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NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST – Selfmadegod Issues Info And New Track From Polish Grindcore Act’s Overkill Commando Debut Album

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Nuclear Holocaust - Overkill Commando - promo album cover pic - #MO999777ILN

Selfmadegod Records has just issued the first single to Overkill Commando, the debut full-length from Polish grindcore quartet, NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, as the album is completed for Summer release.

NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, comprised of vocalist Bloodseeker, guitarist XXX-Bomber, drummer Overkiller, and bassist Doomtrigger, recorded twenty brand new songs for their debut album at local Backyard Studios with producer Pawel “Chudy” Chyla in April and May 2016, completing the record just days ago. Overkill Commando is powerful dose of dirty, old-fashioned grindcore heavily influenced by classic bands like Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror, and Repulsion. The cover image by Marcin Studzinski of St. Chaos Art, the album’s track listing, and release info have been revealed in addition to the streaming of the album’s opening track, Abominations Of Annihilation.

Stream NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST’s “Abominations Of Annihilation” at Selfmadegod’s SoundCloud HERE or YouTube channel HERE.

Overkill Commando will see European release on June 27th, and will see US release on September 9th, the long delay due to a new MVD distribution deal for Selfmadegod Records; this record marking the first title under the new pact. Stand by for further details in the weeks ahead.

Nuclear Holocaust - Overkill Commando - promo album cover pic - #MO999777ILN

Overkill Commando – Track Listing:
1. Abominations Of Annihilation
2. Overkill Commando
3. Epicentre Of Terror
4. Cryptic Stench Of Radioactive Foetuses
5. Power¬Hungry Paranoia
6. Religious Mutation
7. Deathbringer Of Death
8. Toxic Whore
9. Mashed With A Club
10. Only Cockroaches Will Survive
11. Vomiting Blood
12. Queen Of Sodomy
13. Pulverised
14. Nuclear Waste Repository
15. Frostbitten By The Radioactive Fullmoon
16. Desciples Of The Flesh
17. We Are The Batpeople
18. Gore Cult
19. God Is Undead
20. Atomic Suicide


NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST is a new band born in April 2015 in Świdnik, Poland. That August they released a demo called Mutant Inferno which met with a very positive response, and the band was subsequently offered shows at Into the Abyss Festival alongside Dead Congregation, Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, and others, Mini Merciless Festival, a run of shows across Ireland with Dead Goats, and more.

In addition to their upcoming Overkill Commando full-length release through Selfmadegod, the Mutant Inferno demo will soon be released as a split cassette through Massacre Distro, a split CD will be released through Defense Records/Mythrone Promotion, and a split 12′ on Devil’s Nun Records is on the way, in each case accompanied by different bands to be announced in the coming months.


Source: Earsplit PR

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UNREST ‘Grindcore’ – Out Today On Unspeakable Axe Records

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Unrest - Grindcore - promo album cover pic - #2015UMO

The aptly titled Grindcore from Philadelphia/Brooklyn grinders UNREST is out today on Unspeakable Axe Records. Stream the album in full here

Grindcore can be purchased at: 

“UNREST gets the NASUM grind seal of approval!” – Anders Jakobson

9/10! – Decibel Magazine

If the band name doesn’t spell it out for you, the album title surely will. This is nothing but grindcore – stripped down, unpretentious, and loud. At the same time, it’s much more than that. UNREST is comprised of craftsmen from bands both familiar (WOE, TRENCHROT and those about to be (Dark Descent’s up-and-coming doom act, CRYPT SERMON).

The riff and song construction throughout this debut album is right in line from what you’d expect from a group of such capable veterans. They wear their NASUM (and by proxy, NAPALM DEATH) influence on their sleeves, but through sheer mastery of the craft elevate the material well beyond a mere tribute to old masters.


UNREST Grindcore – Track List:

1. We’re Calling You Out
2. You Take
3. Inaction
4. Quit
5. Protest Culture
6. Faith is a Hearse
7. Anything to Shock
8. Nothing (That’s all you have to give)
9. Identity in the Internet Age
10. Consumption
11. False Brotherhood
12. Drown

UNREST - promo band pic - #2015UMO0223



Clawhammer PR - promo logo - 2015 - #0323CHMO

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DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION – Announce April Europe Tour With Pyrrhon

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Kaotoxin - Record Label - logo - #2015KRMO20

Department Of Correction - Promo band - album cover banner - 2015 - #663DOCMO

After their Summer 2014 US tour with BUDD DWYER, our friends of DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION are returning to the European stages still in support of their 2014 “Monsters!” split with TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, C.O.A.G, MISERABLE FAILURE, UNSU and INFECTED SOCIETY.

