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Swiss Hard ‘n’ Heavy Rockers SHAKRA Reveal Album Details And Share New Single “Tell Her That I’m Sorry”

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New Album, “Invincible”, Coming June 9, 2023!

Swiss hard rock act SHAKRA has finally revealed more details about their upcoming, new album. Invincible will be released this summer, on June 9, 2023 via AFM Records! The album pre-sale is now available at THIS LOCATION!

“You are invincible — You can achieve anything, not if you believe in it, but if you know it…and that makes you invincible!” That’s the core message of the band’s forthcoming offering. And after previously-released, first album singles “The Way It Is” or the album title track, SHAKRA proves why they are not only invincible but belong to one of the most enthralling, powerful acts the hard and heavy rock scene has to offer!

In the new single “Tell Her That I’m Sorry”, SHAKRA explore the emotional rollercoaster ride of a failed relationship and reflect on missed opportunities and unrequited love. Mark’s powerful guitar sound and haunting voice perfectly capture heartache and the burden of responsibility. “The song is not only a call for reconciliation, but also a powerful testimony to the universal experience of love and loss.” The band comments. “«Tell Her That I’m Sorry» is a must for all fans of straight rock and for anyone who wants to experience the depths of the human heart and the power of music.

Listen, stream and get SHAKRA’s new song HERE

Invincible Track Listing:

  1. The Way It Is
  2. The Matrix Unfolds
  3. Invincible
  4. Devil Left Hell
  5. On the Wild Side
  6. Old Irish Song
  7. Tell Her That I’m Sorry
  8. As I Lay Down to Sleep
  9. House of Rock
  10. Walls of Hate
  11. Between the Lines
  12. As Long As I’m Alive

Source: AFM Records

Swiss Hard Rockers SHAKRA Release New Powerful Anthem “Invincible”

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“You are invincible— it happens in your brain.” That’s the core message of the single “Invincible” by Swiss hard rockers SHAKRA, who kick off 2023 with this new anthem featuring powerful walls of guitars and haunting melodies. “As simple as this statement may sound, it stands for the essential in everyone’s life, the ability to have an unbreakable will and thereby achieve or create great things. But not only that. It can also mean being able to pull oneself out of the deepest swamp and be perceived in this society as a person steeled with self-confidence.” SHAKRA’s new song is a source of power to strengthen exactly this will. You can achieve anything, not if you believe in it, but if you know it… and that makes you invincible!

After the five piece shared their latest single, “The Way It Is” by the end of last year, today, SHAKRA premiered a music video for their new song “Invincible”. Watch the clip HERE

Source: AFM Records

SHAKRA – Releases New Song “The Way It Is”

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Is there something happening?

Since there is a green light for concerts all over the world again, SHAKRA also floods the social media with photos of huge open-air stages all over Europe, in front of thousands of people. And yet it seems that the five have skipped something compared to other bands – where is the new album? Since the big opening, the market has been literally overrun with new works created during the concert-empty period, only the Swiss seem to be once again taking different paths and immediately throwing themselves straight into the live arena. But who is familiar with the band, knows that with them actually nothing ever happens by pure accident.

After SHAKRA released their new album “Mad World” shortly before the pandemic hit the earth and wanted to go on tour with it, this had to be cancelled again immediately or partly postponed. Conscious of their duty, as the Swiss are, this was the first thing that was tackled when in spring 2022 it was finally said that the ring was open – they began to play the concerts, long awaited by the fans, more powerful and intense than ever.

Without anyone suspecting anything, now suddenly a new song appears! “The Way It Is” is the name of the track and the guys have also announced a clip for it, a week later. “The Way It Is” is available now:

On it will also be heard for the first time the successor of Dominik Pfister, Cyril Montavon, who is still affectionately called “the new guy” by the band, after two years of membership, on bass.

“I had this song idea that had been floating around in my head forever and it just had to come out,” says Thomas Muster, rhythm guitarist. “We thought the song was so awesome that we just had to record it!” adds Mark Fox, vocalist of SHAKRA.

