QUEEN “Greatest Hits I II & III” – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Queen - Greatest Hits - I II III - promo box set picture - 2014

This beautiful QUEEN CD box set (above) is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day and here’s my story why:

Just this past week it was revealed to me, from my (teenage) daughter, that she is a fan of Queen and a huge fan of the late Freddie Mercury. I held back the tears of joy, as she expressed her sincere appreciation of this iconic band’s music to me. Her unquestionably compassionate emotion for the (incredibly) legendary Freddie Mercury is beyond heartwarming, as I listened to her during (at least) three conversations we enjoyed together last week.

The leap I’ve been waiting for has arrived! The stars have aligned and Mother Earth has summoned all creatures both large and small to celebrate in my joy of this news! Stonehenge has moved a centimeter to the right. The Great Pyramid has beamed a laser to the stars. The Classic Rock Gods really do move in mysterious ways. Hallelujah and Metal be thy name. In other words, Stone is a happy and proud dad.

I love my daughter more than words can ever, ever express, regardless if she has become a Queen fan or not. However, as you can tell, her fondness for Queen has me tickled to Metal death. When She asked me for any of my Queen CD’s to listen to, I  told her to give me some time to find them; for my entire CD collection is still (shamefully) unorganized since last February’s big move from Pennsylvania to Ohio. Panic had now begun to stir inside me…

Brian May - Back To The Light - promo cover pic - 2014

BRIAN MAY – Back To The Light (1993)

I remembered having the first solo CD from Brian May not being lost in my collection; so I immediately went to the shelf where I knew I’d find it and there it was! Back To The Light was released back in 1993 and I bought it used a few years ago for around $3 (US). Nice price, huh? Whoa.

I gave this Brian May hidden gem to my daughter for starters, as I continued searching for the only two Queen CD’s I knew I own. The Brian May CD pictured above is the CD cover version that I own and gave her; I realize there is another CD cover art version out there.

Queen - Stone Cold Classics - promo cover pic - 2014

QUEEN – Stone Cold Classics (2006)

You see, being the old school fart I am, I never upgraded my Queen vinyl LP’s or cassettes to CD; with the exception of owning Queen’s Stone Cold Classics and  A Kind Of Magic on CD. My vintage Queen vinyl was swept under by evil water and that’s now an old, lousy, sad story. I wanted and needed to give my daughter as much (digital) Queen as I can currently afford; therefore I took a ride on Sunday (yesterday) to my local Best Buy for a Queen CD hunt. I did stop by a cool store called Buyback$ Entertainment, before I hit Best Buy; this store sells used CD’s galore. There was not one Queen CD at Buyback$ though…

Queen - Some Kind Of Magic - promo cover pic - 2014

QUEEN – A Kind Of Magic (1986)

Best Buy was no better, with only one Queen Greatest Hits II for sale at nearly $12 (US). My local Super Walmart has more Queen CD’s for sale than Best Buy! Unreal. I was readying to leave Best Buy and head to Super Walmart when the whiz-bang sight of Queen’s Greatest Hits I II & III caught my eye and made my Metal heart soar! There this magic CD box set was… on an end cap with other Classic Rock CD’s at Best Buy! The price was just under $19 (US) for 51 Queen songs! Stone is buying! My daughter will have a superb catalog of Queen classics on CD (with very cool liner notes) to enjoy over and over!

Don’t get me wrong, it would be a dream come true to shell out the money for every Queen CD ever released, to present to my daughter; only the prices for the recently reissued Queen CD’s are pricey and would all add up to a small fortune. I do believe my daughter will be quite psyched out of her mind, once she realizes that this Queen CD box set is hers. I know I had fun late Sunday running out for this unexpected Queen bounty! Good times. As I believe, it’s the little things in life that add up and make the human spirit thrive with joy… and Rock ‘N Roll saves the day and another young person once again; just as it has saved me throughout my entire life. Metal be thy name.

Classic Queen - Mick Rock - promo cover pic - 2014

This (beyond) wonderful hardcover book, Classic Queen – Mick Rock, I gave to my daughter last week, after she told me of her loving Queen. The  photos that the legendary Mick Rock had taken of Queen throughout the years are breathtaking to say the least. The quotes from Freddie Mercury are an enormous read, alone, in this book!