With Relapse records’ PYRRHON invited to headline the tour, this will be DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION’s fifth European road trip, bringing both bands to five European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom) in sixteen days from April 10 to 25.

On a sidenote, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION have also recently been confirmed for the OBSCENE EXTREME AMERICA festival in Montreal, Canada, on August 2015. An accompanying August 2015 tour of the US East Coast will be announced later this year.

To celebrate the tour, we’re happy to announce that, as part of our ongoing series of weekly “Hi Gain” deals which see one of our releases’ price crushed by 50% each Monday and for one full week, we’ve not only selected the 37 bands / 44 tracks “In Grindo Veritas” compilation curated by Florian of DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION to be offered at € 2.99 instead of € 5.99, but also all of the accompanying merchandising line: t-shirts & girlies (5.99 € instead of € 11.99), hoodies (13.49 € instead of € 26.99) and zipped hoodies (18.49 € instead of 36.99 €). Get them before Mar.08 as stock is very limited on some pieces!

Tour Dates:

  • APR.15 – FR – Paris – Cirque Electrique
  • APR.15 – FR – TBA
  • APR.15 – FR – Tours – Canadian Café
  • APR.15 – FR – Toulouse – Pavillons Sauvages
  • APR.15 – FR – Montpellier – Secret Place
  • APR.15 – FR – Clermont Ferrand – Raymond Bar
  • APR.15 – FR – St Etienne – Assomoir
  • APR.15 – FR – Bourg-en-Bresse – Tannerie
  • APR.15 – CH – Bern – Cafete
  • APR.15 – DE – Tûbingen – Epplehaus
  • APR.15 – BE – Liège – Inside Out
  • APR.15 – UK – London – Unicorn
  • APR.15 – UK – Leeds – Temple of Boom
  • APR.15 – UK – Newcastle – Northumberland Arms
  • APR.15 – UK – Boltom – Alma Inn
  • APR.15 – UK – Plymouth – Tiki

Department Of Correction - April - 2015 - Tour Flyer promo - #2015DOCMOP







Italian Grind/Hatecore Gods CRIPPLE BASTARDS Confirmed For Obscene Extreme

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Cripple Bastards - promo live band pic - band logo - 2014 - #030550

You could say this is a ‘grindcore hat-trick’ as it is the third OEF appearance in 2014 for Italian hate mob Cripple Bastards after headlining the insane Obscene Extreme Asia in Tokyo and Obscene Extreme Australia in Melbourne earlier this year. But if you really want to see the Bastards play at home, then Obscene Extreme Trutnov is the grounds for the final massacre. They have been blasting the shit on stage since the festival’s birth back in 1999 and raised the most infernal stage diving pits for countless times through the years that followed.

26 years after their conception Cripple Bastards still hold the banner high as Italy’s most hostile and aggressive grind/hardcore unit around. With one foot firmly in the past and all the vicious savagery of manic fast 80’s hardcore extremity, Cripple Bastards are also charging forwards. With bloodshot eyes and a rabid ‘get out and bite them’ attitude, this band are ready to introduce their brand new 2014 full length ‘Nero In Metastasi’ on Relapse Records and they will consolidate their ongoing mission of bringing nihilistic, fuck-you-all, grinding hatred to every corner of an underserving mankind.

Cripple Bastards will also be introducing for the first time ever on Trutnov’s Battlefield their 5 piece line-up with new axeman Wild Vitto on second guitar which will only enhance their wall of hate/grind fury!

Listen to ‘Malato Terminale’ taken from the ‘Nero In Metastasi’ album!

Obscene Extreme Festival - promo flyer - 2014

Obscene Extreme Festival 2014

July 16 – 20, 2014

Trutnov – Battlefield Czech Republic




Confirmed Bands:

Possessed + Brutal Truth + Immolation + Cattle Decapitation + Cripple Bastards + Morgoth + Machetazo + Master + Doom + Nunslaughter + Filthy Charity + Katalepsy + Vitamin X + Vallenfyre + Warcollapse + Demonical + Beheaded + Abortion + Bolesno Grinje + Prophecy + Contrastic + Dark Horse + Gutslit + Jesus Crost + Kruger + Nuclear + Suffer The Pain + Ultimo Modo Cannibale + Zombie Inc. + Warfect + Kaliyuga + ACxDC + Bloodsoaked + Raw Power + EU’S Arse + Ed + Twisted Truth + Radiolokator + Idiot Ikon + Rectal Smegma + Besta + We Are The Damned + Final Exit + The Kill + Turbokrieg + Nazareno El Violento + Utanforskapet + Forenssick + Kadavarificker + many more!!