When asked if there is even a whole album in the works, the band keeps a low profile.
It is what it is – “The Way It Is”.

Listen to “The Way It Is” here:


Source: AFM Records

SHAKRA – Releases New Single “Turn The Light On”

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From AFM Records:

Shakra just released their new single “Turn The Light On” on all digital platforms today!! Play it loud now:

Truly, this definitely is going to be one of our Shakra all-time feel-good-favorites and will appear on their new album “Mad World”, which is going to be available on February 28 2020.



SHAKRA – New Studio Album “Snakes & Ladders” Releases On November 10th, via AFM Records!

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Shakra - snakes and ladders - promo cover - 2017 - #33MO3ILMFSO7

Switzerlands’ Hard Rock warriors, aka SHAKRA, are releasing a new studio album on November 10th, via AFM Records: Snakes & Ladders. P.S… this album is scalding and smokin’ Hard Rock!! – Stone


Pre-Order Link Switzerland:

Pre-Order Link Europe:

Pre Order Link Worldwide:


Vocals: Mark Fox
Guitar: Thom Blunier
Guitar: Thomas Muster
bass: Dominik Pfister
Drums: Roger Tanner

Shakra - Snakes and Ladders - album - tour promo banner - 2017 - #333MO99ILMFSO3

* For more info on SHAKRA: Shakra


AFM Records - logo - white background - 2015 - #MOGNALS




KROKUS, GOTTHARD And SHAKRA – Swiss Hard Rock Warriors Together In Concert March 2017

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From Krokusonline:

We are happy to announce that for the first time ever we will share one stage together for two exclusive double-headliner shows in the German-speaking parts of Switzerland with “special guest” Shakra.

Fans of Swiss Rock can look forward to two super concerts that without a doubt will go down in history. In the words of KROKUS founder Chris Von Rohr: “This is a big moment for us all. A fireworks of songs, sounds and party – all three bands will rock fans into the Hard Rock Nirvana”. And GOTTHARD’s Leo Leoni adds: ” We are thrilled and look forward to this historic event – it will be a unique summit meeting with Swiss hard rock at it’s best!”





SHAKRA “33 – THE BEST OF” – Releases On May 9th, Via AFM Records

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Shakra 33 Booklet AFM.indd

Swiss hard rockers SHAKRA have disclosed their latest plans of releasing a “Best Of” album, which will be titled “33 – The Best Of” and it set to arrive on May 9th, via AFM Records.

The double album includes 30 SHAKRA classics and 3 brand new songs.

Shakra - 33 - The Best Of - promo album banner - 2014

* For more info on SHAKRA:


AFM Records - new logo - 2013 - #1


AFM Records Shop:

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SHAKRA “Powerplay” – Releases In North America On January 29th, via AFM RECORDS; “Wonderful Life” Video Is Online!

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Shakra - Powerplay - promo cover pic!

“Powerplay”: the title says it all. The 9th album of Swiss Power Rockers SHAKRA, picks up where their last chart-breaking album, Back on Track, left off.

‘Even though it is difficult to top being No. 2 in the charts, we believe that the new album has got what it takes to do just that!’,the band explains in a mix of confidence and sober analysis. ‘We are very satisfied with “Powerplay”. Now it’s up to the public and the fans”.

Even after 20 years of band history, the original band members Thom Blunier (guitar), Thomas Muster (guitar), and Roger Tanner (drums) along with the band’s two young guns, Dominik Pfister (bass) and most particularly singer John Prakesh, have grown together over the years to build a unit that has just one overriding goal: to make good, honest, hand-made Hard Rock.

While SHAKRA had to deal with a few line-up changes over the years, the five-man band now at last has the time to focus completely on what it does best: Rock’n’Roll. The result is Blunier, Muster, Tanner, Pfister, and Prakesh’s “Powerplay”, an album that is utterly irresistible.

