POISON – Of course the extremely world famous Poison has and forever will be classified as a Hair Metal Band. You know what… at the end of my Metal day… it’s all Rock ‘N’ Roll anyways. I like Poison a good deal, always have. What’s really not to like? C.C. Deville has delighted my Metal ears for many years with his guitar play, plus his affiliation with the legendary Motorhead is forever etched in Metal… C.C. appears on the 2007 Motorhead album – Kiss Of Death, playing the guitar solo on God Was Never On Your Side.

Bret Michaels really is the real deal front man, a showman and he can surely sing. My Metal take on Bret Michaels has always been that he is the total Rock ‘N’ Roll package as a lead singer. I’m not saying he is the greatest lead vocalist in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal history… he just fits right in to the whole Poison persona, without him… no Poison. (In my Metal opinion). I or anyone can make their own “personal” list of “total package” Rock ‘N’ Roll musicians and/or singers… it’s all about Metal preference. It’s just very hard to argue that Bret Michaels is not really great at what he has done/does for Poison and Rock ‘N’ Roll in general.

Poison became a gigantic brand over the decades due to their loyalty to their fans and vice versa, constant touring and staying extremely relevant. It’s actually a refreshing example, that Poison never called it a day when all the nay sayers were out there putting down Old School Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in the early to mid 1990’s. Poison just kept doing what they always did best… tour and play their songs. Poison never went away… Metal be thy name.

I did get to see Poison once, back on Saturday, June 8, 1991 at Lake Compounce Amusement Park in Bristol, Connecticut. I will attest to the Metal fact, that Poison played LOUD and were very, very, very, good live. Slaughter and Bulletboys opened up for Poison on that night. Slaughter played an all acoustic set. That was a night I’ll never forget… a damn good time we had, my wife, (she was my girlfriend at the time), was with me for this night of Hair Metal glory. My wife’s sister and boyfriend also were with us at this concert… they eventually married each other too. This Metal memory of that Poison concert so many years ago, gets rekindled each time I play Great Big Hits Live! Bootleg.

Great Big Hits Live! Bootleg may not go down in Rock history as the greatest live album ever… still it is a cool listen into Poison’s live Rock ‘N’ Roll. All the crucial hits are on this album, my favorite song being Unskinny Bop. That funky bass line I hear on Unskinny Bop gets me every time. Look What The Cat Dragged In and Talk Dirty To Me are two Poison classics… these two songs for Metal sakes flat out ROCK. To see and hear Poison play these two songs live, is proof in the Metal pudding as to what I exactly mean. I’ve never been the most thrilled fan of the ballad – Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, (hey, I can’t like ’em all!), regardless, the live version proves to be a more cool listen to my Metal ears.

There are live albums that will go down in Rock history as being impeccable… this live Poison album should just go down in Rock history as being a Rockin’ good time listen and (gasp) fun. There are many moments on this live album where the songs do not run into one another… the lack of continuity may be a minor downer. At the end of I Want Action, the song is cut off while Bret Michaels is chatting up the crowd. Overall, this is a live Poison album that I will listen to without giving a second Metal thought.

The more I listened to this live Poison album recently, the more I realized that Bret Michaels, with his amazing and inspiring medical recovery, really has given his fans… Something To Believe In.

* Here is my concert ticket stub from that cool night of Hair Metal, back in 1991:


Bret Michaels – vocalist

C.C. Deville – guitar

Bobby Dall – bass

Rikki Rockett – drums

Track Listing For Great Big Hits Live! Bootleg:

Look What the Cat Dragged In

I Want Action

Something to Believe In

Love on the Rocks

Fallen Angel

Let It Play

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Unskinny Bop

Nothin’ But a Good Time

Talk Dirty to Me

* The songs on Great Big Hits Live! Bootleg were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, Atlanta Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina in 1999.

* Great Big Hits Live! Bootleg was released on July 4, 2006, on Sony/BMG Music Entertainment.





