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WISHING WELL – Releases New Video!

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Inverse Records - Press Release - promo banner - 2016 - #MO99ILMF3


Finnish hard rockers Wishing Well have released a video for the song “Luck Is Blind” from their critically acclaimed “Chasing Rainbows” album, which was released in February 2016 by Inverse Records.

“We are still promoting the album and we thought that this time it would be good to come out with a little softer song. ‘Luck’ is a melodic and catchy tune with serious lyrics about injustice and inequality of the world. The song also features some cool keyboards by Juha “The Undertaker” Huhta and that gives the song some extra character. We’re even considering of using Hammond organ all the way on our next album”, says Anssi Korkiakoski, guitar player and songwriter of Wishing Well.

“We didn’t want the video to be too complicated but decided that simple but well recorded stage video should do the trick. We shot and cut the video all by ourselves in Helsinki and it’s just us performing our music. We shall come up with more videos from the album and next time we’ll do something different.”

Wishing Well are now promoting the album and booking shows for 2017. In the meanwhile writing and rehearsing new material is well underway and new material is expected to be released in late 2017.

The music video is also available in this location:

Wishing Well are:
Peter James Goodman – vocals
Rip Radioactive – drums
Richard Becker – bass
Anssi Korkiakoski – guitar







David Bowie – Rest In Peace (1947 – 2016)

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David Bowie - Lazarus Single - artwork promo - 2015 - #MO3399ILMFD

“Look up here I’m in heaven…” – David Bowie


David Bowie has left us. David Bowie created Alternative Rock. David Bowie was and never will be duplicated, no matter how the copycats have tried and will continue to do so. Icon? Legend? Neither. David Bowie was bigger than those labels.

I’ve chosen this music video (below) to celebrate David Bowie, due to it’s fun side of both he and the great Mick Jagger. It is obvious neither Bowie or Jagger could give a rat’s ass about being too serious in this music video and that is what Rock ‘N Roll is truly about. God Bless David Bowie.

David Bowie - Reality - promo collage - #MO77799ILMDF

David Bowie - Let's Dance - collage promo - #MO7799ILMFD

David Bowie - Labyrinth - promo - collage - #MO9933ILMFD

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - promo - Classic Rock - #MO9933ILMFD

David Bowie - Black Star - 2016 - #MO3399ILMFD

All above photos are from: David Bowie Facebook




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Puscifer - Toma - promo pic - Maynard James Keenan - 2013

Nov. 19, 2013, Jerome, Ariz. – Puscifer and SPIN present an exclusive clip ( from the band’s forthcoming concert film-meets-mockumentary, What Is…, which is set for a Nov. 26 release via Puscifer Entertainment.

The two-hour sketch comedy show-meets-concert film builds upon and punctuates the multimedia format of the band’s live performances with skits from the stable of Puscifer characters such as Billy D, Hildy and Major Douche woven into the performance footage of the Maynard James Keenan led quintet.  A trailer for the film is available here:

“Being surrounded by so many talented and creative people is an endless source of inspiration. This film only scratches the surface of how deep our proverbial rabbit hole goes. What Is… Puscifer is meant to conjure as many questions as it answers,” explained Maynard James Keenan.  An accompanying soundtrack is available for pre-order via iTunes:…-live/id734031233.

Puscifer - What Is - promo cover pic - 2013

Puscifer’s concerts have been praised for their out-of-the-box take on what a live performance can be, with the Orange County Register saying “the production… matters as much as the music” and describing the event as “a thought-provoking, senses-jabbing statement on a variety of topics.”  The Dallas Morning News called the evening “an idiosyncratic experience” while the Austin Chronicle referred to the concert as a “multimedia prop dramedy.”

Also coming from Puscifer this fall is a limited edition Black Friday (Nov. 29) release titled: Puscifer’s 8-Ball Bail Bonds – The Berger Barns Live In Phoenix.  The nine-song live album will be available on red vinyl at independent record stores nationwide.


(Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing)

* For more info on PUSCIFER:

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DIAMANTE – Delivers Smashing New Single And Music Video “SAVAGE”

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Diamante - Savages - promo cover pic - 2013

LA Rocker Lets Her Inner Wild Vixen Make a Sassy Introduction

Los Angeles, CA – Standing on the verge of an explosive and lengthy music career is the blindingly beautiful, pop/rock powerhouse DIAMANTE, who is releasing her scorching single and music video, “Savage.” This latest cut is an energy-driven smash, full of attitude, killer beats, sexy vocals and in-your-face lyrics. Guaranteed to evoke non-stop head banging, “Savage” shows the singer coming into her own as a young top-notch, award-winning artist.