The 13-track LP is the most varied SHAKRA album so far. The band has grown and blossomed in this formation throughout the 50 gigs they have played together. Songs such as “Dream of Mankind”, “Higher”, “Wonderful Life” and “Because Of You” display the whole variety of SHAKRA’s sound. The album was once again produced by Thom Blunier in the Powerride studios. “Powerplay” is a high-class traditional but at the same time up-to-date piece of work. What more could a fan ask for?

Check out the Official Album Trailer for POWERPLAY below! WHOA!

Listen to and watch the video for Wonderful Life below! WHOA!


POWERPLAY – Track Listing:

01. Life Is Now

02. The Mask

03. Higher

04. Wonderful Life

05. Dear Enemy

06. Save You From Yourself

07. Don’t Keep Me Hanging

08. Dream Of Mankind

09. Stevie

10. Because Of You

11. Secret Hideaway

12. Too Good To Be True



John Prakesh – vocals

Thom Blunier – guitar

Thomas Muster – guitar

Dominik Pfister  – bass

Roger Tanner – drums


(Source: AFM Records)

For more info on SHAKRA, click on the links below!

SHAKRA website:

AFM Records:

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SHAKRA “Back On Track” (Official Music Video) – Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

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SHAKRABack On Track was released back in May of 2011, via AFM Records. Back On Track was one of the best Hard Rock albums my ears came across in 2011, no question. SHAKRA are from Switzerland; they have been around the Hard Rockin’ block and know how to ROCK!

Check out the official music video below for Back On Track… hopefully you’ll see and hear exactly what I mean! My Metal Pick Of The Day! Metal be thy name.


John Prakesh – vocals

Thom Blunier – guitar

Thomas Muster – guitar

Dominik Pfister – bass

Roger Tanner – drums

To read the album review I wrote for Back On Track (May 13, 2011) click on the large link below!

SHAKRA – Back On Track: Swiss Hard Rock Band Is Blazing Forward!


For more info on SHAKRA, click on the link below!



Five (More) Hard Rock Albums You Must Own This Summer Of 2011 – Part II: Whitesnake, The Poodles and…

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It’s been a fantastic year thus far for Hard Rock album releases. No, make that super fantastic. The obvious trend I’ve seen with all these incredible Hard Rock albums of 2011 is: A majority of these albums are from seasoned or old school bands. There have been many comeback albums released so far this year that absolutely ROCK… hello King KobraThe CarsWarrantMr. Big and Nelson, to name more than a few.

Realistically, I cannot possibly listen to every Hard Rock album that’s been released at this point in the year, therefore this list of MUST OWN albums for this Summer of 2011 may not correspond with your favorites in parts or in whole. As we approach the midway point of 2011, these are the Hard Rock albums that have ROCKED my brains out! In my Metal opinion, these are five albums worth your hard earned money to buy and crank up LOUD during this coming Summer of 2011… and beyond.

Metal Odyssey Note: This list is in no particular order and it is Part II of a series. All the albums chosen are 2011 releases. You have to wait for the “Metal Odyssey Best Of 2011” lists that come out around Christmas/New Years for a definitive list. Be patient, that time will come quicker than we all know!

SHAKRA – From Switzerland comes the Hard Rockin’ and much experienced… SHAKRA. This band puts double exclamation points after their brand of Hard Rock and I’m listening! Back On Track (AFM Records) is the 8th studio release from SHAKRA, plus they are showcasing a new lead singer: John Prakesh, replacing Mark Fox. John comes across as an original with some slight Mark Storace (Krokus) influence here and there.

Old Schoolers from the 80’s heydays of Arena dwelling just have to dig what SHAKRA plays for Hard Rock, I know I dig ’em. Mixed into all 13 melodically driven songs on this album, there’s so much thump and stomp and tasty guitar licks happening that it makes for an above memorable listen time and again. Once you buy and listen to this new SHAKRA album, it might just become a top favorite on your playlist, due to the Hard Rockin’ ass kicking it gives you.