(Source: Future PR)

* For more info on CRIPPLE BASTARDS:


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HOMEWRECKER – Releases Video For New Demo Track

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Homewrecker - puclicity live pic - 2014 - #33

Northeastern Ohio’s HOMEWRECKER has just released a video for “Skin The Pig,” a brand new demo track the band recently recorded with their newly revamped lineup.

Having scaled their squad from a quintet with a vocalist down to a quartet with the drummer and guitarist dividing vocal duties, HOMEWRECKER recorded the track as an introduction to the new lineup, and to help fill the gap between their 2012-released Worms & Dirt LP and next official release later this year. As proven on their previous recordings, the band’s enraged hardcore is jacked-up on death and grindcore elements and delivered at decimating, tuned-down levels.

The overhauled band now unloads an even tighter display of relentless d-beat and blast-infused guttural torment which was present in their recent set at A389’s tenth anniversary Bash, and is now blatant in “Skin The Pig.” The music for the video was recorded by band cohort Thomas Tadsen in Cleveland in December, the video was shot by Todd Thompson.

Check out the new video hosted via Toxicbreed’s Funhouse below:

Full video sets from HOMEWRECKER’s A389 X Bash set have also been posted by Hate5Six HERE and Metal Injection’s Pit Full of Shit HERE

HOMEWRECKER will enter Developing Nations Studio with Kevin Bernsten in mid-April to record their sophomore LP, now confirmed with the title Circle of Death­, for Summer release via A389, who also released Worms & Dirt. The band is also booking tours for the Spring and Summer months and will be pulling weekend warrior attacks in the interim, with participation in Berserker Fest in Ferndale, Michigan with Macabre, Wolf Eyes, Ringworm and more the first weekend of February, Fire Fest in Cleveland, Ohio on April 19th with Ringworm, Weekend Nachos and Death Before Dishonor and more confirmed.


2/05/2014 Berserker Fest – Ferndale, MI [info]

2/19/2014 The Foundry – Cleveland, OH @ Fire Fest [info]


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on HOMEWRECKER:

A389 Recordings - promo - logo - 2013

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EXHUMER – Unleashes New Track With

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Italian grind masters EXHUMER and Comatose Music have joined forces with Apoch’s Metal Review for the premier of a brand new track off the band’s forthcoming album, Degraded by Sepsis.

The track, entitled Vapours of Cadaveric Mucilage, has been posted for your neck-snapping enjoyment at this location.

Ruthless and calculating, Degraded by Sepsis marks the first recorded output from one of Italy’s sickest Death Metal exports since their 2008 full-length debut, Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion. This new release displays rabid skills of technical brutality, inhuman speed and supreme aggression while leaving a trail of blood-soaked anguish in the unavoidable aftermath. Album artwork for Degraded by Sepsis by the renowned Jon Zig.

Degraded by Sepsis is set for an October 15th release on Comatose Music.  Pre-orders are now available at

Exhumer - band promo pic - #1 - 2013

Next month, EXHUMER will join forces with PSYCROPTIC, HOUR OF PENANCE and DYSCARNATE for The Inherited Sedition European Tour. The tour kicks off on September 20th in Aarshot, Belguim. Dates are as follows:

September, 20 – Aarshot, Belgium @ JC De Klinker

September, 21 – Essen, Germany @ Turock

September, 22 – London UK @ Electrowerkz

September, 23 – Dublin, Ireland @ The Pint

September, 24 – Glasgow, UK @ Ivory Blacks

September, 25 – Cardiff, UK @ Bogiez Rock Club

September, 26 – Margate, UK @ Westcoast

September, 27 – Paris, France @ Glazart

September, 28 – Lausanne, Switzerland @ Metal Assault Festival

September, 29 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Planet 5

September, 30 – Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk Kranhalle

October, 1 – Kosice, Slovakia @ Collosseum

October, 2 – Ostrava, Czech Rep @ Barrack Music Club

October, 4 – Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Baroeg

October, 5 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Beta


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

* For More Info On EXHUMER:

Facebook: Exhumer (OFFICIAL)

Comatose Music - Large Logo - Red & Black!


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DRUGS OF FAITH – Confirms Details On Upcoming EP

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Drugs Of Faith - Architectural Failures - promo cover pic

Northern Virginia-based trio DRUGS OF FAITH have completed the final stages of their upcoming new EP, as they prepare it for release late this Autumn.

