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BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION – New Studio Album “BCCIV” Releases On September 22nd!

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The Classic Rock supergroup, Black Country Communion, will be releasing their fourth studio album, BCCIV, on September 22nd.

Black Country Communion features the following legendary musicians: vocalist/bassist & Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Trapeze), drummer Jason Bonham (Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience, Bonham, Foreigner), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol) and Blues Rock guitarist/vocalist Joe Bonamassa.

This is an album that I am counting the seconds, minutes, hours and days for! Yes, I am a Black Country Communion loyalist and have always felt that this is the perfect supergroup! – Stone

* For more band info:

Black Country Communion



BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION “AFTERGLOW” – Majestic, Classic Hard Rock Still Exists… And It’s Right Here

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Black Country Communion – Afterglow is the third studio album from the supergroup that should really be named: Classic Rock Champions. All kidding aside, this Kevin “The Caveman” Shirley produced album is so much more than I expected. With super legendary musicians joining forces with such a prominent producer, the first two BCC albums were magnificent in their own right; only Afterglow is by far the very best out of the three albums from this band, in my Rock infested opinion.

Glenn Hughes wrote the lyrics to every song, with Jason Bonham lending a pen on This Is Your Time and Common Man. With the writing of the music for Afterglow, it’s a collective effort from the entire band, which is broken down so nicely in the liner notes. These four musicians are undoubtedly legends and they have written and recorded a wonderful album of eleven songs.

Afterglow stands out from the first two BCC albums with its unbelievably memorable songs. These are songs that just instantly stick inside my head with their melodies, rhythm, beats and (of course) vocals. Whereas the first two albums had a song or two that may sound like (just above) average offerings, Afterglow is a listening sensation of Classic Hard Rock from beginning to end. My God, I’m tickled to death by Afterglow and I’m strongly considering it to be my top Hard Rock album of 2012… and quite possibly my favorite album across the board from this year!

Watch & listen to below: The Making Of Afterglow – Black Country Communion Episode 1

The sunny skies of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple certainly shine over this album, with Big Train, Afterglow and Confessor (respectively); giving every musical indication that even legends such as BCC will give a nod to other Classic Rock sounds other than their own. Let there be no misunderstanding however, that BCC is a band as original as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Jason Bonham doesn’t over extend on drums (and never has in his career), while Derek Sherinian follows suit on keyboards. I applaud them both for I’m so convinced that the less is more plan of attack always comes out victorious in Rock and Roll. Joe Bonamassa is such a talented guitarist it’s spooky. His lead vocals on Cry Freedom are superb and makes for an added bonus on an album filled with pure Rockin’ magic.

Lead vocals and bass are brought to you by none other than Glenn Hughes. What can I possibly write that has never been written before about this legend of Rock? Glenn Hughes is one of those vocalists walking the planet today with a captivating voice. I listen to Glenn’s vocals and lyrics on The Circle and have to pick my jaw up off the floor each time this song ends. Overall, BCC has whisked my memories back to the slower days when FM radio actually meant something to all of us; while (thankfully) reminding me that majestic Hard Rock can still be created. Metal be thy name.

Black Country Communion Afterglow was released on October 30th, 2012, via J&R Adventures.


Glenn Hughes – lead vocals and bass guitar, (acoustic guitar on The Giver)

Joe Bonamassa – lead and acoustic guitars, (lead vocals on Cry Freedom)

Jason Bonham – drums and percussion, (backing vocals on This Is Your Time)

Derek Sherinian – keyboards


AFTERGLOW – Tracklisting:

Big Train

This Is Your Time

Midnight Sun


Cry Freedom



The Circle

Common Man

The Giver 



For more info on Black Country Communion, click on the links below!


facebook: BC COMMUNION




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GLENN HUGHES – “The Voice of Rock”. Metal Odyssey extends a loud Happy Birthday to vocal and music legend Glenn Hughes! On August 21, 1952, Glenn Hughes was born. Glenn turns a Rockin’ 58 years old today! Glenn Hughes has been the lead vocalist for both Deep Purple and Black Sabbath during his unreal legendary music career. Those are two bands that paved the road for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as we all know, listen to and love it today.

In 2010, Glenn is Rockin’ better than ever with his new band – Black Country Communion, which also features Jason Bonham on drums. Glenn Hughes can easily be considered as one of the all-time greatest singers in Rock history… in my Metal opinion, Metal be thy name.

The genres of music that Glenn Hughes has performed, as both a vocalist and musician, coupled with being a songwriter and producer, are many… Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Funk and Soul to name quite a few. To say Glenn Hughes is a diverse vocalist and musician is an understatement. Glenn Hughes belongs in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, his contributions and talent stand alone, as he has stood the test of time.

* For more info on Glenn Hughes, visit his “official website” by clicking the link below:

GLENN HUGHES – Official Website

* For more info on Black Country Communion, just click the cool link below:

Black Country Communion – Official Website

Black Country Communion will be released on September 21, 2010, on J&R Adventures.

* Pictured at the top of this post, is the album cover for: Glenn Hughes – Feel, which was released in 1995 on SPV.

Here are just a few albums, where Glenn Hughes is featured on, that are lifetime favorites of mine:

Black Sabbath – Seventh Star (1986)

Glenn Hughes – lead vocalist

Deep Purple – Burn (1974)

Glenn Hughes – bass & vocals

IOMMI With Glenn Hughes – The 1996 Dep Sessions (2004)

Glenn Hughes – lead vocalist & bass

On October 20, 2009, I reviewed this IOMMI With Glenn Hughes album. You can read all about it by clicking the oversized link below:




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