THE POODLES – Attention North America: There is a Hard Rock band from Sweden that are a hot ticket over in Europe and they deservedly should catch on over this side of the Atlantic, they call themselves: THE POODLES. On May 3rd, 2011, the fourth studio album from this Swiss Hard Rockin’ outfit, Performocracy, was released in the U.S. via Frontiers Records. This new album is incredibly loaded with everything great about Melodic Hard Rock and… quality songs are the rule!

From the lead vocals of Jakob Samuel and the beyond catchy chorus, to the driving guitar of Henrik Bergqvist, Performocracy has 13 songs without one filler to be heard. THE POODLES make it their mission to ROCK like a late 80’s Arena Band while bestowing a bounty of impressive hard edged relevancy. This band steers away from the corn-dog lyrics that so often becomes recycled from generation to generation. I really dig listening to THE POODLES. Fans of 80’s Hard Rock along with connoisseurs of today’s mainstream and non-mainstream Hard Rock should find them very appealing too.

Warning: There is “something” about the overall sound, feel and vibes of THE POODLES songs, thus becoming unavoidably contagious to the ears, resulting in ultra-repeated listens to Performocracy.

SEETHER – I wrote in a previous post regarding this new SEETHER album, that the song Here And Now brought me to tears. I will never shy away from the Metal truth, that song hit me on a personal level like an emotional avalanche. Just a tremendous song it is, with it’s unbelievably melodic ride. Released on May 17th, via Wind-up, Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray is yet another Hard Rockin’ milestone in the growing and always impressive catalog from SEETHER.

Shaun Morgan proved to me a long time ago he is a premier songwriter, musician and vocalist. Shaun’s lyrical expressions are simply amazing on this new album. I can’t prevent myself from calling this album a contender for Hard Rock album of the year… or even album of the year. Country Song became an instant hit once it was available on iTunes as the lead single… and for good reason, this song Rocks. SEETHER convincingly shows they are a band that can play the ever legit Heavy Rock, with their unique Alternative style, while the mainstream absorbs them like a Hard Rock hungry sponge.

WHITESNAKE – There is that mystique about David Coverdale’s vocals that just makes me feel like everything is alright… that everything is gonna be okay. It’s always felt that way to me, regarding David’s vocals, going back three decades now. David Coverdale can sing the Hard Rock daylights out of the sky and still he comes across as soothing to my ears. Does that sound corn-dog? Maybe… at least I’m being honest though.

David Coverdale has never sounded mightier, while his band is as melodic and Hard Rock driven as ever, on the eleventh studio album from Whitesnake. Forevermore, which released back in March on Frontiers Records is solid proof that Whitesnake reigns atop the Hard Rock heap, looking up at no one. Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach are quickly becoming a legendary Hard Rock guitar duo and Forevermore is the audio evidence. Between deluxe editions, and iTunes, there are loads of bonus tracks out there for Forevermore that you can sink your Hard Rockin’ senses into.

What separates Whitesnake from the pack of other old school Hard Rock bands, is this band’s uncanny ability to write and play songs that instantly scream out: timeless. To not own Forevermore, if your a Hard Rock fan, is a crime under the Metal Odyssey “Code Of Rock”. My favorite song on Forevermore is One of These Days. It’s just like I said at the beginning of this post… David Coverdale sings this song and it’s alrightmy vibes tell me everything is gonna be okay.

BLACK STONE CHERRY – Back in 2006, Black Stone Cherry released their self-titled debut on RoadRunner Records and I was drawn into their Classic Rock influence from the onset. The raw sound of this band may have diminished a good deal since that first album, still there is an air of Classic Rock roots about their sound that makes Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea so attention grabbing. This being the third studio album from Black Stone Cherry, all with RoadRunner Records, this one can easily be pointed out as their best. This band is a throwback to when artists cared about writing and playing a complete album of songs.

