GARY MOORE – With twenty studio albums and five live albums to his legendary music credit, Gary Moore has played it all. From Rock to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to Blues, Gary Moore’s name is synonymous with guitar icon. One of my favorite Gary Moore albums is After The War, which was released back on January 25, 1989 on Virgin Records. After The War is a Hard Rock album and can be easily considered Heavy Metal, due to Gary Moore’s guitar style that he so effortlessly displays. I have always been enamored by Gary Moore’s guitar and his vocals, both are showcased in a grand way on After The War.

Anytime I listen to After The War, it is like turning the key on the ignition and letting these songs take me for a terrific Hard Rockin’ ride. Never does Gary Moore ever lose me while he plays guitar. He is just one of those elite musicians that can make his guitar sing with emotion. In my Metal opinion, Gary Moore has that unique, unintended ability to have me listen more to his guitar playing than his vocals. That is not an insult, it is a significant reality that occurs to my ears and Gary Moore can sing with the best of them.

* As I continue on reviewing After The War, please bear in mind it is the cassette release from 1989 that I am referring to. This is the only version I have owned all of these years. Any regular visitor to Metal Odyssey knows of my never fading fondness for the cassette. I’ve taken care of my cassettes over the years and they have taken care of me. Metal be thy name.

The song opener After The War, is melodic filled, with strong vocals, backing vocals and guitar licks aplenty from Gary Moore. Keyboards play an important atmospheric role throughout this song and entire album, courtesy of Andy Richards and Don Airey. Speak For Yourself is a Heavy Metal song that is standout. Gary Moore makes it all the more Heavy with a mid-song solo that scorches. A fast tempo and loaded with attitude from Gary Moore’s vocals, Speak For Yourself just has that extra crunch I like to hear.

Livin’ On Dreams is yet another standout song, and there are quite a few like this on After The War. Very harmonious backing vocals that compliment Gary Moore’s more spirited vocals are what makes Livin’ On Dreams come across as inspiring. A melodic, Hard Rock listen that is an Old School treat, due to it’s sing-a-long vibe. The Messiah Will Come Again is an instrumental that proves why Gary Moore plays from his heart and Rock ‘N’ Roll soul. The tonal emotion that spills over from his guitar playing, has me staring into space in sheer Metal wonderment, each and every time I listen to this song over the years. With Gary Moore’s touch and feel for the Blues, The Messiah Will Come Again needs to be heard by any and every guitar aficionado the world over.

The accompaniment of musicians that surround Gary Moore on After The War is top tier talent. Step in, Ozzy Osbourne please. On Led Clones, Ozzy is the lead vocalist and he sounds vintage and great. Led Clones is saturated with keyboards, written in such a manner where these keyboards are an audible necessity. The programming of strings and utilizing them in Led Clones really accentuates this song’s subjectivity. This song is about the many bands back in the 1980’s that tried to “copycat” the sound and brilliance of the legendary Led Zeppelin.

Running From The Storm is an excellent song, with it’s pent up heaviness and deliriously melodic sound. It’s as if each musician assembled here brought their A game to this song. Gary Moore just embellishes Running From The Storm with his trademark leads and a potent solo for good measure. Ready For Love is the commercial/mainstream Hard Rocker that makes me feel F’n damn good from head to F’n toe. If Gary Moore’s vocals and guitar doesn’t grab you on this flavorful song, then something is dreadfully wrong. The rhythm section is tight and grooves, keeping the  tempo consistently upbeat and steady. Ready For Love is very relevant to what 2010 Hard Rock and mainstream Heavy Metal is about. What am I saying… this entire After The War album is extremely relevant to the now.

* Check out the music video below – Ready For Love, from 1989! Crank it up LOUD!!

The Musicians On After The War:

Gary Moore – lead vocals & guitar

Andy Richards – keyboards/Fairlight Programming

Don Airey – keyboards

Simon Phillips – drums

Charlie Morgan – drums

Steve Piggot – sequencer bass

Laurence Cottle – Wal Bass

Andrew Eldritch, Chris Thompson, Sam Brown, Miriam Stockley – backing vocals

* Ozzy Osbourne contributes backing vocals on Speak For Yourself.

* Metal Odyssey note: the track listing below is for the cassette release from 1989.

Track Listing For After The War:

Side One:

After The War

Speak For Yourself

Livin’ On Dreams

Led Clones

The Messiah Will Come Again

Side Two:

Running From The Storm

This Thing Called Love

Ready For Love

Blood Of Emeralds





  1. Good to read that this is a good album. Victims of the Future was my first Moore purchase, then I bought Corridors of Power. Then I ended up buying Dirty Fingers, Run For Cover and After The War. Those last three I haven’t really listened to despite owning them for what must be coming up on a year now. I’m pretty sure I spun After The War at least once because I remember having “Speak For Yourself” on my iPod for awhile. Good song.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Hey… pull “After The War” out and crank ‘er up! I really like the cover of “Shapes Of Things To Come” from “Victims Of The Future”. Actually, that entire album is really good… with Ian Paice on drums too. I really am aiming to upgrade my Gary Moore collection to CD… $$ is always a factor though!

  2. Gary Moore is a monster on guitar. I love his stuff.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s almost as if Gary Moore is “the quiet” guitar legend… incredible catalog of music, still not the “household” name like so many others. IMO. That amazes me.


      • I think a lot of it has to do with his preference for blues. I remember reading a Classic Rock issue where they mentioned Moore was going to be playing at some festival and they specifically pointed out it was going to be a rock set list. 😀 Otherwise, people just aren’t interested.

        I may venture into his blues albums at some point, but it’s not a favorite genre of mine just to listen to straight blues music.

        • metalodyssey Says:

          “Still Got The Blues” is a good start… it’s not depressing or lame to me. Actually, it’s pretty cool chillin’ tunes. There definitely is some “electric energy” about this album, still, just not the juicy Hard Rock. I used to listen to this album when I studied for exams… so you know it’s not super charged for sure, just a real cool listen.

          Maybe Gary Moore will come out with a new album soon, called: Gary Moore – Back To The Heavy. Um… that was corn dog of me. :/

  3. I had this on cassette at one point too. I tried it for something years ago, but I don’t remember what it was.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      The CD reissue from 2002 has “bonus tracks” on it. I’ll get the CD someday down the Metal road.

  4. When Gary is playing hard rock, it’s awesome. Unfortunately he is stuck in the blues still.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It is apparent the love that Gary Moore has for the Blues… I did get into “Still Got The Blues” and never got rid of it. In all honesty, I never pursued all the other Blues album by Gary Moore… and I have to agree with you, Gary Moore is awesome when playing Hard Rock.


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