The first new recordings to emerge since their 2011 Corroded album, DRUGS OF FAITH let loose with four brand new tracks on the freshly finished Architectural Failures EP. The band’s patented rocked-out grindcore approach here shows some brutally awesome dissonant tones and more expansive dimensions with a crushing metallic production courtesy of the sessions at Developing Nations with Kevin Bernsten (Full Of Hell, Inter Arma, Ilsa, Coke Bust) and final mastering by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed). Architectural Failures will see release in late November as a one-sided 12″ limited to 300 copies with a digital download via Malokul, the DIY label started by D.C. act Disciples of Christ.

Coming from co-founder Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Enemy Soil), DRUGS OF FAITH has endured since 2003, with a plethora of releases out via Poland’s Selfmadegod Records amidst several demos and compilation spots including Relapse Records’ This Comp Kills Fascists Vol.2. And simply put, they fucking shred. Following recent live actions including this year’s MACROCK conference in Virginia followed by a spot on the Philadelphia date of this year’s Decibel Magazine Tour with Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Immolation, DRUGS OF FAITH will again take to the streets with updates to be announced in the weeks ahead.

Architectural Failures Track Listing:

1. The Incumbent

2. Insanity

3. Paper Trails

4. Placing Bets


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For More Info On DRUGS OF FAITH:

Facebook: Drugs of Faith

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EXHUMER Returns With “Degraded by Sepsis” – Out 10/15 on Comatose Music

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Exhumer - band promo pic - #1 - 2013

Italian grind brutalists EXHUMER will release their second full-length album, Degraded by Sepsis, on October 15th via Comatose Music.

Ruthless and calculating, Degraded by Sepsis marks the first recorded output from one of Italy’s sickest Death Metal exports since their 2008 full-length debut, Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion. This new release displays rabid skills of technical brutality, inhuman speed and supreme aggression while leaving a trail of blood-soaked anguish in the unavoidable aftermath. Artwork by Zig.

Check out the album teaser now!

Pre-order Degraded by Sepsis at

Exumer - Degraded By Sepsis - promo cover pic

Next month, EXHUMER will join forces with PSYCROPTIC, HOUR OF PENANCE and DYSCARNATE for The Inherited Sedition European Tour. The tour kicks off on September 20th in Aarshot, Belguim. Dates are as follows:

September, 20 – Aarshot, Belgium @ JC De Klinker

September, 21 – Essen, Germany @ Turock

September, 22 – London UK @ Electrowerkz

September, 23 – Dublin, Ireland @ The Pint

September, 24 – Glasgow, UK @ Ivory Blacks

September, 25 – Cardiff, UK @ Bogiez Rock Club

September, 26 – Margate, UK @ Westcoast

September, 27 – Paris, France @ Glazart

September, 28 – Lausanne, Switzerland @ Metal Assault Festival

September, 29 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Planet 5

September, 30 – Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk Kranhalle

October, 1 – Kosice, Slovakia @ Collosseum

October, 2 – Ostrava, Czech Rep @ Barrack Music Club

October, 4 – Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Baroeg

October, 5 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Beta

Comatose Music - Large Logo - Red & Black!

(Source: ClawHammer PR)

* For More Info On EXHUMER: 

Facebook: Exhumer (OFFICIAL)

Facebook: Comatose Music

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carcass_bandheader - promo - 2013

CARCASSSurgical Steel, the band’s first studio release since their 1996 LP Swan song, was produced by Colin Richardson (NAPALM DEATH, BOLT THROWER, GOREFEST, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SINISTER, RODRIGO Y GABRIELA) and mixed/mastered by Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, ACCEPT, EXODUS, TESTAMENT).

“We went back to working with Ian Tilton, who is an iconic English photographer famous for working with THE STONE ROSES,” stated frontman Jeff Walker, regarding the cover artwork. “He actually did the front cover for Necroticism… as well. We’ve deliberately tried to evoke the feeling of that album and Heartwork.”

Carcass - Surgical Steel - promo cover pic

Joining guitarist Bill Steer and bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker in the band’s current incarnation are new drummer Dan Wilding (ABORTED, TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED) and guitarist Ben Ash (PIG IRON, DESOLATION, LIQUEFIED SKELETON). Expect some guest vocals from original sticksman Ken Owen as well, when Surgical Steel is finally released this Fall.

Pre-order Surgical Steel via iTunes now and get `Captive Bolt Pistol´ as an instant grat single right away:


CARCASS Surgical Steel will be released on September 16 (UK), September 13 (Rest of Europe) and September 17 (North America), via Nuclear Blast Records.