The bluesy vocals of Chris Robertson mingles so well with his Hard Rock and Southern Rock tones. The song Killing Floor is a can of psyche-you-out whoop-ass that I’ll need to drink in for many more years to come. The nod of reverence to old school seems to illuminate from Black Stone Cherry like a beacon, making it a quality that I admire most. With the cover of Can’t You See, originally written by (the late) Toy Caldwell for The Marshall Tucker Band, it only shows the Southern and Classic Rock roots will never fade away for this group. This is an album of 12 songs that will stand the test of Rock ‘n’ Roll time… and forever be labeled a Hard Rock gem from 2011.

* For more info on the bands and their albums listed above, just click on the very cool links provided below:

WHITESNAKE – Official Website

THE POODLES – Official Online Headquarters

Black Stone Cherry – Official Website

SEETHER – Official Website

SEETHER – Official facebook




SHAKRA – Back On Track: Swiss Hard Rock Band Is Blazing Forward!

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SHAKRA – Watch out… before you dive your eardrums into this new Shakra studio album Back On Track, bear in mind this veteran band is aiming to kick your Hard Rockin’ and Heavy Metalin’ ass! I just cannot resist warning you all. When an album of 13 songs ROCKS this HARD, HEAVY and MEMORABLE, by God I am gonna raise some noize about it. Released on May 3rd, 2011 via AFM Records, Back On Track has Shakra on track for worldwide Hard Rock domination. Glory be to Metal, this album is a non-stopper… I just can’t hit the stop button when it is playing. I could have easily taken the easy road, by just giving this album a three word review like this: buy this album. Alas, I have to rant and rave about Back On Track.

Based in Switzerland, Shakra is following up on their last album Everest, which soared to #4 on the Swiss album charts back in 2009. I honestly see Shakra making gigantic strides in the States, with enough promotion and (hopefully) consistent radio play, be it FM or satellite. Shakra is tailor made for the Hard & Heavy Rock that makes 80’s old schoolers proud and play with enough relevance for todays younger generation to dig… big time. In a Metal nutshell, Shakra caught my undivided Hard Rockin’ attention from the opener B True B You to the unbelievable closer: Stonger Than Ever. This last song puts the thunder stamp on this album where I’m left muttering… holy crap that was one hell of a goooood listen!

Shakra now has a new lead singer with John Prakesh, (replacing Mark Fox) and he is damn good. Damn good. There are moments where I hear some Marc Storace (influence?) in John’s vocals, only don’t think for one second that John Prakesh isn’t an original. His vocals are a reminder to me, that a band can be elevated by it’s front man. This guy sings the Rockin’ daylights out of this album, Metal be thy name and hallelujah to all. Shakra plays as a cohesive unit, with their energy and Heavy Rock spirit coming through LOUD and very clear on Back On Track. Blazing is the most adequate adjective to describe the sound and total vibe I receive from Shakra, these guys are running on all Hard & Heavy Rock cylinders with Back On Track.

Revved up guitar leads and Hard Rockin’ riffs? Check. Hooks? Check. Melodic and memorable songs? Check. Pumped up chorus? Check. Thumpin’ rhythm section? Check. Psyche-you-out sonic thrills by the minute? Um… check again. Look, I would never praise an album that is the equivalent of bird crap on a windshield. Shakra has created an album that is the equivalent of a Hard & Heavy Rock celebration. This celebration called Back On Track MUST be shared to all fellow Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans alike. Shakra for all intents and purposes, have smacked it down and let it loose with Back On TrackSpread the Hard Rock word: SHAKRA.

* Recorded and produced with Shakra’s own guitarist Thom Blunier, at Power Ride Studios.

* Back On Track entered the official Swiss Album Charts at #2, the highest charting SHAKRA album ever. Back On Track entered the German Album Charts at #84.

* Back On Track is the eighth studio album from SHAKRA.


John Prakesh – vocals

Thom Blunier – lead guitar

Thomas Muster – rhythm guitar

Dominik Pfister – bass

Roger Tanner – drums

Track Listing:

B True B You

I’ll Be


Back On Track

When I See You


Yesterday’s Gone




Unspoken Truth

Brand New Day

Stronger Than Ever

* For more info on SHAKRA, click on the links below:



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