DRUNK DAD “Morbid Reality” – Noise/Experimental Release Is Turn-Key Brain Consumption

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DRUNK DAD – Okay all of you Noise and Experimental Metal loyalists; there’s a new band for y’all to add to your extended list of must buys for 2013: DRUNK DADs 4 song EP release titled: Morbid Reality. Avant garde Metalheads and those that follow the Melvins will surely get their brains gleefully sculpted with the Noise party that DRUNK DAD plays so freaking well.

With the absolute heavy album opener Guts, the musical melee has begun. Guts is nearly 8 minutes of maddening vocals and mind assaulting beats and guitar parts that make more sense than our current climate change controversy. In other words, you must go with the eclectic flow with this band’s representation of extreme and join the party; otherwise you’ll be a wallflower waiting for the next easy listening bus to arrive.

With songs Seizure, Ritual and Scum Fee rounding out this EP, DRUNK DAD has no problem exploring the atmospherics of sound, providing both calm and violent intervals that weave themselves together in an unexpected package of fascinating ear candy. This is Noise you want to shake loose to while running aimlessly with a cold beer in each hand; while not giving a shit about anything that could possibly spoil your day. Metal be thy name.

Eolian Empire released the four-song Morbid Reality via 12” vinyl and digital download on June 11th, 2013. Click RIGHT HERE to purchase the digital download!

DrunkDad - promo_Kate Cridlebaugh]

Photo Credit: Kate Cridlebaugh



Jose De Lara

Adam Garcia

Joseph Naylor

Dane Herrin


For more info on DRUNK DAD, click on the link below! Whoa!

Facebook: Drunk Dad

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