* (Source: Nuclear Blast)

* For More Info On CARCASS:

Nuclear Blast USA - Logo - promo


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SQUASH BOWELS – “Grindcoholism” Confirmed For Release Via Selfmadegod

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Squash Bowels - grindcoholism - promo cover pic

Album cover art by Rafal Wechterowicz.

Grindcoholism – the sixth studio full-length from Polish grind butchers SQUASH BOWELS – is completed and awaiting disbursement in the near weeks ahead via Selfmadegod Records.

Since the early ‘90s the trio known as SQUASH BOWELS — bassist Artur “Paluch” Grassmann, guitarist, Andrzej “Andy” Pakos and drummer Mariusz “Melon” Miernik have infected the planet with their battering tunes, their massive catalog of releases including countless demos, singles, EPs, five previous LPs under the banners of Obscene Productions, Lifestage Productions, Willowtip and more, as well as split releases with grind scene notables Malignant Tumor, Catasexual Urge Motivation, Birdflesh, Disgorge, Cock and Ball Torture, Sewn Shut, Neuropathia, Flesh Grinder and many others.

Grindcoholism is SQUASH BOWELS’ first full-length since 2009’s Willowtip-released Grindvirus album. Like an avalanche of activated jackhammers and downed power lines, the awaited new LP from the notorious assassins unapologetically overwhelms the listener with the band’s expected old-school style and their unavoidable gore persuasion. Harnessed and mixed at world-famous Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated, Dead Infection) in Bialystok, Poland by the Wieslawscy brothers.

Packing as much leveling, blastbeatdown, guttural punishment as possible into fourteen new hyper-fast, unrelenting tracks in under thirty-two minutes, Grindcoholism is easily one of 2013’s highlights of the grind scene. Those with a heart condition or apt to frequent low-potency pseudo blasting need not apply; this is true, primal, groove-strewn grind of the highest caliber.

Go unload the raging track “The Second…” from Grindcoholism below!

Grindcoholism will see North American release on July 2nd, but preorders made via Selfmadegod directly will ship ahead of the street date


Grindcoholism Track Listing:

01. Tastelessness

02. Trap

03. The Theater

04. Surrender?

05. The Second…

06. Inclinations To…

07. Grindcoholism

08. Steering

09. Naked Positive Act

10. La Mienta

11. Compassions

12. Litany Of Hungry

13. Foreign Will

14. Stigmatizing


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on SQUASH BOWELS, click on the link below!

Facebook: Squash Bowels

Selfmadegod records - large logo - B&W


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CARCASS – Extreme Metal Legends Headlining DAMNATION FESTIVAL 2013

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Damnation Festival - 2013 - promo flyer



As reported by Damnation Festival:

English Extreme Metal legends CARCASS will return to headline the ninth Damnation Festival for their only UK appearance following the release of their first album in 17 years.

The Death and Grind standard bearers have promised another historic set which will feature cult classics alongside unexpected old gems and brand new material when they take the stage at Leeds University Union on Saturday, November 2, 2013.

And after helping to sell out Damnation Festival in advance back in 2008, guitarist Bill Steer is looking forward to performing to a packed house on their return to the event.

He said: “We’re very excited about the prospect of returning to Damnation Festival this year.

“Our appearance there in 2008 was a major highlight for us and this time around, people can expect to hear a fairly different Carcass set.

“The old favourites will be in there, of course, but we’re also planning to play a couple of the less obvious tracks from our past, as well as songs from the album we’ve just completed. Join us!”Carcass - Band Promo Pic - 2013 - #1


With 22 more bands to be announced across three stages, festival director Gavin McInally, said fans can look forward to the melting pot of diverse styles of music Damnation Festival is known for from Black Metal to Post-Rock.

He added: “It was a coup to land the first UK Carcass show in 13 years in 2008 when fans snapped up every ticket going before we made it to the day itself and it’s another coup having the band return following the release of their first new album in 17 years.

“But even with the mighty Carcass topping the bill, we won’t be satisfied until we’ve pieced together a more challenging and brilliant day of music than the eight successful years we’ve already had the pleasure of hosting, so expect a lot more to come from 2013.”

Tickets for Damnation Festival 2013 are on sale now and will be held at last year’s price of £32 for a limited period.



