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What is “dated” music anyway?

Posted in Hair Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Music, Power Metal, Rock, Vocals with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 7, 2009 by Metal Odyssey

metalodyssey1I cannot apply myself to the acceptance of dated music as having any existence. If, there does exist dated Heavy Metal, Rock, etc., then, what would Classical music be considered as? Classical music would have to be called dark ages-super dated. Please note, that I do not consider Classical music to be dated whatsoever. The building blocks of all popular music we listen to today are from Classical music! What makes me shake my head in wonderment is, the professionally paid critics and experts that are out there consistently using the terminology of dated sound – dated music in their respective reviews. It has become so common place, such the norm recently, that I actually state in my unpaid – unprofessional Metal reviews that a particular album or band does not sound dated!

I would never consider the thought to ever, not in a million Metal years, say to the likes of legendary bands such as AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Motorhead –  that they sound dated. AC/DC and The Rolling Stones really have not changed their style for decades and they will still fill arenas and stadiums, playing all of their classic tunes from decades ago. Not to get off the Metal highway, however, I do have the upmost respect for legendary, contemporary recording stars like Tom Jones, Smokey Robinson and  Tony Bennett. These three gentleman, to this day, draw an audience that knows NO boundaries when it comes to age, race and gender. Are there pro-paid experts and critics out there who would dare say these three timeless vocalists are dated? 

I embrace the old adage – what once was old is new again. I am no fashion guru, yet when I stroll around the mall and see what is being worn by people of all ages, there are times when you do feel like it is 1974, 1985 or 1991 all over again. Why should that be so bad? If anything else, music can and has been trendy, that is a more realistic observation. Are denim jeans dated? What about new televised game shows? Are rubber tires on an automobile dated too, just due to the fact that rubber tires have been around for decades? Are The Boston Red Sox dated because they play their home games in the historic Fenway Park? Not too shabby a team this past decade for being dated. Is planet Earth dated? Heck, this big blue globe we live on has been around for quite some time and it just keeps on doing the same stuff, like spinning around in the solar system constantly.

To sum up my main point, the next time you read a paid expert’s review declaring how the new and veteran Metal bands sound dated, that Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal have been recycled enough, just snicker and pity these writers out there who have yet to find a clue. Gee, I am worried now, am I dated? 

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