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David Bowie – Rest In Peace (1947 – 2016)

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David Bowie - Lazarus Single - artwork promo - 2015 - #MO3399ILMFD

“Look up here I’m in heaven…” – David Bowie


David Bowie has left us. David Bowie created Alternative Rock. David Bowie was and never will be duplicated, no matter how the copycats have tried and will continue to do so. Icon? Legend? Neither. David Bowie was bigger than those labels.

I’ve chosen this music video (below) to celebrate David Bowie, due to it’s fun side of both he and the great Mick Jagger. It is obvious neither Bowie or Jagger could give a rat’s ass about being too serious in this music video and that is what Rock ‘N Roll is truly about. God Bless David Bowie.

David Bowie - Reality - promo collage - #MO77799ILMDF

David Bowie - Let's Dance - collage promo - #MO7799ILMFD

David Bowie - Labyrinth - promo - collage - #MO9933ILMFD

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - promo - Classic Rock - #MO9933ILMFD

David Bowie - Black Star - 2016 - #MO3399ILMFD

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Metal Odyssey wants to give out a LOUD Happy Metal Birthday to legendary Rock drummer – Aynsley Dunbar! Aynsley Dunbar turns a solid and cool 64 years of age on January 10th, (born January 10, 1946). Aynsley Dunbar’s association to Heavy Metal is with Whitesnake, UFO and Sammy Hagar, (to name a few), being the drummer on one or some of their respective albums. Being the drummer for Frank Zappa in the early 1970’s is a music milestone in itself. Aynsley was also a member of Journey, being the drummer for their first four studio albums, released from 1975 to 1978. Let’s be real however, Aynsley Dunbar is a fabulous Rock drummer… period. Regardless of Rock genres Aynsley Dunbar has played, at the end of the Metal day it’s all about talent and musical integrity… and he has proved it for decades. A complete list of Rock musicians and bands, that Aynsley has performed with over the decades, would be a who’s who in Rock History for certain. In celebration of Aynsley Dunbar’s birthday and legendary Rock career, I have compiled a very abbreviated list, (in no particular order), of just some of the great Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal albums that he played drums on and bands he was a member of. By no means is this a definitive list of albums that Aynsley Dunbar has appeared on, just a Rock solid salute to his achievements in Rock History.

Thanks for all of the great Rock Music you have created and been a part of Aynsley Dunbar.

Visit the Official Web Site of Aynsley Dunbar by clicking here: Aynsley Dunbar – Legendary Rock Drummer – Official Site

Whitesnake – Whitesnake, (1987)

UFO – Convenant, (2000)

UFO – Sharks, (2002)

Journey – Journey, (1975)

Journey – Look Into The Future, (1976)

Journey – Next, (1977)

Journey – Infinity, (1978)

David Bowie – Diamond Dogs, (1974)

Frank Zappa – Apostrophe (‘), 1974

Jefferson Starship – Winds Of Change, (1982)

Ian Hunter – All American Alien Boy, (1976)

Mick Ronson – Slaughter On 10th Avenue, (1974)

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