“Impossible” has garnered close to 240,000 views and counting, her infectious single and video recently “Goodbye” premiered on her VEVO-certified YouTube channel along with a just announced VEVO Live Performance Series. This teen just acquired Twitter verified status with a fast growing base of over 43,000 followers. With thousands of national and international doting fans fired up for another dose, the singer’s popularity continues to soar.

Showing her mature side and even a little skin, “Savage” depicts a fearless woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. In this first-class music video, directed by Adam Domenici with CODENAME Pictures, DIAMANTE teamed up with the popular up-and-coming alternative/rock/pop band False Puppet to play her lead boys. Acting as a feisty heartbreaker, DIAMANTE toys with the boys’ emotions as she works her magic in the bar, making them think that she wants them and then leaves them pining and confused. The burgeoning rock star deemed this “her coming of age song” showing that she is no longer the young teen artist of her past. Unveiling her daring look, DIAMANTE dons her lighter blonde locks and toned figure which makes her statuesque features stand out.

Creating the melody entirely, the sassy singer reached out to composers Joshua Hernandez and Kevin Savigar for prodigious instrumentals with the legendary Kenny Aronoff on drums. Produced by Kevin Savigar (Rod Stewart, Daughtry, Lita Ford), “Savage” showcases DIAMANTE’s spine chilling vocal range as she delivers intense conviction and raw honesty. The lyrics “Hell yea, I’m a wild heart, couldn’t catch me even if they tried” ring in the start of the hook and shoots the song’s energy through the roof. Rock lovers are surely in for a treat with this track.

Diamante - publicity photo - 2013 - #2 - AAA

Now a resident of the Entertainment Capitol, Diamante Bovelli is originally an East Coast girl so her no-mess, straightforward attitude comes out in her music. With an edgy style, reminiscent of Pat Benatar and Debbie Harry, DIAMANTE channels vintage rock in her music and fashion. Her uniquely seasoned voice makes this sultry songstress a standout artist in today’s sea of gimmicks and imitators.

Since her early years, DIAMANTE has always been invested in music and has been singing and performing since she was a child. As one of the most hard-working teens in the industry, DIAMANTE won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands granting her an opening slot at the Van Warped Tour, performed across the country on the “Age of Rebellion Southern California Tour” and the East and West Coast leg of the “No Bully Tours America.”

This rising artist released her super single and music video “Impossible,” which received radio spins on KIIS FM in Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, UK, and Australia. Earlier this year, she showed her compassionate side at the House of Blues Summer Bash in San Diego in a philanthropic effort to raise funds for Tunes for Tots of Southern California and Make-A-Wish America.

Diamante - publicity photo - #1 - 2013 - AAA

As she reaches for the stars, DIAMANTE continues to push the envelope with everything she does. This budding artist is headed for something big and her fans will be lucky to witness it.

Follow DIAMANTE’s leather-studded journey and watch the new video for “Savage” again by visiting and “like” her music page on Facebook at


(Source: LaFamos PR & Branding)

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THE POODLES “I Want It All” – This Song and Music Video… Indubitably ROCKS!

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THE POODLES – The song I Want It All by Sweden’s very famous Hard Rockin’ and Heavy Metalin’ band, The Poodles, has it all. Uplifting with its melodic vibrations and inspirational with its lyrics, I Want It All is a song that has motivated me recently, while trying to deal with crap that life sometimes throws my way. Take a listen to I Want It All for yourself below and maybe this is the song you need to pick yourself up with today.

I Want It All is the opening track from The Poodles 4th studio album: Performocracy. I’ve written before about this Performocracy album and I can’t recommend it highly enough. In my Metal opinion, The Poodles have released one of the years best in Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock albums. Jakob Samuel on vocals is as underrated as they come and this band plays some damn memorable songs on Performocracy.

Performocracy was released in North America on May 3rd, 2011, via FRONTIERS RECORDS.

* For more info on THE POODLES, click on the link below:

THE POODLES – Official Online Headquarters



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