  1. I am sure you probably know those cats were originally from Pennsylvania?! your hood now.

    *I remember reading that their family was wealthy and or they had some kind of hook up with printing unlimited show flyers and they just basically plastered their live show flyers over everyone else’s on the Cali circuit and were just insanely relentless about it.

    This really helped them get their name out. Of course they had the “goods” to deliever when needed.

    I am sure they also had a lot of “pre- POISON groupies” helping them for clothes, food and shelter too.

    Honestly I listened to their debut ONLY because the GF I was dating at the time liked them Bon Jovi, Cinderella & Crue.

    M.Crue I loved from before, but did not care for their more “glam” Theater of Pain output + new “look”, Cinderella was cool. You know how I feel about B.J.

    At the end of the day I respect them, but never listened past their debut waaaaaaay back when.


    Curt King(er)

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Kinger… I simply adore “Theatre Of Pain”! I always seem to get “outnumbered” when it comes to this fantastic Motley Crue album!

      Pennsylvania ROCKS… Poison says so. Or, they would say so.

      Bon Jovi… that “band” is the U2 of Hard Rock. Too busy being “social” with politicians.

      I remember buying the Poison debut album… and not telling certain Metal buddies I did. How corn dog was that? Now, it’s like… I tell the world what I’m listening to and buying!

  2. Whoa — you mean to tell me someone besides me reviewed this album? Just curious — where did you pick this up?

    I agree with you that this isn’t a spectacular album but it is still a fun live rock album.

    I notice the album image you posted is different than the one I used for my review. Everything is the same EXCEPT the picture of C.C. I’m not sure which cover I actually own though because I have no idea where the jewel case would be.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Great point-out in regards to the “different” C.C. Deville pic on the front cover. Mine as well, has a different image of C.C., not the “poofed out” hair like we see here. I’ll take a pic of my CD cover for this post and have it up soon, to show other fans the “variation” cover.

      Where did I buy this cool CD? Well… none other than… good ol’ Super Walmart! “Watch out for falling prices”… especially CD prices. That retail giant really does boast the best prices on CD’s, across the board. Hey, it’s money, I’m giving it away to the lowest priced merchant whenever I can! Price I paid you might ponder? $5 plus tax. Not too shabby!

      I look at it this way… why pay more? Here is a great example happening currently: the new Meatloaf CD is at K-Mart right now for $15.99 and Walmart is selling it right now for $11.88. (I still have to buy this new Meatloaf).

      Thanks again for the cover variation call. (:

      • Classic Rock didn’t give Meatloaf a glowing review but I have a friend who says it’s amazing. I’ve never listened to any of his albums but I might give this new one a try…

        • metalodyssey Says:

          You MUST get Meatloaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell” and “Bat Out Of Hell II Back Into Hell” and… Ted Nugent – “Free For All”, where Meatloaf sings on five of the songs. These three albums are MUST Meatloaf!!! I could not exhibit any more Metal enthusiasm than that!

          Plunge your ears into these 3 albums and you can thank me later!! (:

  3. Ehhhh, they’re just alright. The debut is decent and still holds well. It was like the next two albums got lighter and even more basic. By Flesh and blood any traces of hard rock had long been watered down. CC is one of the worst guitarists of all time. I have seen this one at Wal-mart too. They do have some good bargains as I have gotten some KISS and Journey CDs for $5 in recent years.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Ouch! I have not been “hitting” the “mark” with ya as of late! (:

      I just got “embedded” with Poison from the get-go… it’s all scientific I guess.

      Man… C.C. being “one of the worst guitarists of all time”… Ouch! Hey, it’s all about what an individual fan of Heavy Music feels… you have a Metal right to an opinion. However, C.C. is better than The Edge from U2!


  4. The Great One Says:

    Say what you will about Poison, but they are fun and entertain well in concert…

  5. CC is pretty bad. Like I said the debut is decent, but it’s not like the hard rock would have suffered that much if Poison hadn’t have come around.

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