaming At Stereokiller

Solar, the brand new EP from Blackened Metalsmiths WINDFAERER, is now available. Far from simply a “tide-you-over” release between albums, the self-released EP bears an immense 35 minutes of material through six epic tales, and the best material to be released yet from this talented and original New Jersey-based outfit. Elements of contemporary Black Metal go head-on into Folk Metal territory, injecting copious amounts of violin and folk songwriting into an epic, battlestrewn environment.

This week Stereokiller, who stated in a killer 4.95/5 review of Solar “…as long as a few albums of this caliber come out every few years, I will be satisfied…”, are hosting a stream of the entire EP now RIGHT HERE.

Translating to “one who travels with the wind,” as in a vessel at sea, WINDFAERER began as a means of self-expression for guitarist/bassist/vocalist Michael Gonçalves, inspired by his Hispanic/Iberian heritage and fueled by his passion for Extreme Music. With WINDFAERER he focused his energies on creating a melodic, blasting and emotional entity and eventually recruited like-minded musicians in violinist Benjamin Karas and drummer JP Andrade.

The self-released follow-up to the band’s critically-acclaimed Tribus debutwas recorded with Bobby Torres at Frightbox Recording in Clifton, New Jersey and offers up seven tracks of sadistic beauty laden with elements of Black and Melodic Death Metal while exuding a folkloric edge.


“…as long as a few albums of this caliber come out every few years, I will be satisfied. This is absolutely spectacular. 4.95/5” – Stereokiller

“The swirling tremolo guitar melodies and soulful solo’s were as entrancing as the hammering drums and thrumming bass were galvanizing. The caustic vocals added an extra layer of bleeding passion to the mix. And the song has a brutal, bang-up, bass-heavy finish, too.” – No Clean Singing

“Featuring a sound reminiscent of the UK’s Forefather with a strong melodic black metal presence, the atmospheric intentions of Sear Bliss and folk metal’s best…” –


Stone Says: Windfaerer kicks absolute, 100% Metal ass. I’m not bullshitting around here. Windfaerer should be on every known and established Metal label’s want-list of must sign bands. If Extreme Metal is your craving, Windfaerer will appease. Metal be thy name.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on WINDFAERER, click on the links below!



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