CANDLELIGHT RED – “DEMONS” (Official Music Video) Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

CANDLELIGHT REDDEMONS, the 4 song EP from Williamsport Pennsylvania’s Hard Rockin’ Candlelight Red was released on September 25th, 2012, via Imagen Records. Produced by Morgan Rose (drummer & founding member of Sevendust), the quality of sound and overall Rockin’ atmosphere is solid. This 4 song DEMONS EP is a can’t miss for fans spanning the Rock, Hard Rock and Modern Rock genres.

Candlelight Red has been continuously gaining waves of fans and building on their potent Rockin’ momentum, ever since their famous 2010 opening gig for the iconic KISS in Pittsburgh, PA and subsequent 2011 Imagen Records debut: The Wreckage.

With plenty of riffs, a killer solo, stand-out vocals and an all-encompassing heaviness to earn my Metal respect, I’ve chosen the DEMONS music video from Candlelight Red to be: Stone’s METAL Pick of The Day!

Turn it up and watch below! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this song as much as I do! Metal be thy name.


Ryan Hoke – Vocals

Jeremy Edge – Guitar

Jamie Morral – Bass & Backing Vocals

Brian Dugan – Drums


Candlelight Red were chosen among 22 regional contest winners by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to open for KISS in Pittsburgh, PA, winning the Guitar Center’s 2010 “Onstage Contest.


For more info on CANDLELIGHT RED, click on the links below!

facebook: Candlelight Red




2 Responses to “CANDLELIGHT RED – “DEMONS” (Official Music Video) Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!”

  1. Thanks for highlighting this one Stone – that’s quality metal right there!

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