Filled with anecdotes and must read history of the iconic Queen, this is a book I was proud to give my daughter to keep as her own. I kept this book long enough in my collection and it was now time to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it (even more) as I have. My daughter’s reaction to receiving this book was: omg, thank you, dad! The smile on her face told the whole story, of how much Freddie Mercury and Queen means to her.

Hearing those words, seeing that smile, were better than hitting the lottery, to me. Priceless.


* Queen Greatest Hits I II & III was released via Hollywood Records.

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10 Responses to “QUEEN “Greatest Hits I II & III” – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!”

  1. Good morning from the island of Gran Canaria, Stone! I was lucky enough to see Queen twice. Once on their UK Night at the Opera tour in 75, and once in Hyde Park a year later. I loved Queen from the get-go, there was nobody remotely like them. For me though, it is their early career that excels. I won’t say they sold out, but they morphed into a different animal that wasn’t really my thing. I bought every Queen album from Queen 1 through to “NATO” and loved pretty much everything on them, but from then on, it was only one or two tracks per album for me. Plus, Freddie’s early image was much cooler than his ‘ Village People’ phase! But what a band! Three lead singers, four writers, one of the most original guitar sounds on the planet…and all this fronted by one of the greatest showmen who ever lived. Don’t know if it exists, but I’d love a box set of the first four albums remastered.

    • Whoa, Kev! You did see Queen at the most prolific time of their existence! Just you telling all this gives me ostrich bumps on my arms! LOL! I’m honestly picturing the scene in my minds eye as I write this!! Unbelievable.

      I do agree with you, the post ‘The Game’ era had me picking and choosing songs as well. (Don’t know if you like the entire ‘The Game’ album?) My first Queen record was the ‘We Will Rock You’ & ‘We Are The Champions’ 45 rpm. I remember playing that little plastic disk until it wore out! LOL!! That’s when I first heard of Queen in 7th grade. My God almighty, how different it was back then, it was really all ‘word of mouth’ with us school kids.

      I believe those first four Queen albums have been remastered and reissued in the last few years… I’ve seen them around here in the U.S. and they run around $16 to $18 each new. A second CD of bonus material comes with each too, if I’m not mistaken. The price of them has kept me away, yet I will get 1 at a time now. 🙂

      You ROCK, Kev \m/\m/

    • I just googled Gran Canaria… YOU LUCKY!! LOL!! I have to go outside soon to warm up my car from the very, very cold temperatures we’re having! Snow is everywhere and more on the way this week! LOL!! Enjoy that paradise, Kev! 🙂 \m/\m/

  2. PS: what a great Dad you are, Stone! It’s always great when your kid expresses great rock taste , a proud moment! My daughter loved the Dan Reed Network when she was little and they split before she was old enough to see them, but she has since met Dan and now counts him and several of the other band members as friends. How cool is that? I think I still have a Brian May poster from Russia a friend of mine gave me…..if I can find it when I get home, it’s on it’s way to your daughter.

    • Thank you, Kev! You know that feeling… LOL!!

      What a fine story, about your daughter & the Dan Reed Network. It goes to show, that life is filled with good, down to earth people and surprises galore. We humans just have to reach out for them! LOL! 🙂

      You are too kind, Kev, if that poster is found. Always a class act, my very good friend. \m/\m/

  3. That’s great news that your daughter is carrying on the Stone Rock Tradition! Good taste must run in the family. I love Queen too. I bought quite a few of those remasters that came out recently. The albums of the 70s are best for me but I love the Kind of Magic album… maybe that’s cause I’m a Scot and there’s the Highlander connection!

    • Yes, never doubt the Highlander connection! 🙂 I really enjoyed the television series of ‘Highlander’ too. It’s odd, I’ve never seen the movie ‘Highlander’… gotta see it for Metal sakes!

      ‘A Kind Of Magic’ sold quite well, it went to #1 in the UK… well, that’s what Wikipedia states (!) It’s hard not to believe that! I’ve always liked the caricatures of Queen and the overall design of the album cover too.

      You ROCK \m/\m/

      • You’ve got to see the first Highlander movie! It’s a very Metal movie. It’s got a French guy playing a Scot and a Scottish guy playing a Spaniard! Great casting!

        Yes I remember Kind of Magic being a big success here. I think they were riding a wave of popularity after their Live Aid performance. That was an awesome performance!

        HAIL THE MIGHTY STONE!! \mm/

  4. First Highlander movie is ESSENTIAL viewing man! I feel Queens work on the soundtrack got them a little closer to their former glory.

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