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DÅÅTH “Genocidal Maniac” – Atlanta Metal Delivers On The Extreme!

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DÅÅTH – Atlanta Georgia’s very own Extreme Metal ambassadors DÅÅTH released their fourth studio album back on October 25th, 2010, via Century Media Records. To say this self titled album from DÅÅTH is Metal at it’s Extreme finest is an understatement. This is a band that has gained more strength and Metal momentum as each studio album of theirs gets released. This cohesive Metal Band mixes up styles that range from Death to Progressive Metal, while never losing a firm grip on the Extreme.

Genocidal Maniac is the opening track from DÅÅTH and I just love the instrumental buildup of this song, every single note about it. I so enjoy listening to the guitars of Emil Werstler and Eyal Levi. Whoa. At around 2:08 into Genocidal Maniac, Sean Z. comes in with his Extreme vocals. Sean Z. makes this song catapult into a higher level of extremity. The feeling I get when I listen to DÅÅTH is one of being frozen into a state of Metal shock. All I can do is listen and let my senses get pummeled into a state of Metal awe.

Listen for yourself below and let some DÅÅTH invade your ear space with Genocidal Maniac. It may just serve you right!

* For more info on DÅÅTH, just click here: DÅÅTH – myspace music


Sean Z. – vocals

Emil Werstler – lead guitar

Eyal Levi – guitar

Kevin Talley – drums

Jeremy Creamer – bass

Track Listing For DÅÅTH:

Genocidal Maniac


Indestructible Overdose

Double Tap Suicide

The Decider

Exit Plan

Oxygen Burn


Arch {Enemy} Misanthrope

Manufactured Insomnia

A Cold Devotion


Terminal Now



Unearth, Chimaira, Throwdown and Daath – Co-Headlining European Tour – Fall 2009

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Now this looks like one damn cool and Extreme Metal tour to catch… if you are in Europe for these dates, (tour duration is September 15, 2009 – October 12, 2009). My two favorites out of this tour are Unearth and Daath. I cannot endorse these two bands any louder than this… UNREAL HEAVY – UNREAL GOOD. I have posted nothing but total Metal admiration in the past for both Unearth and Daath. Chimaira and Throwdown are cool and extreme in their own right… I listen to these two bands as well, I have never been let down by either when it comes to heaviness. This tour looks to be a Metal powerhouse to reckon with. Have a Metal ball with this tour Europe… it looks Metal potent.


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