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GOATWHORE – Announces May Tour Supporting Satyricon

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Goatwhore - pic - peter beste by permission - 2018

[photo by Peter Beste]

The road demons in GOATWHORE will return to the streets this May on a short run of live dates supporting Satyricon. The MetalSucks-sponsored trek — set to commence on May 13th in Los Angeles, California and run through May 30th in Austin, Texas — follows GOATWHORE‘s recent month-long European live takeover with Sepultura where frontman Ben Falgoust performed in a cast after sustaining a broken leg and fractured foot just days into the journey.

Comments guitarist Sammy Duet of the upcoming dates, “We are fucking excited to be hitting the road for our first US dates of 2018 with Satyricon. This is our first time touring with these guys, and I guarantee you won’t want to miss these shows.”

GOATWHORE w/ Satyricon:

5/13/2018 Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA

5/14/2018 Metro Opera House – Oakland, CA

5/15/2018 Bossanova Ballroom – Portland, OR

5/16/2018 El Corazon – Seattle, WA

5/18/2018 Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO

5/19/2018 The Truman – Kansas City, MO

5/20/2018 The Forge – Joliet, IL

5/21/2018 Al Rosa Villa – Columbus, OH

5/25/2018 Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY

5/28/2018 Gas Monkey Bar & Grill – Dallas, TX

5/29/2018 White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX

5/30/2018 Come and Take it Live! – Austin, TX

GOATWHORE‘s latest full-length, Vengeful Ascension, was released last June via Metal Blade Records. Their seventh full-length offering and second recorded reel-to-reel was captured at Earth Analog in Tolono, Illinois with longtime soundman and comrade Jarrett Pritchard (1349, Gruesome, Wolfhammer) and serves as the band’s highest charting album to date.

MetalSucks named Vengeful Ascension the band’s, “most vital album since 2006’s A Haunting Curse,” and one, guaranteed to frighten your grandmother directly into her grave.” Team Rock crowned Vengeful Ascension, “…the most mature recording in the GOATWHORE canon…,” while Loudwire added, “Vengeful Ascension has extremity black metal fans will dig, groove that will appeal to death metal aficionados, and potent guitar work thrash lovers can appreciate.”

Vengeful Ascension is out now on Metal Blade Records on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. To preview and purchase the record, visit

“The album roars with the classic GOATWHORE sound of searing, shredding, and screams of rage. The material also tries some new things, tossing in a bit of blackened atmosphere, adding to the philosophical questions the music dives into.” — Alternative Press


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SATYRICON – Unveil First Details About Brand New Album!

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As reported by Napalm Records:

Nearly three years in the making, SATYRICON have announced that ‘Deep calleth upon Deep’, their highly anticipated ninth studio album, is set for release on 22nd September via Napalm Records.

Recorded in Oslo, Norway and Vancouver, Canada, during early 2017 and mixed together with revered studio guru Mike Fraser (who previously worked on SATYRICON’s 2006 album, ‘Now, Diabolical’), ‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ is not just a new collection of songs from one of extreme music’s most enduring and reliable bands: this is a wholesale reinvention and a brand new era in SATYRICON history.

Frontman and visionary, Satyr informs us “Approaching this release, what I always kept in mind is that either this is the beginning of something new or it’s gonna be my last record. If this is going to be the last, then it needs to be something special. If there are more records, then I’d better make sure that this is so different from the last one that it feels like a new beginning. I think it’s really, really dark, very spiritual and filled with confidence and energy.”

‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ is a profound statement about the essence of SATYRICON’s music and the eternal value of art itself. Satyr continues, “The way that I see it is that for any art, be it SATYRICON or any other form of art with substance, in order for you to be able to inhale and completely understand it, it will take a little bit of you as well. If you get it all after a couple of listens, you know that it probably won’t stay with you. So the title is saying, ‘From the depth of the people making this record to the depth of the listener…’ If you want to take part in this journey, you should be prepared to dig deep down in the darkest corner of your soul with us.”

SATYRICON is also proud to share the album’s front cover – an obscure drawing from 1898 by perhaps the greatest Norwegian artist of all time, Edvard Munch.

‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ will be released in digital format, a CD digipak and gatefold vinyl options. Pre-orders will go live in August.

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Napalm Records




SATYRICON – To Perform “Nemesis Divina” In Its Entirety At ROCKHARZ Open Air Festival In July, 2016

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Satyricon - band logo - pentagram - 2015 - #MO99330033

As reported by Germany’s ROCKHARZ Festival:

20 years have passed since a Norwegian band released one of the most groundbreaking albums of Black Metal history, continuing a groundbreaking character for the dissemination of a genre out of a small, rather subcultural audience in a new flow of Extreme Metal sounds. The band was SATYRICON and the masterpiece called NEMESIS DIVINA. Now, 20 years later, SATYRICON have decided to play on a few selected concerts, this seminal album, in all of its unique and immeasurable entirety. We are proud that one of those rare shows will go with us on our stage! Hail to Mother North!