To buy tickets, visit , the official Damnation Festival website at or facebook: Damnation Festival


For more info on CARCASS, click on the link below!

facebook: Carcass

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DRUNK DAD – Noise/Sludge Quartet’s EP Is The Eolian Empire’s Next Conquest

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Eolian Empire Compilation - promo cover - 2013

In a constant barrage of new noise from Portland-based D.I.Y. noisemongers Eolian Empire, the label’s next conquest comes by way of the filthifying new 12” from local metalworkers DRUNK DAD.

If they weren’t such dirty fuckers they’d be one of the town’s shining success stories of unrelenting hard work and dedication: in a surprisingly short time DRUNK DAD went from favorite-band-shirts-on-their-hearts-on-their-sleeves to a unique and dynamic fusion of the heavy, the noisy, and the aggro, with a healthy dose of high drama, as they consistently churn out some of the most devastating live sets Portland has seen in years. Complex but in-your-face arrangements, push-pull duel-guitar interplay, searing behind-the-head leads, heavy motherfucking bass, and hard-hitting, tight, technical traps with dynamic, disturbing vocals to hold it all together evolves to ethical scumbaggery at its finest.

Morbid Reality, the first vinyl release from Portlandian shitstarters DRUNK DAD, merges off-kilter sludge/noise the Pacific Northwest perpetuates so well into a drugged-out but aggro vibe; elements of scathing crust-ish degenerate punk brutality of El Dopa or Dystopia are cold-filtered with slow-motion acerbic sludge basslines and noxious riffage with a post-Melvins experimental vibe.

Eolian Empire will drop the four-song Morbid Reality via 12” vinyl and digital download on June 11th. In the meantime, DRUNK DAD were recently caught intoxicating the public via Eolian’s massive KEEP OUR HEADS Portland underground compilation alongside twenty-five more of the city’s finest filthriffing acts. Get wrecked with their pungent “S.O.U.” anthem from the comp RIGHT HERE.

Following their spot on one of the Eolian Empire KEEP OUR HEADS record release shows over the weekend, DRUNK DAD have the coolers loaded with frothy ammo as they plan on stumbling south across California this week, with shows booked in Eureka, Oakland and a happy-hour double in San Francisco. They also just booked a hometown record release show at Portland’s Ash Street Saloon with labelmates Diesto on June 7th, with much more public drunkenness to be had in the Summer months.


DRUNK DAD Public Intoxications:

5/02/2013 The Shanty – Eureka, CA w/ Apocryphon, AM Beers

5/03/2013 Eli’s Mile High Club – Oakland, CA w/ Augers, Old Crow, Abstractor

5/04/2013 Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA w/ Prizehog, Connoisseur

5/05/2013 Bay Area 51 – San Francisco, CA w/ Unifried, Mansion

6/07/2013 Ash Street Saloon – Portland, OR w/ Diesto


Morbid Reality – Track Listing:

1. Guts

2. Seizure

3. Ritual

4. Scum Fee


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on DRUNK DAD, click on the links below!

facebook: Drunk Dad

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EXHALE – Signs With Pulverised Records; New Album Releasing In 2013

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Pulverised Records - Large Logo!! B&W!Exhale - large logo - B&W

Pulverised Records has announced the official signing of Swedish Grind-guerrillas EXHALE!

With the group formed in 2004, EXHALE have already proven themselves to be a devastating force since their inception, bombarding the Grindcore community with two full-length albums Prototype in 2006 and Blind in 2010. Two years later into the band’s last effort, EXHALE sharpened their Grind-weapons and returns even more powerful than before!

With a brand new full-length entitled When Worlds Collide, this album sees EXHALE taking on a much more dynamic approach while still maintaining an extremely strict diet of sick and demented modern Grind-sanity.

When Worlds Collide will be scheduled for a 2013 release, with more announcements and further album details to be unleashed soon.

In an official press statement, the band stated: “We’re really proud to announce that we have inked a deal with Pulverised Records. The label has released some really good albums during the years (Bombs Of Hades, Desultory, Morbus Chron just to name a few), so it feels great to be among them.When Worlds Collide contains 14 tracks of Grinding Death Metal. You will recognize the sound of EXHALE but there are also a few surprises for you! Can’t wait to release this monster! See you on the road in 2013!”

Pulverised Records A&R Manager Calvin further commented: “Throughout the years of our search for the signing the ‘right’ bands, there were of course many bands that we felt were a great addition to our roster. Then came along EXHALE’s four-song promo by way of email one day, and those four tracks became an instant hit with us! There are some real serious chops and unbelievably stalwart songwriting amongst all that chaos; it is almost unreal. We are extremely proud to have EXHALE join the Pulverised family, and we cannot wait to present When Worlds Collide on a worldwide domination crusade. Onward to Grind-gotha we shall!”

