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KROKUS, GOTTHARD And SHAKRA – Swiss Hard Rock Warriors Together In Concert March 2017

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From Krokusonline:

We are happy to announce that for the first time ever we will share one stage together for two exclusive double-headliner shows in the German-speaking parts of Switzerland with “special guest” Shakra.

Fans of Swiss Rock can look forward to two super concerts that without a doubt will go down in history. In the words of KROKUS founder Chris Von Rohr: “This is a big moment for us all. A fireworks of songs, sounds and party – all three bands will rock fans into the Hard Rock Nirvana”. And GOTTHARD’s Leo Leoni adds: ” We are thrilled and look forward to this historic event – it will be a unique summit meeting with Swiss hard rock at it’s best!”





WITCH CROSS – Confirmed To Support GOTTHARD In Copenhagen And Performing At HEAVY METAL MANIACS FESTIVAL In Holland!

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WITCH CROSS have been confirmed as support for GOTTHARD at Amager Bio in Copenhagen on October 23rd – WITCH CROSS will also be appearing at the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival in Holland, on October 27th


This year The Swiss Hard Rock band Gotthard celebrate their 20 year anniversary, only with a great tragedy still fresh in their minds. In the autumn of 2010 the Group’s charismatic lead singer Steve Lee died in a motorcycle accident, leaving the four surviving members at a crossroads in their career. Gotthard decided however to continue and after having auditioned more than 400 singers the job went to Nic Maeder, who was announced as the new front man in November.

The 4th June saw the five Swiss release a new album,  entitled Firebirth.

According to bassist Marc Lynn it has been unreal how easy and painless Maeders incorporation into the band has been – “as if everyone in the band has known him always” – and said Firebirth was infused by a newfound spark and a furious energy.

In other words, something to look forward to when Nic Maeders is exposed to the Danes in Amager Bio.

Sharing the stage that night will be Witch Cross. The Danish Heavy Metal band performs for only the second time in 27 years on stage in Denmark.

Earlier this year, the band played their first show together since 1986. The concert, at  the German Metal festival Keep It True, was chosen as the site for the reunification of the band after nearly three decades of separation. In July they took to the stage at the Metal Magic Festival in Fredericia and now they can be experienced once again in Amager Bio on October 23rd.

More WITCH CROSS news to come!

WITCH CROSS – Live at Keep It True Festival, 2012


(Source: Kev Moore – Witch Cross)

Photos courtesy of Kev Moore

For more info on WITCH CROSS, click on the link below!




GOTTHARD – “Homegrown – Alive In Lugano” Trailer! A Live Album Of Sentimental And Historic Importance For This Band

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The release of GOTTHARD’s live album “Homegrown – Alive in Lugano“ is coming closer and with that also the unavoidable ending of an era within the band’s history – the era of Steve Lee.

The recordings of the concert which took place on the 17th of July 2010 in Lugano – the band’s home town – portray one of the last shows with the charismatic exceptional singer before his tragical accidental death later that year and will occupy a special position in GOTTHARD’s complete works always and evermore.

Bassist Marc Lynn puts the album’s magic into moving words: ”Lugano was where it all began and so the circle is closed of all that we’ve experienced with our friend Steve Lee. The memories of the past 20 years on stage with Steve are brought again to life intensively with this album. They reflect the memorable times that we were able to enjoy on the Mount Olympus of Rock’n’Roll.“

The enclosed bonus DVD shows chosen recordings of another historical concert of GOTTHARD: On the 31st of December 1999, the rock group played a gig over the course of the millennium – which also took place on the local piazza in Lugano and can be seen as one of the band’s most exceptional shows to date.

The album will be released on September 30, on Nuclear Blast Records!

Currently, GOTTHARD are still in search of a new singer, but soon a new chapter of the band’s history will be opened…

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

* Homegrown – Alive In Lugano will be released on October 11th, 2011 in North America.


Rest In Peace, Steve Lee.


Steve Lee – Rest In Peace

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STEVE LEE – Lead vocalist and songwriter for the Swiss Hard Rock Band, Gotthard, passed away from a motorcycle accident in Nevada, on October 5, 2010. Reports state that a tractor trailer skidded into an area where Steve Lee parked his motorcycle, with fellow bikers, on a rainy Nevada highway. Steve Lee has been the lead vocalist for Gotthard since their 1992 debut and self-titled album. Gotthard has been a Hard Rock import from Switzerland that has sold millions of records worldwide.

The world of Rock Music has truly lost a talented singer, songwriter and musician. Steve Lee was 47 years old. The Metal Odyssey family extends their condolences to all of Steve Lee’s family, friends and fans. Rest in peace, Steve Lee, you will be missed.

Thank you for the music, Steve Lee.

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