Rock Harz Open Air Festival - promo logo - 2016 - #MO776633SL







Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day Is: SATYRICON – “Die By My Hand” – From “Live at the Opera”‬

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Satyricon - Live At The Opera - promo album cover pic - #2015SSFMO

SATYRICON – It is November 1st already, holy crap! I could have sworn it was just August 1st. Regardless, today I want to celebrate one of the true icons of Black Metal: SATYRICON. Satyr (musical genius) and Frost (drums) have once again brought their band together in 2015 with spectacular results: Live At The Opera.

Released via Napalm Records, I can honestly state that this live album featuring The Norwegian National Opera Chorus is already an all-time Metal classic in my Metal life. I highly recommend this album to those who appreciate Black Metal and Metal; despite that I also recommend this album to those who appreciate music.

This live performance is mesmerizing for me! A top ten Metal album of 2015, by Metal Odyssey’s standards. The live music video spotlighted below is: Die By My Hand. This song was originally featured on SATYRICON‘s spectacular studio album from 2008: The Age Of Nero. I admire SATYRICON so much that words alone cannot express it. I hope you enjoy this song and video as much as I do. Metal Be Thy Name.







Satyricon’s Frontman Satyr Gives Details On Upcoming “The Dawn Of A New Age” European Tour

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As stated on the Satyricon Facebook timeline by Satyr:

Personal message from the bossman: We had our last rehearsal for the tour today and we’re ready. When preparing this, the most important thing for me has been to make this tour different from our last Euro tour in 2013. We tour less and less although we play together more often than ever before. So the few tours we do should all have an identity of their own and feel special to me also. We’ve divided the show into four acts and this less conventional format is interesting to work with. I also like playing songs we haven’t played in many years. Not just old stuff from the nineties. We do that too. Come on. It’s great playing songs from Volcano and Now, Diabolical that have not been touched in many years as well. I hear these songs with new ears now. Incorporating choral arrangements from “Live At The Opera” on some songs has also been a bit of a task. Keyboard and human voices are not the same, but we have found those parts that work really well and some songs get a whole new feel to them with these additions. I’m so heavily into working on new stuff these days, that I decided I want to show bits and pieces to the crowds as well. It does not matter to me if they are bits and pieces in progress – I want to play future Satyricon material for you and I know you’ll get it. We also invited fans who play classical instruments to join us in doing improvised jam sessions and I know that it will happen in at least a handful of the shows. I love the idea that fans will take part in our show, also on a musical level. We are working on a cover album project and on some shows we’ll show you some of that on stage as well. We’re bringing a treasure chest of visual effects, I think the show in Paris will be filmed for television and we are visiting many cities we have not played before.

The old touring format is dead. This is The Dawn Of A New Age. Join me. SW

The Dawn Of A New Age European Tour 2015 kicks off on Saturday in Nijmegen, Holland. We are doing this INSTEAD of a summer festival tour, and we hope to see you all in the coming weeks.

Satyricon - The Dawn Of A New Age - promo tour poster - April - 2015 - #663SWMOF


* For more info on SATYRICON

Facebook: Satyricon






SATYRICON – “Live At The Opera” DVD/CD/LP Releasing This April

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Satyricon - Live At The Opera - promo album cover pic - #2015SSFMO

As read on the Satyricon Facebook page:

Dear Satyricon fans. We are working around the clock with a million different things currently, but we try to keep you posted in between.”Live At The Opera” is coming out in April as we tour Europe and this is the cover. There will be many editions with exclusive packaging and artwork, but this is the main cover. Very soon we will also post a song from the DVD that is a part of this elaborate album.


Satyricon – “Die By My Hand” – Exclusive preview from “Live at the Opera”


* For more info on SATYRICON:

Facebook: Satyricon






“Terrorizer’s Secret History Of Norway” – Special Issue Dedicated To History Of 1990’s Black Metal Scene Is Out Now!

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Terrorizer Magazine - Norway - special issue - May 2014 - promo cover pic

As reported on the Terrorizer Facebook page:

Terrorizer’s Secret History of Norway is out now! We bring you the history of all that transpired in that famous black metal scene of the early 1990s – the music, the mayhem, the murders and the controversy. We get the oral history on what it was actually like to be a part of that scene, as told by key players like The True Mayhem‘s Necrobutcher, Darkthrone‘s Fenriz and Satyricon‘s Satyr, to name but a few.

But don’t think black metal is all that Norway has to offer, as we also explore everything from avant-garde weirdness to death metal destruction and the fury of Oslo punk, as well as bringing you our list of essential Norwegian albums.

Click here to get your copy!


Stone Says: Whoa! I came across this whiz-bang magazine from Terrorizer and now I MUST get myself a copy! This looks to be a grand source for the history of 90’s Black Metal! Barnes & Noble… here I come! Metal be thy name.


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