Satyricon’s Frontman Satyr Gives Details On Upcoming “The Dawn Of A New Age” European Tour


As stated on the Satyricon Facebook timeline by Satyr:

Personal message from the bossman: We had our last rehearsal for the tour today and we’re ready. When preparing this, the most important thing for me has been to make this tour different from our last Euro tour in 2013. We tour less and less although we play together more often than ever before. So the few tours we do should all have an identity of their own and feel special to me also. We’ve divided the show into four acts and this less conventional format is interesting to work with. I also like playing songs we haven’t played in many years. Not just old stuff from the nineties. We do that too. Come on. It’s great playing songs from Volcano and Now, Diabolical that have not been touched in many years as well. I hear these songs with new ears now. Incorporating choral arrangements from “Live At The Opera” on some songs has also been a bit of a task. Keyboard and human voices are not the same, but we have found those parts that work really well and some songs get a whole new feel to them with these additions. I’m so heavily into working on new stuff these days, that I decided I want to show bits and pieces to the crowds as well. It does not matter to me if they are bits and pieces in progress – I want to play future Satyricon material for you and I know you’ll get it. We also invited fans who play classical instruments to join us in doing improvised jam sessions and I know that it will happen in at least a handful of the shows. I love the idea that fans will take part in our show, also on a musical level. We are working on a cover album project and on some shows we’ll show you some of that on stage as well. We’re bringing a treasure chest of visual effects, I think the show in Paris will be filmed for television and we are visiting many cities we have not played before.

The old touring format is dead. This is The Dawn Of A New Age. Join me. SW

The Dawn Of A New Age European Tour 2015 kicks off on Saturday in Nijmegen, Holland. We are doing this INSTEAD of a summer festival tour, and we hope to see you all in the coming weeks.

Satyricon - The Dawn Of A New Age - promo tour poster - April - 2015 - #663SWMOF


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