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Shadow Kingdom Records Releasing “The Lost Legacy” 2CD Retrospective From Sweden’s ZONE ZERO On July 8th

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Zone Zero - classic band logo - 2014

Shadow Kingdom Records has announced the Release of a 2CD career retrospective package from Swedish ’80s Heavy Metal group ZONE ZERO on July 8th.

Comprised of live recordings, rehearsal tracks and studio cuts – including three more recent songs recorded in 2008 – this collection captures the magic of a band heavily influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, but somehow fell through the cracks of that burgeoning scene. Shadow Kingdom Records now seeks to turn the unknown into the known with The Lost Legacy.

Shadow Kingdom Records owner Tim McGrogran comments on the package:

“It would be a rare case if anyone were even aware of Zone Zero as they only put out one Single and a few demo tapes in the early 80s before disbanding. In the land of early Swedish Heavy Metal, the very first and most important band was without question Heavy Load, who started in the late 70s. With that said, Zone Zero does have a very strong Heavy Load influence and were also influenced by Judas Priest and the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. There were quite a few bands that popped up in the early 80’s in Europe that could have easily been a part of the N.W.O.B.H.M. but they weren’t because that period of time only included England. This package includes their entire career, which started in 1980 and includes the band re-uniting for 3 brand new songs that were recorded in 2008.”

Stream tracks from The Lost Legacy below:

Zone Zero - The Lost Legacy - promo cover pic - 2014


1. Judgement Day 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

2. Demon from Kingdom of Death 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

3. Magic Woman 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

4. Only Survivor 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

5. Wannabe 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

6. Genocide Patrol 1981 [Stereo-Stig, Smedjebacken]

7. Win or Die 1982 [Parda studio, Stockholm]

8. Evil Dream 1982 [Parda studio, Stockholm]

9. Demon from Kingdom of Death 1982 Björbostudion, Gagnef]


10. Innocent 1983 [Björbostudion, Gagnef]

11. Zone Zero 1983 [Björbostudion, Gagnef]

12. Riding on the Wind 1983 [Björbostudion, Gagnef]

13. Revenge 1983 [Björbostudion, Gagnef]

14. Breaker of the Chains 1983 [Rehearsals, Djurås]

15. Searching for the Metal 1983 [Rehearsals, Djurås]

16. Someone’s Calling my Name 1983 [Rehearsals, Djurås]

17. Tarakian 1983 [Rehearsals, Djurås]

18. I Want the Metal Back 2004 [Bedroomstudios, Gothenburg]

19. Chasing Victory 2008 [Bedroomstudios, Gothenburg]

20. Miss You 2008 [Bedroomstudios, Gothenburg]

21. Twilight of the Gods 2008 [Bedroomstudios, Gothenburg]



* For more info on ZONE ZERO:

ZONE ZERO on Facebook

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CRYSTAL EYES – Signs With Massacre Records

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Crystal Eyes - promo band banner pic - 2014 - #4718

From Massacre Records:

We’re happy to announce the signing of Sweden’s Heavy Metal quartet CRYSTAL EYES!

The story of CRYSTAL EYES began back in 1992, when Mikael Dahl and Niclas Karlsson formed the band to keep the legacy of Heavy Metal set in the 80’s by bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath.
During the mid 90’s, the band built a strong underground reputation with the release of 4 demo tapes.

The debut album “World Of Black And Silver” was released in 1999, followed by “In Silence They March” in 2000 both via CLM. Both albums received great reviews.

“Vengeance Descending” hit the stores in 2003, released on Heavy Fidelity, and led to CRYSTAL EYES playing at the Sweden Rock Festival in the same year. Mikael handed over the microphone to Daniel Heiman, who was featured as new vocalist on the band’s 4th album “Confessions Of The Maker” (2005).

Crystal Eyes - promo band pic - 2013 - #30070

Also in 2005, CRYSTAL EYES returned to Sweden Rock as opening act. This gig was the only one with Daniel on vocals, who was then replaced by Søren Nico Adamsen in late 2005.

The two following albums “Dead City Dreaming” (2006) and “Chained” (2008) were both mixed by Fredrik Nordström, with whom the band once again worked on the upcoming album.

Søren Nico Adamsen left the band in 2009 and Mikael took over the microphone again.

CRYSTAL EYES celebrated the band’s 20th anniversary in 2012 with special gigs including former band members and songs from every record. In the past decades, CRYSTAL EYES also supported bands like Blind Guardian, Yngwie Malmsteen and Candlemass.

CRYSTAL EYES’ new album “Killer” is set to be released later this year via Massacre Records!


* For more info on CRYSTAL EYES:

Facebook: Crystal Eyes


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