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REAPER “An Atheist Monument” – Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Reaper - An Atheist Monument - promo cover pic

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


REAPER – German Metal legends REAPER have a new studio album releasing via Massacre Records, on July 25th, 2014. An Atheist Monument is this new album and it’s overflowing with ALL things grand about Heavy Metal! This new offering from REAPER has me psyched-out of my Metal mind; air guitar and air drums enthusiasts take notice! Powerful, melodic and laced with retro vibes and sounds of True Metal, REAPER has scored in a titanic way with An Atheist Monument.

Daniel Zimmermann (guitar) and Benjamin “Benni” Lodewig (guitar & backing vocals) are Metal sensations to take in; their muscular riffs, memorable leads and solos are Heavy Metal personified. Damn great stuff. Jan Breede (drums & backing vocals) plays the song and adds an incredible dynamic to this entire album; he’s a Metal treat to listen to. Matthias “Mäfju” Kraft (bass & backing vocals) adds his musical thunder and combined with Jan Breede’s drumming it’s a headbanging Metal experience to behold!

Reaper - promo band pic - 2014 - #8738

Daniel Zimmermann also is the lead vocalist and he sings like a Metal giant! His vocals are stuff of conquer all and death to the Metal posers. I believe my Metal brethren reading this know what I mean and it’s Metal truth.  Twelve delectable Heavy Metal songs are on the CD, with nine songs on the LP version. Hetoimasia is this album’s instrumental opener and it signals that the Metal power-surge is on! I just knew it was gonna be a great Metal ride upon my first listen and it only gets better with each Metal serving. Whoa.

Being their 5th studio album overall and first with Massacre Records, REAPER could not have found a better record label to call home. Celebrating their 30th anniversary on stage with this new album should catapult REAPER into our community’s Metal limelight; buying this mandatory Metal work and spreading the Metal word about REAPER should be on every Metalhead’s to-do list in 2014! REAPER waves the anti-religion flag with mega Metal potency and they have my Metal respect. Hail REAPER and Metal be thy name! – Stone

Reaper - An Atheist Monument - promo cover pic

An Atheist Monument – Track Listing:

1. Hetoimasia 
2. Realms Of Chaos
 3. Of Sheep And Shepherds 4. Horse Brigade
 5. Hail The New Age
 6. Voice Within
 7. 1943
 8. Well Of Poison
 9. Taste My Revenge
 10. Ship Of Fools
 11. Fields Of Joy 
12. La Tristesse

Taste My Revenge, Fields Of Joy
 and La Tristesse are the three songs that do not appear on the LP version of An Atheist Monument.

Reaper - classic band logo - 2014 - #9902

* For more info on REAPER:

Facebook: REAPER (Band)

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REBELLION – Ala Germanica (Official Video) Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Arminius, Furor Teutonicus Releases On October 26th!

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REBELLION – Releasing on October 26th, 2012, via Massacre Records, is the new studio album Arminius, Furor Teutonicus from Germany’s True Metal warriors known across the globe as REBELLION. The new lineup of REBELLION, that surrounds founding member and bassist Tomi Göttlich, are ready to defend the Metal faith and spread their powerful Heavy Metal among the Metal masses!

Take a listen and look below to the official video for Ala Germanica, taken from Arminius, Furor Teutonicus. Let the Heavy Metal power of REBELLION take your Metal soul on a glorious and memorable Metal ride! I’ve taken that ride and it feels righteously fine! Metal be thy name!

Arminius, Furor Teutonicus – Track Listing:

01: Rest in Peace

02: Ala Germanica

03: Rrince of the Cheruscer 04: Dusk awaiting Dawn 05: Breeding Hate

06: The Seeress ́ Tower

07: Varus

08: The Tribes united

09: Ghost of Freedom

10: Furor Teutonicus

11: Vae Victis

12: Requiem


Michael Seifert – Vocals

Tomi Göttlich – Bass

Oliver Geibig – Guitar

Stephan Karut – Guitar

Matthias Karle – Drums



Music video by Tom Weinbrenner

For more info on REBELLION, click on the links below!

facebook: Rebellion



UNHERZ – Releasing ‘Best Of’ (Digital Only) Album: ‘Therapie-die zehn besten Sitzungen’ – Track Listing, Release Info

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UNHERZ – German Heavy Metal band UNHERZ will have their upcoming best of album released on April 13, 2012.

The digital-only release will be available for a special price on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Musicload and other digital music online shops.


Therapie-die zehn besten Sitzungen (Best Of) – Track Listing:

01. Therapie

02. Sünder Vor Dem Herrn

03. Inferno 

04. Die Zeit Heilt Alle Wunden

05. Herzschlag

06. Und Dunkelheit Wird Licht

07. Prall Und Kugelrund

08. 20.000 Freunde

09. Die Hölle Muss Schön Sein

10. Rette Mich


(Source: Massacre Records)

For more info on UNHERZ, click on the links below:

UNHERZ – Official Website




REBELLION – Returns! Metal Champions Working On New Material!

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REBELLION – In 2008 Uwe Lulis had a motorcycle accident and was injured so badly that the band had to take a break of a year. In 2009 Uwe still suffered from the accident and thus there were very few shows which were played with Uwe sitting on stage. At the end of  2010 Uwe Lulis consequently left Rebellion. Gerd Lücking (drums) and Simone Wenzel (guitar) decided thereupon likewise in order to concentrate on other musical projects.
It seemed as if the band had come to an end but encouraged by numerous fan comments Tomi Göttlich (bass) and Michael Seifert (vocals) decided in the beginning of 2011 to let Rebellion live on. 

Oliver Geibig (guitar), Stephan Karut (guitar) and Matthias Karle (drums) filled the gaps. The new Rebellion are a band of friends who have known and jammed with each other for many years and who are very determined to lead the band onwards. In October 2011 Rebellion played their first show with the new members. The Band was frenetically celebrated by their fans, many of whom had travelled long distances (Ireland, France, Netherlands) to witness the first show of the new line up.

At present the band works under high pressure on new material.

(Source: Massacre Records)

* For more info on REBELLION, click on the links below:



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