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Satyricon - Self-Titled - promo cover pic

Satyricon, the self-titled eighth studio album by Norwegian black masters SATYRICON, has debuted at #12 on the U.S.A. Billboard Heatseekers chart and #30 on the Hard Music chart.

Other world chart entries include: #1 – Norway; #6 – Finland; #23 – Germany; and #26 – Australia.

“SATYRICON fans have shown that there is still room for authentic music with an analog sound,” states frontman Satyr. “They have shown it to the degree that it has given us formidable chart positions in very competitive markets and in Norway a #1 record. It is the most important record that we have done and now our fans are clearly sending out a very strong message by getting behind it. We are very thankful and proud.”


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Satyricon “The Age Of Nero” – this is serious Metal

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175248311As “Commando” kicks in, there is no glimmer or hint that Satyricon “The Age Of Nero” is going to disappoint. The groove heavy Black Metal and black as night lyrics are two powerful characteristics of this entire great album. “The Wolfpack” pick up where “Commando” leaves off, with unrelenting and extremely likable riffs and leads that has me nodding, knowing that Satyricon has quite possibly created an album, that is the very best in all of Metal for 2009. “Black Crow On A Tombstone” is indicative of just how Satyricon can be creatively dark and creepy, both lyrically and musically, without over stating any traditional or obvious themes. In my opinion, throughout “Age Of Nero”, I hear nothing less than rock solid confidence through Satyr’s vocals and guitar playing. A serious approach musically has captured Black Metal greatness in a black bottle for Satyricon.

I admire the respect Satyricon has for the Black Metal genre, when I listen to “Age Of Nero” I am reminded of this every black blissful second. Frost on drums is nothing short of amazing. Frost clearly demonstrates what drums should sound like in Metal, distinct as well as blazingly black in overall sound. Satyr and Frost combined have made “Age Of Nero” an instant classic for me. Satyricon and “The Age Of Nero”, is a justified statement that Black Metal is a permanent musical fixture in the world today. The Metal community has their strong and lean Doberman Pinscher in their backyard – it’s name is Satyricon.banner2

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