Louis St. August Of Mass Lends Backing Vocals On New Boston Single “Heaven On Earth” – Song Reaches #3 On Classic Rock Charts!

Boston - Life Love & Hope - promo album pic - 2013 - #1

December 10, 2013 – Hey, did you hear that Louis St. August, the longtime front-man for rockers MASS, was invited into Tom Scholz of BOSTON studio to sing on the new single “Heaven on Earth” that hit #3 on the Classic Rock Charts last week!

St. August, a longtime front-man for the band MASS said, “I was thrilled to be asked to sing a song on BOSTON’s first studio album in 11 years, “Life Love & Hope” (Available now!) St. August contributes his signature polished metal voice on back-up harmonies on the Scholz penned and produced single.

Louis St. August - Promo Photo 2011

Louis St. August

WBCN radio personality Mark Parenteau, who conducted the very first on-the-air radio interview with St August, listened to “Heaven on Earth” last night and commented exclusively to the Boston Globe Names column: “Wow instantly comfortable! Like a new visit from an old friend. Indeed the song lives up to its name!!”


While the band MASS is gearing up for the recording studio and live shows in 2014, St. August is once again raising funds for Toys For Tots as he has annually since 2011. His heartfelt  rendition of the David Foster classic, “Grown Up Christmas List” that appears on MASS “A Very Merry X-MASS” 2 song EP is available exclusively on iTunes. All proceeds go to the “Toys For Tots” organization. “No child should go without a gift on Christmas Morning,” said St. August.

MASS “Grown Up Christmas List ” youtube video:

MASS - Classic Logo!

MASS “A Very Merry Christmas” iTunes link:



* For more info on MASS:

Website: http://www.massrocks.com

Facebook: Mass

* For more info on BOSTON:

Website: http://www.bandboston.com

Facebook: Boston

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