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FOSSILS – Second LP From Danish Instrumental Duo Two Weeks From Release; Pre-orders Available

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Fossils - promo band pic - 2014 - #41153

Band Announces Record Release Shows Featuring Special Guests


Danish instrumental Noise Rock duo, FOSSILS, is ready to distribute their second album — the pounding, utterly intense, Flesh Hammer, set for worldwide disbursement on March 3rd via Indisciplinarian.

Consisting of ten precise, noisy and ever-entertaining no-bullshit pieces of music in twenty minutes, FOSSILS‘ succinctly pulverizing Flesh Hammer was created by a band that has refined their trademarks of thunderous riffs and stomping grooves side-by-side with complex rhythms, pouring out their unique, stripped-down brand of instrumental, noisy rock firmly rooted in punk, metal and hardcore. Flesh Hammer was produced by Danish sound-enigma Q (Beta Satan, Entombed), and will see worldwide release via digital download as well as 12″ LP limited to 300 copies.

Preorders for the vinyl are now live; internationally order direct from the Indisciplinarian web shop HERE, while Earsplit Distro is carrying the LP for North America with preorders available HERE.

Fossils - Flesh Hammer - promo album cover pic - 2014

In-studio videos of FOSSILS‘ recording sessions, featuring actual live takes and mixes found onFlesh Hammer, have been leaked out over the past several weeks. So far five full tracks have been released, including, “Critical Mass,” “Cat Stalker,” “Stun,” “Spamtastic” and “Crack Horse.”

The release Flesh Hammer will be celebrated with two Danish release shows, at Radar in Aarhus on February 28th and at Beta in Copenhagen, on March 1st. In the unconventional spirit of FOSSILS, these will not simply be “typical” release shows with the usual canapés and support bands, but instead an overload of awesome musical guests will be involved in each of the performances, not at least at the Aarhus gig where the program is quite overwhelming. Aarhus will see the resurrection of FOSSILS‘ old band, the local high-octane rock n’ roll heroes, Studson playing a sweet set of oldies but goodies. Then FOSSILS will mutate into their own doom version, Slissof, covering an old Cola Freaks-classic with several guests from Cola Freaks, Rising and Studson. Hereafter, FOSSILS will perform Flesh Hammer from beginning to end, and finally the dynamic duo concludes the show when joined by numerous vocalists such as Jacob Bredahl (The Kandidate, ex-HateSphere) and Kim Kix (Powersolo) who will interpret various FOSSILS compositions from earlier releases. In Copenhagen FOSSILS will play a more straight-up set and special guests will be the aforementioned Studson, and a second band yet to be announced.

FOSSILS Flesh Hammer Record Release Shows:

2/28/2014 Beta – Copenhagen, Denmark

3/01/2014 Radar – Arhaus, Denmark


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on FOSSILS:

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OvO: Italian Avant Noise Duo Announces Forthcoming Album On Supernatural Cat

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OvO - band promo pic - #1 - 2013

Genre-collapsing noiseniks, OvO, are pleased to announce the release of their new album, Abisso, on November 4th via the vessel of all things Italian and loud, Supernatual Cat.

The duo, made up of Bruno Dorella on a stripped back drum kit and Stefania Pedretti handling vocals and guitars, are entering their thirteenth year together, and are showing no signs of relenting in their sonic exploration.

OvO’s live repertoire has seen them play everywhere; from Europe to Mexico to Israel and everywhere in between, alongside a host of sound-benders including Nadja, KK Null, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke, Rollerball, Thrones, SubArachnoidSpace, Zenigeva, Lightning Bolt, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Estradasphere, Steve Mc Kay, Trencher, Ludicra, Bill Horist, USA Is a Monster, White Mice, Bastard Noise, Zu, Larsen, Jarboe, and A Hawk and a Hacksaw. Having truly mastered the art of crafting sharp and incredibly loud dynamic noise, OvO’s sound veers from bellyache sludge to simmering and shimmering compositions that ooze rock ‘n’ roll from punk-stained pores.

Stay tuned for further OvO details in the coming weeks.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For More Info On OvO:

Facebook: OvO

Supernatural Cat - large logo - 2013


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Long Live OvO.


DRUNK DAD “Morbid Reality” – Noise/Experimental Release Is Turn-Key Brain Consumption

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SP_12in_folded_record_sleeve [Converted].eps

DRUNK DAD – Okay all of you Noise and Experimental Metal loyalists; there’s a new band for y’all to add to your extended list of must buys for 2013: DRUNK DADs 4 song EP release titled: Morbid Reality. Avant garde Metalheads and those that follow the Melvins will surely get their brains gleefully sculpted with the Noise party that DRUNK DAD plays so freaking well.

With the absolute heavy album opener Guts, the musical melee has begun. Guts is nearly 8 minutes of maddening vocals and mind assaulting beats and guitar parts that make more sense than our current climate change controversy. In other words, you must go with the eclectic flow with this band’s representation of extreme and join the party; otherwise you’ll be a wallflower waiting for the next easy listening bus to arrive.

