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GLORIOR BELLI: Live Footage From Messe des Morts Festival Posted

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Last month, French Black Metal enigmas GLORIOR BELLI made their first ever North American appearance at Montreal’s Messe des Morts festival. The ceremony took place at Coop Katacombes on November 25 and 26 and included live rituals from some of black metal’s most esteemed creators.

Commented vocalist/guitarist Julien of the experience: “Thanks to [fest organizer] Martin [Marcotte; Sepulchral Productions] and the rest of the crew, we had the chance to play in front of an enthusiastic audience in Montréal for the first edition of Messe des Morts festival and share the stage with great local acts as well as international bands such as Absu, Inquisition and Angantyr. It sure does feel different than in Europe, for there is a definite hunger for our art and it’s an actual pleasure to bring the fire that we craft in good old Europe to the new continent and share it with the few, the extraordinary.”

Check out live footage of the band at THIS LOCATION.

GLORIOR BELLI released their fourth full-length, The Great Southern Darkness, earlier this Fall via Metal Blade Records which continues to reap critical adoration from fans and critics alike.

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Satyricon The Age Of Nero was released back on November 3, 2008. This is an album that gets increasingly greater for me, after each listen. One song in particular, Black Crow On A Tombstone, just stays in my head for days… weeks on end. I am not going to fight it off, it’s a fantastic song that I immensely enjoy. I can remember distinctly, the first time I listened to The Age Of Nero in it’s entirety… it blew me away. The grooves are abundant throughout this album, Black Metal reigns supreme through these songs. Satyricon created an album with The Age Of Nero that I would easily consider to be… Metal Album of the Decade. I’m not kidding around… the Metal… Black Metal, on this album is representative of what incredible song writing is all about, both musically and lyrically. Satyr proved to me, that you do not need to get mathematical, intricate or go over the top, in order to create a sensational Black Metal album such as this. Here is the video for Black Crow On A Tombstone – the darkness of the video compliments this song. Satyr sings this song with unreal conviction, which is an attribute I find so admirable and remarkable. Being pre-warned by the sight of a black crow, that impending doom is upon you, is the theme of this song. Here’s hoping you enjoy this great song and video as much as I do…

If you wish, you can read my full review for Satyricon – The Age Of Nero, which I posted on April 7, 2009, by clicking the header below:

Satyricon “The Age Of Nero” – this is serious Metal


Well, sorry fellow Metalheads and Satyricon fans… apparently “WMG” (yeah, that record compnay) doesn’t want to “share” their music video’s with blogs like Metal Odyssey. It’s too bad, due to the fact that Metal Odyssey gives away FREE advertising for record companies like WMG day in and day out. Wherever you do go to finally see this amazing Satyricon music video, I hope you do enjoy it. Black Crow On A Tombstone is one HELL of a music video from one incredible Black Metal Band that is Satyricon.


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