EXHALE recently filmed a music video for Wrath Unleashed, the opening track from When Worlds Collide. The music video was filmed and directed by acclaimed Swedish videographer Daniel Falk from Check out the music video for Wrath Unleashed below!

Exhale - group promo pic - 2012 - #1


Martin Brzezinski – vocals

Johan Wold Ylenstrand – guitar

Gustav Elowson – drums

Johan Fogelberg – bass

Andreas Allenmark – guitar


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

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Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



EXHUMED – Announces Additional Year-End Tour Dates; Takes Scenic Route Home

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Exhumed - large logo!

Thanks to vehicular issues en route home from their mammoth tour alongside Napalm Death and Municipal Waste, California roadburners EXHUMED have booked an additional week’s worth of headlining live rituals set to commence this Friday in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Elaborates vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey: “Since our van decided to blow up and we’re stuck in Alabama for a week, we figured we had time to book some fill-in shows for our longer-than-expected ride home. So come on out and rage with us — last chance in 2012! We look forward to making the most out of this opportunity to melt your faces one last time before we fuck off and get ready for 2013.”

Catch up on the latest EXHUMED roadside shenanigans with their latest diary entry, “If You’re Not Wasted, The Day Is” Tour Diarrhea Part II: The Wrath Of Khan, at THIS LOCATION.


12/07/2012 Grant St. Dance Hall – Lafayette, LA

12/08/2012 Mangos – Houston, TX

12/09/2012 Red 7 – Austin, TX

12/10/2012 Korova – San Antonio, TX

12/11/2012 Pine Box – Midland, TX

12/12/2012 Launch Pad – Albuquerque, NM

12/13/2012 LVCS – Las Vegas, NV

12/14/2012 TBA, CA

12/15/2012 TBA, CA

Exhumed - Winter Tour 2012 - promo banner!

EXHUMED recently completed recording the follow-up to 2011’s All Guts, No Glory full-length. Titled Necrocracy, the offering was recorded at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler, Arizona with Ryan Butler (Misery Index, Landmine Marathon, Phobia). All drums were tracked at Trench Studios in Corona, California with John Haddad (Hirax, Abysmal Dawn, Intronaut). Necrocracy will be unleashed by Relapse Records sometime next Spring.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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PRIMATE – Two Tracks From Debut LP “Draw Back A Stump” Uncaged

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Two separate anthems from grindsmiths PRIMATE‘s debut LP Draw Back a Stump have been set loose on a public rampage this week. Today fans can hear the raging track “Pride” via a Relapse lyric video AT THIS LOCATION.

Recently, Metal Injection included the album’s opening/title track “Draw Back a Stump” on an exclusive twenty-song Relapse podcast downloadable RIGHT HERE.

After an initial 1000-run CD pressing released by the band directly in 2011 was quickly devoured by an immediately ravenous fanbase, PRIMATE will re-unleash their debut album Draw Back A Stump via Relapse on July 3rd through CD, LP and deluxe digital download formats. The seven hymns from the initial version now include additional rhythm guitars and have been remixed and remastered, and are joined with three previously unreleased bonus tracks for this edition. Pre-orders for the album are available HERE.

Atlanta’s villainous PRIMATE is composed of vocalist Kevin Sharp, bassist/vocalist Dave Whitworth, drummer Shayne Huff and guitarists Bill Kelliher and Mike Brennan, an all-star lineup hellbent on delivering Grade-A punk the likes of which has not been set loose on the ears of the world since the glory days Hardcore. Following several destructive live appearances last year after the album was initially released, this new version will see PRIMATE taking to the streets once again, as live confrontations and more are being planned to take place over the coming months.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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DESALMADO – European Tour Video Documentation Posted, New LP Nears Release

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Following the release of their Hereditas 10″ late last summer, Brazilian Grindcore faction DESALMADO took Europe by storm on a brutal D.I.Y.-style November/December tour. The three-week venture saw the crew taking their crushing South American-style hate-fueled attack through Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, and more, all compiled in a killer new video “documentary.” See the quintet’s beer-swilling, prank-filled, mosh-powered trip through the continent RIGHT HERE.

DESALMADO have also recently completed their sophomore LP, which is now undergoing final preparations for its release early this Summer. The album was produced by Jean Dolabella of Sepultura and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side. A confirmed release date and full album info will be announced in the weeks ahead. For now ravenous fans can devour DESALMADO‘s Hereditas 10″ which is still streaming in its entirety via HELLBOUND. The EP’s crushing vinyl version can purchased at the Greyhaze Records website.