With songs Seizure, Ritual and Scum Fee rounding out this EP, DRUNK DAD has no problem exploring the atmospherics of sound, providing both calm and violent intervals that weave themselves together in an unexpected package of fascinating ear candy. This is Noise you want to shake loose to while running aimlessly with a cold beer in each hand; while not giving a shit about anything that could possibly spoil your day. Metal be thy name.

Eolian Empire released the four-song Morbid Reality via 12” vinyl and digital download on June 11th, 2013. Click RIGHT HERE to purchase the digital download!

DrunkDad - promo_Kate Cridlebaugh]

Photo Credit: Kate Cridlebaugh



Jose De Lara

Adam Garcia

Joseph Naylor

Dane Herrin


For more info on DRUNK DAD, click on the link below! Whoa!

Facebook: Drunk Dad

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DRUNK DAD – Noise/Sludge Quartet’s EP Is The Eolian Empire’s Next Conquest

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Eolian Empire Compilation - promo cover - 2013

In a constant barrage of new noise from Portland-based D.I.Y. noisemongers Eolian Empire, the label’s next conquest comes by way of the filthifying new 12” from local metalworkers DRUNK DAD.

If they weren’t such dirty fuckers they’d be one of the town’s shining success stories of unrelenting hard work and dedication: in a surprisingly short time DRUNK DAD went from favorite-band-shirts-on-their-hearts-on-their-sleeves to a unique and dynamic fusion of the heavy, the noisy, and the aggro, with a healthy dose of high drama, as they consistently churn out some of the most devastating live sets Portland has seen in years. Complex but in-your-face arrangements, push-pull duel-guitar interplay, searing behind-the-head leads, heavy motherfucking bass, and hard-hitting, tight, technical traps with dynamic, disturbing vocals to hold it all together evolves to ethical scumbaggery at its finest.

Morbid Reality, the first vinyl release from Portlandian shitstarters DRUNK DAD, merges off-kilter sludge/noise the Pacific Northwest perpetuates so well into a drugged-out but aggro vibe; elements of scathing crust-ish degenerate punk brutality of El Dopa or Dystopia are cold-filtered with slow-motion acerbic sludge basslines and noxious riffage with a post-Melvins experimental vibe.

Eolian Empire will drop the four-song Morbid Reality via 12” vinyl and digital download on June 11th. In the meantime, DRUNK DAD were recently caught intoxicating the public via Eolian’s massive KEEP OUR HEADS Portland underground compilation alongside twenty-five more of the city’s finest filthriffing acts. Get wrecked with their pungent “S.O.U.” anthem from the comp RIGHT HERE.

Following their spot on one of the Eolian Empire KEEP OUR HEADS record release shows over the weekend, DRUNK DAD have the coolers loaded with frothy ammo as they plan on stumbling south across California this week, with shows booked in Eureka, Oakland and a happy-hour double in San Francisco. They also just booked a hometown record release show at Portland’s Ash Street Saloon with labelmates Diesto on June 7th, with much more public drunkenness to be had in the Summer months.


DRUNK DAD Public Intoxications:

5/02/2013 The Shanty – Eureka, CA w/ Apocryphon, AM Beers

5/03/2013 Eli’s Mile High Club – Oakland, CA w/ Augers, Old Crow, Abstractor

5/04/2013 Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA w/ Prizehog, Connoisseur

5/05/2013 Bay Area 51 – San Francisco, CA w/ Unifried, Mansion

6/07/2013 Ash Street Saloon – Portland, OR w/ Diesto


Morbid Reality – Track Listing:

1. Guts

2. Seizure

3. Ritual

4. Scum Fee


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on DRUNK DAD, click on the links below!

facebook: Drunk Dad

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BELLIGERATOR “Robot Prostitute” – New Music Video From Noise Rock Trio Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Belligerator - large logo - red & black

BELLIGERATOR is a Rock band based out of Sixth Street in San Francisco, CA. and have recently gotten in touch with me regarding their new music video: Robot Prostitute. Hell, I liked the song and video so much that I am declaring it as: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Metal be thy name.

Here is what guitarist/vocalist Jim had to say about Robot Prostitute and his band:

“The video was produced and directed by filmmaker David Weber and shot in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood in December, 2012. The inspiration for the video came from wanting to blend a horror movie aesthetic with a slightly humorous theme, while portraying a fictionalized version of the darker side of life on the streets in the neighborhood surrounding our rehearsal studio.”

Belligerator’s heavy blend of progressive and punk draws upon influences ranging from the Jesus Lizard to Big Black to the Dead Kennedys, while maintaining a unique and powerful sound. Our first full-length album came out in 2011, entitled “Next Year’s Music.”

Listen to and watch Robot Prostitute below! Whoa!

You can find more information and links for BELLIGERATOR at



Tomas Eduardo Kelley – bass & voices

Jonathan C. Perkins – drums & programming

James Michael Sam – guitars & vocals


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