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NIDINGR “Wolf Father” Releases January 18, 2011!

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NIDINGR – Cult Norwegian Black Metal unit NIDINGR return from a five year hiatus with their raging new album. The assassins that form this deadly unit have culminated their dark arts and aggression on their sophomore full-length Wolf Father, the uncompromising album sure to scathe listeners with its relentless whirlwind of black metal wrath. NIDINGR remain a mainly cult act, although some might conder them a “super group” of sorts when they discover the band is comprised of a long list of notable black metal artisans including bassist/guitarist Teloch (1349, Gorgoroth, Ov Hell, Orcustus, Umoral, Konsortium), bassist/guitarist Blargh (Gravferd, Dødheimsgard), vocalist Cpt. Estrella Grasa (Kort Prosess), and drummer Hellhammer (Immortal, Shining, Thorns, Umoral, Mayhem, Emperor). Wolf Father even features a guest appearance from Ulver’s Kristoffer Rygg (a.k.a. Garm), and features artwork by French visionary Valnoir of Metastazis, known for their work with Watain, Ulver, Peste Noire, Nachtmystium, Anteus and more.

* NIDINGR Wolf Father will be released on Vendlus Records, January 18, 2011.

* For more info on NIDINGR, just click here: NIDINGR – myspace music

(Source: Earsplit press release, December 3, 2010)

Track Listing For Wolf Father:


Baldrs Draumar







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