Next week DESALMADO will share the stage with Impurity, Acheron and Death Metal gods Obituary in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, as part of Cogumelo Fest 2012, a one-off as the band formulate their next tour in support of the forthcoming album.


4/13/2012 Music Hall – Belo Horizonte, Brazil @ Cogumelo Fest w/ Impurity, Acheron, Obituary


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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Just this morning, I received an email from Metal Buddy KINGER over at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival informing me of some terrific Metal news. FREE Metal album downloads from EARACHE RECORDS! Metal be thy name. During a horse shit economy, like this one the world is reeling in at the moment, FREE album downloads for Metal fans, from a record company, is Metal righteous. There are three FREE Metal albums to download over at EARACHE and they’re all complete albums in their entirety (just in case you were skeptical).

All you need to do, to get these FREE album downloads, is click the link below! Whoa!

A Metal kudos to EARACHE for the FREE album downloads of SAVAGE MESSIAH, WORMROT & GAMA BOMB. Here is what the album covers look like:

SAVAGE MESSIAH – Plague Of Conscience

This new SAVAGE MESSIAH Thrash Metal album releases on February 28th, 2012 on EARACHE.


This Grindcore assault from WORMROT was released on May 3rd, 2011, via EARACHE.

GAMA BOMB – Tales From The Grave In Space

Way back in March of 2010, I downloaded this GAMA BOMB album from EARACHE for FREE… courtesy of the heads up I received from Metal Buddy KINGER.  This GAMA BOMB album was released back on February 9th, 2010, via EARACHE. Yes, GAMA BOMB does kick some Thrashin’ ass.

For more info on EARACHE RECORDS, click the link below:






BRUTAL TRUTH: Digital Single Released

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Today, Relapse Records officially releases a digital-only single for grind overlords BRUTAL TRUTH. Dubbed the Walking Corpse 2112 EP, the mini release contains the two tracks initially unleashed on the first installment of Decibel Magazine’s Flexi-Disc Series in late 2010 — “Walking Corpse 2112 ” and “You Should Know Better”.

Throw a wrench into your Tuesday afternoon and jack-in to Gunshy Assassin, now streaming both tracks RIGHT HERE.

The EP can be purchased now via iTunes. Additionally, Relapse just hooked up a brand new glow-in-the-dark T-Shirt specific to this release which you can order here.

Walking Corpse 2112 EP sees its release just a few weeks after the band’s freshly baked full-length, End Time, which was released at the end of September on CD, Deluxe CD, LP and digital via Relapse Records. The album is available for purchase here.

(Source: Earsplit PR)



RETOX – Video For “Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag”

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RETOXUgly Animals by RETOX was released on August 23rd, 2011, via Ipecac / Three One G. Check out the contagious noize of Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag below, a blistering song also heard on Ugly Animals.

Reviews of the band’s recently released debut album, “Ugly Animals”:

 “8/10” – Vice

“* * * * (Four Stars)” – Alternative Press

 “Retox evoke the dirty, chaotic and unruly feel reminiscent of bands like The Germs” – Crustcake Blog

“There is pure art in their violence” – Punk News


Nov. 26  San Diego, CA  The Soda Bar

Nov. 27  Los Angeles, CA  The Echoplex

Nov. 28  Sacramento, CA  Harlow’s

Nov. 29  San Francisco, CA  Bottom of the Hill

(Source: Speakeasy PR)

* For more info on RETOX, click the link below:

RETOX – facebook



FUCK THE FACTS: New Track Streaming Via Decibel Magazine

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Ottawa’s bastardized grinders FUCK THE FACTS have posted the track “Alone” from the band’s upcoming album Die Miserable. Check it out at Decibel Magazine’s website here.

FUCK THE FACTS have previously posted several other tracks from Die Miserable, including “A Coward’s Existence” and “Drift,” as well as an in-studio video documenting the recording of the album.

Set for release in North America via Relapse Records this October 11th on CD, limited edition LP, and digital download, Die Miserable was recorded between tours at their own home studio, and bears artwork by vocalist Melanie Mongeon. Featuring almost 40 minutes of FUCK THE FACTS‘ scorching blend of socio-politically-charged Grind, Hardcore and Metal fans worldwide have embraced for the past decade, the album showcases some of the finest work the band has embodied to date.


9/24/2011 Salle Multi de Meduse – Quebec City, QC

10/9/2011 Maverick’s – Ottawa, ON w/ Napalm Death

Stay tuned for tons of tour dates and other FUCK THE FACTS news over the coming weeks.

(Source: Earsplit PR)



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