ACCEPT – Their back. With a new lead vocalist in Mark Tornillo. Wolf Hoffman and Herman Frank are the guitar duo with Peter Baltes on bass and Stefan Schwarzmann on drums. This is ACCEPT 2010… and I can’t wait to get my ears melted by the scorching Metal that Blood Of The Nations is about.

I’m feeling quite confident that Blood Of The Nations will be a great listen. Why? Well, I entrust in the words from Metal Odyssey’s correspondent Scott Coverdale… who has stated today: “Blood Of The Nations is a strong contender for Metal Album Of The Year“. Scott Coverdale goes on to say: “Regardless of where you purchase your CD’s, be it f.y.e., Best Buy, Target, Walmart or an independent mom/pop record store, if they aren’t carrying Blood Of The Nations… demand it!

Scott Coverdale continues to say: “This album is definately the heaviest album that Accept has ever recorded. I would even say it is a bit faster and heavier than Restless & Wild. For all those who are skeptical of Mark Tornillo being able to fill an UDO-less Accept, you will definately be pleasantly surprised, almost to the point you’ll like his vocals better… in my opinion. Producer Andy Sneap is a genuis”.

Stone’s thoughts: Wow. Now, for the Metal record, I am an UDO advocate, one who feels strongly that his vocals are the signature of this legendary band we have known and embraced as ACCEPT over the decades. Scott Coverdale has his Metal opinion and he is very much entitled to it, just like anyone else. Indeed, with an “UDO-less” ACCEPT, there will be a huge void to fill in the vocals department, certainly. I have listened to just one song from this new ACCEPT album – The Abyss. I have been Metal impressed by this song since I first heard it, dating back to May 3rd, 2010. The band sounds 100% Metal potent, with Mark Tornillo’s vocals sounding just super to my ears. If anything, while listening to The Abyss, I hear a “touch” of UDO in Mark’s vocals. Is it just me? I don’t know. Still, Mark Tornillo is a unique vocalist, a veteran front-man and comes with plenty of Metal credibility.

Coverdale has already listened to this new ACCEPT album quite a few times now… and he is Metal thrilled to say the least. I look forward to giving my Metal insight/review on this new ACCEPT album in the very near future.

* Producer for Blood Of NationsAndy Sneap, has woven his legendary Metal career working with the likes of: Megadeth, Exodus, Testament, Blaze BayleyArch Enemy and Onslaught… just to name more than a few.

* Legendary ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffman is credited as being the photographer for the front cover image on Blood Of The Nations.

ACCEPT – Blood Of The Nations releases on September 14, 2010 in the U.S. on Nuclear Blast.

* For more info on ACCEPT, just click on the really cool links below:

ACCEPT – Official Website

ACCEPT – myspace music page

* Century Media Records online (aka) CM Distro is a site where you can buy ACCEPTBlood Of The Nations. Just click right here to get it: Century Media Records/CM Distro

ACCEPT vocalist Mark Tornillo has made his mark in Metal History with New York/New Jersey’s Heavy Metal/Power Metal ambassadors – TT Quick.

* For more info on TT QUICK, click here: TT QUICK – myspace music

* In case you missed it on Metal Odyssey back on May 3rd, 2010, check out the post which featured the still video/song for The Abyss, from Blood Of The Nations. Just click on the big and luring link below and you can listen to The Abyss:


Blood Of The Nations – Track Listing:

Beat The Bastards

Teutonic Terror

The Abyss

Blood Of The Nations

Shades Of Death

Locked And Loaded

Time Machine (North American Bonus Track)

Kill The Pain

Rollin’ Thunder


New World Comin’

No Shelter

Bucketful Of Hate




  1. Looking forward to this one.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I bet you are Rockitt! It’s a great time to be a Hard Rockin’ & Metal lovin’ Metalhead! It’s like you said once… it feels like those ’80’s all over again! 🙂

  2. Accept “Brings it” on this Album!! My favorite track is “Blood of the Nations” Can’t wait for your thoughts on this one Stone!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Metal Prediction: I predict, after I hear this “Blood Of The Nations” in it’s Metal entirety, that I will be saying it’s… BLOODY GOOD!

      I just have to keep telling myself though… it’s only food coloring and cranberry syrup on that hand… over and over again… 😉

  3. The album rocks!

    This new “ACCEPT” bring indeed brings back some of those fond high school (yes) memories from the “Balls to the Wall” era’.

    I wrote UDO off a long time ago. Although his last couple of “solo” albums sounded much better [I think] most of the others were just average at best.

    *Perhaps the linkage for Mark’s (ex-T.T. Quick) vox is due to an obvious AC/DC influence in the “pipes” department. Same for UDO perhaps.

    ACCEPT’s “groove” (ala’ “Highway to Hell”) is HEAVY AC/DC. More Metal than boogie or blues, but you cannot deny the bass + drums.

    Next time you listen to “Balls to the Wall” LP you will hear it now…

    BTW sorry Wolf -stick to playing guitar mate, that cover kinda’ blows. Give me the old TT. QUICK “fist” logo – any day of the week = killer.

    Rawk on,

    Accept Fan
    (1982 – 1986 era’)

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I get your Metal point about the “Metal Groove” ala AC/DC on “Balls To The Wall”. That good ‘ol TT Quick logo is Old School goodness.

      Hey… I wrote “goodness” on a Metal Odyssey comment. Maybe I should start a gardening blog after all.

      Stone (Hopes he can ROCK like UDO when he hits 60!)

  4. I liked Accept in the 80’s and some of UDO’s more recent material. I have heard nothing but good about the new album so far, but I probably won’t pick it up. Not a priority and it’s hard to take them as Accept without UDO. Maybe I am being stubborn, but that’s the way I feel.

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