9 CHAMBERS “Swept Away” – Exclusive Listen To Non-Album Track Streaming On Metal Odyssey Now!

(Photo Credit: Rockframe Photography)

(L to R: Ed Mundell, Greg Hampton)

9 CHAMBERSGreg Hampton (producer, vocalist & guitarist) of the Hard Rock supergroup 9 Chambers has recently given Metal Odyssey an exclusive opportunity to stream a brand new, non-album track: Swept Away. Take a listen (below) to the dual guitars of Greg Hampton and Ed Mundell, with Jorgen Carlsson (bass) and Vinny Appice (drums) supplying the rhythmic thunder. Go ahead and treat yourself to the Hard Rockin’ ear candy of 9 Chambers! Greg delivers a standout vocal performance once again on this song. Swept Away is a scorchin’ example of the Hard Rock crunch that 9 Chambers unleashes.

Swept Away can be heard on the 9 Chambers EP: Stashed Gems. This EP was an Amazon.com limited giveaway for pre-ordering the debut and S/T 9 Chambers album. Stay tuned for another opportunity to land Swept Away for yourself, the 9 Chambers web-store will be selling EP’s and other very cool stuff starting around October of 2011! Make certain to check in quite often at: 9 Chambers – Official Website

CLICK on the audio player below and get ROCKED OUT from Swept Away by 9 Chambers!

(Photo Credit: Rockframe Photography)

* 9 CHAMBERS will be seeing their debut and S/T album released on September 27th, 2011, on Samson Records/E1 Entertainment.


Greg Hampton – vocals & guitar

Ed Mundell – guitar

Jorgen Carlsson – bass

Vinny Appice – drums

* For more info on 9 CHAMBERS, click on the links below:

9 Chambers – Official Website

9 CHAMBERS – Official facebook

9 Chambers – Reverbnation



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