EASTERN FRONT “Blood On Snow” – Outwardly Wicked And Saturated With Melodic, Blackened Intensity

EASTERN FRONT Caution: Eastern Front will tear your eardrums inside out and use them for slingshots, while your eyeballs widen and thine jaw drops in utter amazement from their Extreme Speed, Heaviness and fiery Blackened intensity. That is just the beginning… and I was well convinced after listening to the opening track – Stalinorgel, that Eastern Front has taken an enormously serious approach to their Extreme Music. One must listen to all eight songs that Eastern Front has created here, then absorb them all into thine senses and realize this band is not of the cookie cutter variety. Metal be thy name, has Eastern Front made quite the Black Metal statement with Blood On Snow.

The title track, Blood On Snow, clocks in at 8:31 and it is over eight minutes of 100% Black Metal majesty. From the mind invading and senses pummeling blast beats to the vicious guitar leads… and everything else in between, this title track is a Blackened Metal ride of ferocious euphoria. Can this Eastern Front album get any better? It sure can. The very next song, Unleash The Panzer Division, is an introduction to just how melodic guitar leads can coexist with dark, Black Metal ferocity of sound. These two songs, back-to-back are like a double dose of Eastern Front whoop ass… straight to my skin rippling forehead.

At The Gates Of Moscow is a mini Black epic in it’s own right, with seven minutes of unrelenting and Extreme song writing precision. Nagant’s warrior strong vocals are overwhelming with excessive power on At The Gates Of MoscowWhere Warriors Once Fell, this album’s closer, is the answer to what Iron Maiden would sound like if they were to try their Metal hand at Black Metal. Then again, this is Eastern Front, a Black Metal band that has put forth their very own style with more than subtle confidence. This is a Black Metal band that is overflowing with convincing Metal skill sets. If Eastern Front intended to save their Blackest best for last, they surely have succeeded with Where Warriors Once Fell.

If there is to be one consistent adjective to describe Blood On Snow, it has to be… powerful. From Nagant’s vocals to Holocaust’s unreal guitar leads and every nuance in between, the muscularity of Metal explodes with this bands Blackened style and character. Krieg on rhythm guitar, Destroyer on bass and Destruction on drums all enrich this album to it’s dark and Extreme fullest. Eastern Front sounds razor sharp and very tight on this album, they sound ready to take on the world, with a skull splitting deliverance of their Black Metal power surge.

Listening to this album is like getting hit by that continuous storm wind, that malicious wind that comes out of the northern sky with an unnatural vengeance… and all you can do is respect it’s overall strength. Blood On Snow is swirling with melodic speed throughout each song, with tempo changes, string arrangements and sound effects that are not incorporated for listening convenience or sell out, rather they exist due to the real emotions that Eastern Front has built into this beyond entertaining Black album.

Blood On Snow was produced by Anders Backelin at Andy LaRocque’s Sonic Train Studios in Sweden. The quality that Andy’s Sonic Train Studio brings to the cascading Black Metal sound on this album is blatantly obvious and arguably, one day in the future… legendary. From the onset to the last note of Blood On Snow, I can hear the painstaking attention to detail, amongst the layers of sound, that great producers like Anders Backelin and Andy are conscientious about. Andy LaRocque is an original member alongside the ultra legendary King Diamond. Andy plays guitar, keyboards and is a songwriter for King Diamond. Andy was also a guitarist for DEATH, appearing on their 1993 studio album – Individual Thought Patterns.

* EASTERN FRONT lists Ipswich, United Kingdom, as their land of origin, on their myspace music page. (See myspace link below).

* EASTERN FRONT – Blood On Snow was released in Europe, on Candlelight Records, on September 13, 2010. Blood On Snow was released in the U.S. on Candlelight Records, on September 21, 2010.

* For more info on EASTERN FRONT, just click on the link below:

EASTERN FRONT – myspace music


Nagant – vocals

Holocaust – lead guitar

Krieg – rhythm guitar

Destroyer – bass

Destruction – drums

Blood On Snow – (Back Cover of CD above)

Track Listing For Blood On Snow:


Battle Of Smolensk

Blood On Snow

Unleash The Panzer Division


Dvenadtzat Kilometrov Ot Moskvy

At The Gates Of Moscow

Where Warriors Once Fell



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